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  1. that's a good news bogon07 one more reason to do not change my mind about the EH1
  2. has someone tried to charge the EH1 with the DH10P's (US model) power adaptor?
  3. Hello and welcome, let's start with that the minidisc is the best format for live recording. Well, the RH910 is right choice according to your necessities, but if you can wait a bit you should look for the new MZ-RH1 which it will be the best live recoding machine to the date. Take a look here
  4. as we say over here: "Hope is the last thing to lose"
  5. It's a nice cellphone but very basic, Sony Ericsson z300a (here) you make calls and pick them up
  6. Im about to do that = bank account - 28,498 Yen
  7. my cellphone replacement Sony Ericsson Z300a blue [attachmentid=1684]
  8. Super pics I guess you must feel unique having one of few HiMD booksheft on market. My DH10P will be my "bookshelf system"
  9. it's a walkman all right but in my case, it will be a "walkman bookshelf system" ... nothing beats the E10
  10. stuge you're right, Im not sad about my DH10p (it's an outstanding device indeed) but I want an EH1 as well and I missed this one. You might think Im greedy but I cant help to think about it, once I have it and I will stop buying MD players for a couple of years
  11. Thanks all you for your comments one more for the Club... The sticker isnt that cool I would like to take it off, but I dont know how. Let me find a good land scape of my city and I will post some
  12. just another minidisc to my collection [attachmentid=1654]
  13. Well my DH10p is here, it took more time than expected but right now it doesnt matter. I took some pictures and before you say something I know that they arent as good as the other pictorials, but I wanted just to share them When I first grabbed the DH10P I expected to feel something like the NH900, but it feels really different. It is more solid because its full metal body and it looks more durable device than the NH900 but at the same time it seems fragile due to its color display. After look at it for a bit I remembered that the open switch was at the bottom, kind of weird but no problem with that. Few hours of testing and I can say the DH10P sounds as good as the NH900 and the HD5. I havent taken pictures with the player, I will post some when I do it, but for the record I really dont care if they will be good or not, the camera wasnt the main purchase purpose of this device. The display is one of those things that will shock to any minidisc user, it is one of the best display that I had ever seen and Im talking about Cannon, Fuji and Sony digital cameras. Im impressed and the fact of being able to show the covert arts is unique. This device is a truely collector's item. The accessories included for the US are the usual USB cable, the cradle, a carrying bag, a lithium battery, a giga disc, the Ac power adaptor, credit for 5 connect songs, an ulgy pair of earphones and a non-lcd remote. I would want to thank to Eek Technolohgies for their great service, superfast shipping (two days to Miami), and awesome price for this player.
  14. Thanks stuge, now this war is easier to understand
  15. actually mine took just two days to get to Miami, but there was a misundertanding with the international courier service so I expected the delevery tomorrow, I'll post pics as soon as I get it.
  16. no man, besides MDCF I was looking for: 7-pin to RCA super-video cable, reference manual for the Microchip 30f3014 DSP uController and the last show of Markus Schulz. No 'prOn' when Im sleepy btw, at the moment: Im reading that reference manual and listening to Markus Schulz
  17. this has to do with that thread containing the ASCII text on it? coz the member wrote it as administrator ...those hackers
  18. 11pm isnt that late but it was a tough day at work, I should go straight to my bed but instead I was sitting in front of my laptop reading MDCF and other stuffs
  19. nice album Jacques... and that GTO, wow! I would pay to stand next to one of those sport cars
  20. trying not to fall asleep while surfing the web...
  21. I bought this player mostly for two things: it had the lowest price to date (69% price cut) and it's a collectable item.
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