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  1. i really like sonicstage 4.0 it's the first jukebox software i've ever used as a jukebox & i've tried most of them. it's faster & cleaner than previous versions, uses far less sys resources than itunes 6 let alone 7 & hasn't crashed once since the day it was released. how about that?
  2. duancg, hang around a little more. start some other threads. but not to earn merit...
  3. i really like it. my new default. although like IPB there's no 'download' button.
  4. streamline, please be giving us some review love when it's arrived. especially how it copes with other text formats, html, pdf, txt etc.
  5. i found a heap of mdlp players & even a few no name flash players that looked like md players in the arcades & shops in the streets behind 'the tax centre' in saigon. worth looking in all those places but not really much of a saving. the did have some himd too.
  6. fair enough, just so you know you are welcome, if you are comfortable or not. i left that thread open because imo jaylen was trying to do a service to the community at large, not making a personal attack on one poster regardless of how it turned out.
  7. btw, hope my sarcasm didn't upset you too much...
  8. i'm not entirely sure you fit in here buddy... but we're all jealous!
  9. bing lee is an australian electronics dealer mostly in NSW & QLD iirc. there's none down here in melbourne that i know of.
  10. did you see the episode of mythbusters where they cracked a similar handle using a photocopy? http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/22/digital...tocopied-print/
  11. run windows update a few times, see if there's anything you're missing
  12. you can attach the spreadsheet to a post of you like
  13. it's certainly reducing in an age of increasing paranoia, so yes i think so. sony is not the type to let you stay happy with them for long though
  14. out of interest can you pick up the sound through headphones?
  15. you probably need the drivers off that disk. have you tried to install them?
  16. could be a simple mechanical switch to slide a membrane* open/c;osed *like the earlier eggos or could just be a plastic slide
  17. they are my favorite of all the new york footlocker series, nice rich, are you going to wear them or just look at them a bit?
  18. atrain

    Buying LIP-4WM

    coke is manufactured & bottled locally, most countries have they're own plants, hence the slight local variances, even to a set recipe.
  19. they are a little blurry but i do like the first shot, the oled looks slick
  20. try ebay first, before sony. the official sony prices can be alarming
  21. what you need is a closed headphone, next you need to decide what size you are after... so what's the intended use?
  22. you could turn the panel off? it doesn't do this for me, maybe try playing with the display settings in the power options in control panel
  23. cruising around in his new wheels & working a bit. he drops by but he's morew active on atraclife.com & myspace
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