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  1. oh no, we're just eight!... Walter Mercado must be upset right now
  2. I reached the Rocketing Rabbit level
  3. So flachplayer, tell me what may I do for you?... o acaso tu intención es promocionar algun website?
  4. ...good call, post pics when you get it.
  5. Thanks, it is intended to improve my Metal Gear Solid experience Unfortunaly I bought it after the WC06.
  6. a Sony Wega 34" TV and a couple Xplod car speakers [attachmentid=1934][attachmentid=1933]
  7. I guess I shouldnt complain about the color, I have an EH1 and that's what matter the most. Congras camille and welcome to the club p.s. it's just me or this unit became very popular these days.
  8. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!... I wrote Kohn asking him about a black EH1 order two months ago, but he replied me with: "Unfortunately this product is no longer available from us.". How could you get a black unit if the guy from PriceJapan said that it was no longer available at Japan? how much did you pay?... Just my luck
  9. well, the tv showed when Rodriguez said some nice words to Lehmann after his shootout, then Borowski do a "shh" to some argentinean player after he scored. Meanwhile another argentinean players said something to the german players in the middle of the field. So the thing ended up like it did some people doesnt take that easy the defeat.
  10. Im really suprised by the football knowledge at MDCF I thought that if I ever mentioned the word "football" everyone here would think about a man with a helmet making a touchdown
  11. The Australian team deserves a goal. The tie would be fair at this point 2nd goal, damn!
  12. man, I did the same thing when I order the EH1 from PriceJapan, I asked them to reduced the price by half. I could ask them to state a lower price but I didnt want to jeopardy my device
  13. World Cup 2006 so far (6/14):
  14. I sold my Sony Ericsson Z300 and I bought the Z520i. The reason: mp3 ringtones [attachmentid=1763]
  15. hey Rich, take a look... [attachmentid=1750][attachmentid=1762]
  16. Thanks bogon07, it is kind of "EH1 flu". I want this unit from a time ago, but always something came up, so thankfully I got it at last . If you want it try asking bland10000, he will start Japan exportation business.
  17. Tiesto

    I want an EH1

    check rakuten and you see it is still available
  18. Tiesto

    I want an EH1

    Go to pricejapan (here) once you're there go to the option ask price quote fill the form, and put this http://www.rakuten.co.jp/oroshiuri/499927/757030/757031/#868071 where it says "site address relevant to item" and they will get back to you in couple of days. They search the web for the cheapest offer on Japan anyway. Give it a try p.s. I ordered mine from them (pics here)
  19. Here's my EH1 pictorial. The player is fabulous, it reminds me the poor Sharp (wherever it is). The portability is amazing just as I expected, it is a bit heavier than the E10 but in the pocket it is as comfortable to carry on as the E10. Like jaylen said it the EH1 is dark grey which is very nice indeed. The sound quality is equal to the NH900 and the DH10P. The menu came in Japanese but I managed to change to English with no problem. This was great purchase without a doubt p.s. I would like to thanks to Mr Keneda from PriceJapan for his great service and collaboration.
  20. The final member of my personal silver Armada
  21. it would be nice to have a red DH10P to match my HD5 Anyway, I will end up building a SILVER ARMADA I'll look forward to that and make sure to accept Diners Club International credit card
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