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  1. more the point TLV you gotta love audio technica's full size phones. i almost live in my ad10s since i modded them. phat pad them buddy, just buy some surgical or polyvinyl tubing at a hardware store for all of a dollar/euro. http://members.cox.net/yrogerg/headphones/phatpads.pdf
  2. these awesome miami vice racers, sooo cool. these reebok loafers etched with basquait's artwork
  3. unless he's somekind of collector there's really no reason for anyone owning such a disk anymore, what with sonicstage replacing openMG & becoming a free download. we here offer an offline installer for those who can't stream download sony's official installer.
  4. you could make cd-images in something like nero, mount them with daemon tools or alcohol 120% then rip them into atrac3+/mp3 it's the same system but you don't have to use physical cds & it'll be a little faster as there's no physical media to be written to.
  5. i think that would depend on your specific broadcaster & how much of the bandwidth allocated to a channel. i'd assume movie channels for HD would get more priority that say home shopping or religious channels.
  6. maybe something with a parabolic dish? has watching spy movies taught you nothing?
  7. the RH1 can do this.
  8. mostly 'The Housemartins' - 'Now That's What I Call Quite Good' & some classic east coast hip-hop 'Nas' - 'Illmatic'
  9. i saw borat the other day. it was a little disappointing but pretty much what i expected.
  10. i'd stick with the himd idea rather than the netmd - himd is really a two way technology where as with netmd, despite a few workarounds, is really just pc->md or recording->md. the extra money will have been worthwhile the first time you need to use the audio on anything other than the md player imo.
  11. i saw 'children of man' last week. it was visually great & had some lovely details but the story was only average to me.
  12. http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/download.html
  13. have to agree, i've been using it for years.
  14. all my music is ripped a 3+256 - thanks for the explanation guys, i wondered why it did nothing.
  15. i have that exact one, i bought it from lady ada & put two of them together in about an hour. nice little device, works very well if you put the extra resistor in as noted on the make site linked in that article.
  16. we have simple burner2 for download here, take a look in the downloads section
  17. for dvd back up stuff try the excellent dvd resource http://www.doom9.org
  18. i don't like spam. this is spam although it's more relevant than the usual. anyone interested in MMORPG?
  19. by album, as i said i'm very album oriented, i don't transfer playlists, i only ever make them for use in a party atmosphere with SS as a jukebox. perhaps someone more qualified to answer will come along?
  20. http://www.scarlet.nl/~gugten/s19790221.htm
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