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  1. Personally I tend to find personal audio especially the type with moving parts, hard drives etc. your lucky to get two years from the product. Solid state is the way to go. Durability isn't at the top of Sony's agenda. Money is!
  2. I have tried both options, juli's and heman's with no Luck I'm afraid. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from being totally computer illiterate but this is really starting to get frustrating. I can't even find this - "C:\ProgramData\SonicStage\Packages\" Whats going on??? I'm running Vista by the way.
  3. Hi and welcome The fact that it's probably now over two years old, it's not worth spending any more time or money on it. If I was you I would invest in a new player.
  4. markey


    No, not particularly good. Go for Sennheiser, Sony, Shure etc.
  5. Thanks juli and Heman, much appreciated I will try this when I get home from work later on this evening. However, I did look at these areas and was unable to trace any of my MP3's on my hard drive
  6. Could someone please explain to me in the most simple way possible how to transfer my library of MP3 files over to Windows Media Player 11? I have had a good look at WMP 11 but can't find an option for doing this.
  7. Yep, I agree with juli. Send the unit to them ASAP, like tomorrow morning and have them fix it. I'm certain you will get your 45 euros back.
  8. 45 Euros just to look at it, that's criminal!!! I guess you have to decide wether to gamble 45 euros and hope to get it repaired or if they say it's your fault, wether to spend more money on top of the 45 euros to fix it. By the time you have done all that it would have probably been cheaper to buy a new unit. Why don't you take it in to your local Sony dealership and see what they say?
  9. aob9, have you spoken to Sony yet. That battery shouldn't have given up the ghost just yet.
  10. They want to update their website sharpish then. Obviously saw a way of making more money and decided not to supply the BT phones after all. What do you expect from a greedy corporation like Sony. How are you getting on with WMP 11?
  11. About 3 years too late with the HD5H What difference does the Hornet make compared to the HD5H's own amp. Obviously it can drive larger headphones. What are the other advantages?
  12. Old Skool, I am a little concerned that this didn't come with the Bluetooth headphones (DR-BT21G) as the Sony site says it does. It's supposed to come with the standard phones (MDR-EX82) and the BT ones (DR-BT21G). Have you checked what is listed as contents? Also, I thought the bottom of the front panel was going to be brushed alluminium?
  13. No, any make will do the job. I am very surprised the 16 gig unit didn't come with them
  14. How about the BT headphones? Did it come with both IEM's and BT phones as I believe it should?
  15. What are your first impressions of the unit? Does it not come with BT headphones as well as the IEM's?
  16. Thanks Old Skool for your prompt pictorial. I take it, it's fresh out of the box? Slightly bigger than your A808. Can you let us have some more pics? Some of the sides and back of the unit too would be nice
  17. markey

    NWZ A815

    Hello and welcome! In answer to your question, I'm afraid not.
  18. markey

    Sonic stage 3.1

    You could always ask this question over at the sister site, MDCF (Mini Disc Community Forums). There are a few on there who are quite knowledgable who could help you out. There is a link to the site on the Forum home page under "Hi-MD + MD Equipment"
  19. Currently listening to HedKandi - Back To Love: The Mix on NW-A806 in MP3 at 320 KBPS Disc: 1 1. Rhythm On The Loose Break of Dawn 2. Sandy B Make The World Go Round 3. Robin S Show Me Love Stonebridge Club Mix 4. Mother All Funked Up Mother Pride Mix 5. Chrissy Ward Right & Exact 6. De'Lacy Hideaway Dubfire Needs To Score Remix 7. Alison Limerick Where Love Lives 8. The Nightcrawlers Push The Feeling On 9. Farley JackMaster Funk & Darryl Pandy Love Can't Turn Around 10. Barbara Tucker Beautiful People The Underground Network Mix 11. Marshall Jefferson Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem) 12. Gat Décor Passion 13. My Friend Sam Feat. Viola Wills It's My Pleasure 14. South Street Player (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind Sure Is Pure Mix 15. Donna Giles And I'm Telling You Stonebridge Mix Disc: 2 1. Jamiroquai Space Cowboy David Morales Classic Club Remix 2. The Fog Been A Long Time 3. Djaimin Feat. Crystal Re-Clear Give You 4. Debbie Malone Rescue Me (Crazy About Your Love) 5. Sterling Void Feat. Paris Brightledge It's Alright 6. Frankie Knuckles Feat. Jamie Principle Your Love 12" 7. A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray Gerald's Rham On Acid Remix 8. Raze Break 4 Love 9. Joe T Vannelli Project Sweetest Day Of May Club Gospel Mix 10. Pamela Fernandez Kickin In The Beat Extended Dance Mix 11. FPI Project Going Back To My Roots 12. Pulse The Lover That You Are Soul Solution Vocal Mix 13. C&C Music Factory Keep It Comin' (Dance Till You Can't Dance No More!) 14. Joe Smooth Promised Land 15. Lil Louis French Kiss Disc: 3 1. A Tribe Called Quest Can I Kick It? Extended Boilerhouse Mix 2. Archie Bell & The Drells Don't Let Love Get You Down 3. Barry K Sharpe The Masterplan 4. Kariya Let Me Love You For Tonight House Club Version 5. King Bee Back By Dope Demand Funky Bass Mix 6. Rob Base & DJ Ez Rock It Takes Two 7. Lisa Lisa Let The Beat Hit 'Em The Brand - New Super Pumped - C&C Vocal 8. Cheryl Lynn Got To Be Real 9. Young MC Know How 10. Sugar Bear Don't Scandalize Mine 11. Chubb Rock & Howie Tee Ya Bad Chubbs Cribb Mix 12. Nomad (I Wanna Give You) Devotion 13. Patti Day Right Before My Eyes Extended Club Mix 14. Phase II Reachin Original Brotherhood Mix 15. First Choice Feat. Rochelle Fleming Let No Man Put Asunder
  20. I myself have never purchased music online and do not intend to either. I too prefer the physical product in uncompressed form. Also it will always be there and won't get accidentally wiped.
  21. Oh no! No intention of buying one. Just wanted to see if they were out in the shops yet or when they would be coming out. I thought they were to be released this month, especially since they have been on the Sony website since February.
  22. Took a walk up to the Sony Centre, Tottenham Court Road today to see if the new Sony players would be in stock. I was told it would be with in the next two months. Why do Sony do this? Dangle them in front of our noses for months on end before releasing them. Crap marketing!!!
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