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  1. Hello everyone. my ex71's cable got "fried"a time ago. I tried to exchange them but no response from the seller. So I'm planning to fix them. Any advice on it? Anyone has fixed a pair of mdrex71? Anything I should know before the fix? Thanks in advance
  2. wow! i've never seen that kind of hedphones, I mean with a space between the pad in your ears and the "speaker". How do they sound? Nice picture btw.
  3. I tried this same thing with a previous version of SS (can't remember exactly which one) and the songs had gaps on it. So this is a a improvement i think.
  4. Scott take a look at the classified section in the forum. Also Minidisco (www.minidisco.com) is selling some great HiMD bundles that come with a microphone at a very good price.
  5. only a suggestion: i had almost the same problem with my mznh900. There were gaps in the songs transfered from SS. This only happened with 1GB disc, so you should test the unit with 1GB disc. Mine was defective and Sony exchanged it. I thought it was a problem with the disc, but i bought like 3 or 4 1GB discs and I realized that the gaps were on all the discs. When I got my "new" mznh900 I tried the same discs and they worked great, not a single gap.
  6. I've got the same question a time ago. I did several test recording CDs via optical and then transfering the same music from the PC. I used pretty good headphones and I couldn't tell the difference between both. Also, carefull with the placebo effect.
  7. Congratulation for the new unit! It would be nice if you post your thoughts comparing your ipod ant your new minidisc. Which one do you like the most? What about sound quality? Enjoy your little boy ps: I've read several times about the mzrh10 getting scratched very easily. Do a search in the forums to get some advice on how to potect the unit from scratches.
  8. Thank you very much for the post and the PM Jacques. I'm sorry for the delay buy I was on vacations and now I'm in my city for a day so I can acces internet from here. My gf is in Tampa so I'm gonna call her and tell where the discs are. Thank you very much for the call and your time. If you need any help please contact me. BTW: lol at salesman!
  9. Morgoth nice pictures. Can you take a picture of someone/you using the big headphones so I can know the size of them? Thanks in advance.
  10. You can use all Himd units as a data storage device. You simply drag and drop using windows. It's like using a large floppy disc. Oh! one thing: you can use only HiMD formatted discs for data storage, it doesn't matter if it's a 1GB disc or a normal minidisc formated in HiMD mode.
  11. oh nice! picture included!. Thanks man. Do you know how much each disc in that store aprox?
  12. Interesting point Greenmachine. I will try the Quick Mode on my Mznh900. Thanks
  13. oh, i thought he was asking about moving files in windows not using SS. Sorry bout that.
  14. Hello everyone My girlfriend is in Tampa,FL right now and I want her to buy some 1GB discs for me. Please anyone can tell me where she can get 1GB discs at a reasonable price in Tampa? Thanks for your time
  15. Thanks for all the info burns. How do they sound, tell us. Matt, don't you think that the ex71 have too much treble? Also, be careful woth the cable since it's made of some kind of rubber, very fragile one.
  16. it will fail, believe me. There are a few posts about this, generally people who took the oma file off the minidisc and then copy again to it (all this using windows) and they need to know if the info can be recovered.
  17. (Noah) When i upgrade to SS 3.3 i had several problems like hi-md not recognized by the program and others (not the same as you though). what did i do? Clean installs my friend, many many times, disabling different programs running in background each time i reinstalled SS. Finally I realized that Zone Alarm Pro had to be closed when I installed SS. So, just keep trying clean installs and be patience.
  18. same as me. reviews on the internet are very subjetives tough. When i bought the mdr-ex71 I read reviews on many web pages, almost all of them were: vety good earphones...yata yata yata. When I got them, i was very dissapointed, i was expecting a much better sound. So, the thing with headphones reviews is that many people that write the reviews are used to ear their electronics audio devices with stock buds, so when they hear something like ex71's the difference is tremendous, so they give to them 4-5 stars. ummm
  19. Oh! so how can we know if a pair of headphones are better than others looking at the specs only?
  20. WOW! I've just looked at the audiotechnica earphones specs. They look amazing to me man! Freq. response from 10 to 45000 !! Where did you get them? and what about the price? . I would love to have that kind of "accidents". lol . Post a mini review of them in here, please!
  21. i believe in it , totally. I was just saying that instead of leaving the hedphones playing music for hours without listening to it, I prefer to hear the music while burning in, so I can notice the improvement over the days. BTW I've heard many people who don't believe in burn-in as you bland. What can I say... I'm a believer!
  22. I love to burn in my headphones using them, i mean wearing the headphones instead of put them in a drawer playing music. It's amazing the difference and the improvement in sound that you can hear over hours of music played.
  23. ohh. thanks atrain. sorry spirito. I've always thought that Himd units compatible with Macs weren't compatible with Pcs. Sorry my mistake.
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