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  1. I guess that if they are on the site they must be for sale. Or are Sony just teasing us?
  2. These are also on Sony's UK site. I take it these are now in the shops?
  3. Today??? Don't you mean April?
  4. Why are we finding this out from Engadget and not this site? Has ATRACLife now become defunct? I wonder if this player will look like the A80x/A81x series or is a new design lined up?
  5. Why not purchase another A3000/A1200 or an NW-A808 to put the remainder of your music on? Just a thought
  6. markey

    Buying a PS3...

    I thought you knew Joe? To be honest I haven't tried it but doubt it very much. Why don't you give it a go?
  7. This Lord Percy fella, I would like to know where he gets his information from. His site looks like like a blog.
  8. markey

    Buying a PS3...

    Have you transferred music from the ps3 on to the A805???
  9. At £45 you have got yourself a great deal for a 4gig player. Sonicstage isn't as bad as it used to be and the A806 has more features than it's drag and drop cousin. Enjoy!
  10. Probably didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about.
  11. Two totally different players apart from looks and using two totally different firmwares. If it were so simple they wouldn't have different model numbers. Also that would be too much to expect from Sony.
  12. markey

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    pata2001 says it how it is. pata2001 doesn't hold back pata2001, what improvements will rockbox make to an ipod?
  13. Go on, treat yourself. Buy an ipod
  14. No, I would have to disagree. Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it would be any good.
  15. Well I just splashed out £70 GBP on these. I'll let you know my thoughts in time.
  16. I would imagine the battery and noise cancellation are built in to the headphones rather than in a clip on box halfway down the headphone cord?
  17. How much better are the EX90's compared to the EX82'/85's, are they worth the extra $$$?
  18. How would you compare MDR-EX82's (as supplied with A8xx range) with MDR-EX90's. I would imagine EX82's being similiar to EX85's?
  19. Not too sure if the A80x plays linear PCM but I know the S70x range does.
  20. Special, Specialised. It's all the same thing
  21. Listening to Pete Rock & C L Smooth - Mecca And The Soul Brother on NW-A806 in ATRAC3PLUS at 192 KBPS (Old Skool Hip Hop from 1992 ) 1. Return To The Mecca 2. For Pete's Sake Listen Listen 3. Ghettos Of The Mind 4. Lots Of Lovin' 5. Act Like You Know 6. Straighten It Out 7. Soul Brother No 1 8. Wig Out 9. Anger In The Nation 10. They Reminisce Over You (TROY) 11. On And On 12. It's Like That 13. Can't Front On Me 14. Basement 15. If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Right 16. Skinz
  22. No thanks! I would prefer a colour LCD.
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