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  1. why? 4.0 is more stable & for me uses less system resources
  2. is it scratched? i seem to recall that some commercial cds have the jitter added digitally to stop perfect copying but the ear can't pick them up.
  3. i see what you mean, i'd forgotten about that, it's been quite sometime since the only chance i had to use one. they are rather dashing.
  4. try the smoothing option in SS. eac wont do anybetter than cdex imo
  5. it has a 2.5mm jack iirc, some sennheiser phones had them standard in the 90's not so common overall though.
  6. chill out. everybody. jaylen may have used harsher language than may have benn required however it was for the common good, not a personal gain of her own. there some discrepancy between merely using it in a cradle for uploads & using it as a portable & uploading in my opinion. as for the highlighted section that's up to the admin at head-fi, this isn't head-fi. glad you've sold it & i'm closing the thread, anything else can go through my personal message box please.
  7. the diaphragm is there to maintain a closed phone yet allow you to cross the road safely.
  8. contact ebay, you should be entitled to a refunf through ebay's buyer protection program. i wouldn't mention i'd dis-assembled it though. contact them asap, if you paid through paypal they also have a similar parralel program.
  9. good for you buddy, it's always nice to keep your hand in with a hobby.
  10. looks interesting, i'll bookmark it.
  11. they've all be compressed except for wav/pcm sp is 292 kbs
  12. thanks for the detective work guys, all the links i moused over were valid wiki links. topic will be left often for historical purposes cause you guys are all rad & the links are crap anyway...
  13. there's no invalid links there, it's fairly odd but wouldn't hurt some people to learn a little about it... votes?
  14. i put in an extra resistor suggested on the minty boost site now everything i've tried it on has charged. i don't own an rh1 so it's somewhat off topic
  15. you are the scrooge mcduck of md now T. i imagine you filling up the bath & swimming through them like your own money bin.
  16. i have this one http://www.ladyada.net/make/mintyboost/ you have to make it yourself but it's pretty easy & looks cool. plus it's very small.
  17. i got boned by the seller over that lan drive, i paid for next day delivery & 18 days later i gave some negative feedback then open dispute res with ebay & paypal, the seller told me he wouldn't send it until i deleted the negative. not likely. i finally got my refund & i bought a coolermaster X Craft RX-3SB external case & a samsung 250g 3.5 hdd 7,200 sataII. i've had a couple of generic 3.5 cases & they've both borked pretty quickly with powersupply problems including a cross feed after i lent one to a friend & his whole case became electrified. this one looks good & i have an coolermaster centurion 532 case that's been good to me. review here http://www.hardwarezone.com/news/view.php?cid=10&id=4751 has anyone used esata?
  18. so is you avatar just a south park thing or is a direct shout out to Lloyd Dobler?
  19. so is it chickie style folk/country? i took a look at the cover & my first thought was mary-kate & ashley are doing porn now??
  20. dammn it you headphone hussy, i want some pictorials please. do 'em here where you can post pics in the review section... please.
  22. try over at our atrac sister forum atraclife.com if there's no luck there send me a pm
  23. also you must remember almost everything i say has a liberal amount of irony & sarcasm rolled on top.
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