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  1. i do it like this, i'm very album oriented
  2. how many police tracks are there on the show ray? i may have to look out for it.
  3. it's from the tv ray? not from 'the police' - live album?
  4. did you buy it online or hands on? does this one run that monster of a monitor?
  5. codec packs are a waste of time anyway imo. xvid, divx, h264, ac3, ogg et al are found easily via google.
  6. you can do that danny. in sonicstage -> tools -> options -> location to save files
  7. hey greg does your card have a secons out? if so try plugging it in to the secondary then forcing the switch. with ati catalyst control centre you can do this, i'm sure the nvidia must have something similar.
  8. please look at the other thread but any questions you may have post back in here. we like to get interested in each others purchasing habits.
  9. listening to a foreigner ballads compilation. pussy-rock! i'm going out tomorrow, i think i'll wear my kenzo jacket with the sleeves rolled up...
  10. atrain

    A500 vs D66sl

    have a look at the posts in the link in my sig. esp the one next to a cd. they are phones with diff purposes.
  11. i think you did, please update your sonicstage software, the latest version 4.0 is linked in our downloads or software sections as a free streaming installer.
  12. i just watched jerry maguire on cable. i have a love/hate for cameron crowe, he writes a decent story but his dialogue is so clunky & overwrought. compared to 'singles' JM is a light fare but, imo, better for it.
  13. i really like that rotoscoped a-ha video for 'take on me' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXBmgmytFVU & the creepiest video single ever has to be lionel ritchie's 'hello' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QlHKv06gqA watch as a teacher stalks a blind student.
  15. is that a google ad? i only get australian ones. my advice is to click on it occasionally to read the terms & conditions but don't sign up....
  16. make sure when you burn that you 'close' the cd. there's an option on nero & other burners that allows you to add data at a later date. you want that turned off.
  17. hook line & sinker. you'll buy the sequel i'm guessing?
  18. one are you trying to do? music on the PC? sonicstage or simple burner -> netmd music on the md? then do the second part.
  19. i'd second a440's advice with a caveat. try someone else's iems before you buy, even if they're only the cheaper ex51/71 or senns or something. some people, myself included find in ear phones uncomfortable or even painful. if you don't know if you can get used to them you could try a pair of closed headphones. closed audio-technicas, senns, koss etc. would be great. try the iem option first, most people don't have the issues.
  20. it needs the opernMG secure database that's installed with sonicstage.
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