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  1. No reason their current 8GB flash players couldn't be made to record. They obviously don't see theres a big enough market for it.
  2. I said we had the same low failure rate on our desktops and laptops. If computer HDs had the same failure rate your suggesting people would be failing over themselves to do backups. However most most people rarely do them because they rarely experience a problem. Thats all. What about DRM on all these formats?
  3. I dunno what you guys are doing. We run a clustered disk array thats up 24/7 multiple heavy duty applications with thousands of users across the entire country and we don't have any significant problems with bad bad disks. Neither do our desktops or notebooks again across thousands of users. In 10+yrs I've only had about 2 of my own HD fail and I've had one 2 Minidisc recorders had laser fail and about 3 MD's in 100 fail. I've not lost data in any of those situations, HD or MD.
  4. You only know by blind testing.
  5. I imagine all those people who lost MD recordings, wish they could get a backup.
  6. Thats a tired old argument. HD failure is waaaaaaay over stated.
  7. ChronicStage LOL. Its much improved and 4.2 is decent IMO. I've had no real problems with 4.2 or 4.3 (for Vista) Incidentally it supports drag and drop, thats a UI feature of most apps, MS Word for example. But not filetree or UMS. Which I know is what you meant. I only use SS to transfer music to and from my HiMD. I keep my main music library and recordings outside of SS. When I want to put something on a MD. I drag the files into the SS window from Explorer then just transfer them. When finished I delete them from SS library. I just use it as transfer tool nothing else. Unless I messing around with something anyway. AA battery is much handier. I like it with my NH-700. I'm in Ireland. If you buy it and don't like it, I'll buy it off you at cost + Postage. I'd like a spare AA powered unit. RH1 is too expensive for me.
  8. Theres some info on it down the page here http://www.mdcenter.nl/redirect.php?file=h...h1/index_en.php At that price I'd buy it. I do most of my recording on the line in. Love the scroll wheel on these units.
  9. Welcome to Minidisc.org! A new HiMD 1G+ is not likely. Theres a link somewhere here with the remotes that work. I use a Sony RM-MC38EL with my NH-700.
  10. Recording I don't think theres any difference on a line in. The 710 has no mic though. The 710 has the same MP3 bug as the other 2nd gen HiMD. The RH1 and NH1 have the High Definition" digital amp. So that another difference. Seem like all HiMD sound different.
  11. I think you'd get a lot of filler material as artists struggled to fill the space. A lot of double and even triple albums aren't that great.
  12. Sony do, (or did) hard disk players aswell. Theres lots of other companies do them as well. What your saying doesn't make sense. The digital medium makes no difference to the sound.
  13. I dunno why you'd limit yourself to a 1GB disk or a 4 or 8GB disc when you can have a 60 or 80GB one.
  14. Oops I missunderstood your question. Basically a Hard Drive is a Hi CD in effect. With online stores and digtial downloads you can fit as much as you want on a Hardisk. You can carry it around on a Hard Disk Audio Player. Like a iPod etc. I thought originally you meant better quality formats as below.... SACD and DVDA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD-Audio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Audio_CD You might be interested in this thread. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=189505 Heres a store to check out http://store.acousticsounds.com/
  15. Your not alone lots of others, myself included have the same gripes about the unit.
  16. I suppose its like any disk or harddrive after a while it just needs a format to fix all the error thats occur when its been written and rewritten over and over for a long time. I wonder do any PC hardrive defrag, fixing utilities work on MD/HiMD once hooked up to a PC.
  17. Sparky191


    Yeah don't like the remotes myself.
  18. The recording questions probably best posted as a new thread over in the recording forum. But basically rubbish in (low bitrate) rubbish out (low bitrate). Can't change that. You need to record in a high bitrate.
  19. I'm guessing you probably ripped from the CD to Atrac in very low quality, so they won't convert to MP3 without losing more quality. Thats not Sonys fault, its a limitation of compressing music. You probably have the original CD's so you can re-rip the them to better quality. If not perhaps you can experiment with the bitrates in Hi-MD Render and you might find something thats ok for you. What bitrate are the original ATRAC tracks you created? On the issue of locking music. Unlike other companies which only make hardware. Sony is one of the few that makes hardware and publishing music aswell. So the locks (DRM Digital Rights Managment) and the lack of that functionality in SonicStage were an attempt to protect the publishing rights of artists. However it has hit them harder in hardware sales than in publishing. So now they have removed most of the restrictions they once had, on their products.
  20. Personally I don't use the database just import all the tracks again.
  21. http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-DH10P.html
  22. Sparky191


    DH10 I'd assume. Hence the DH100 of this concept model.
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