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  1. How could the nh1 sound better than the dh10p? What do you mean?
  2. Do you by any chance sell one lip4wm bat alone? if you don't: where did you got it? nice nit btw. good luck
  3. I have one for sale. But I'm in Chile. If you don't care i can send it to you. PM ME.
  4. Very interesting. Thanks for the link. (Will post an opinion later) (Look at the references: http://minidisc.org ! )
  5. I don't know if this is going to be very helpful but re-install SS (version 3.4 of course). I can't think anything else you could do for the moment. Just keep the disc safe.
  6. Finally! Thank you all who make this possible
  7. What did yuo do to make SS put the album art on folders automatically? I have to put it manually before transfering the music to the dh10p.
  8. Both units are good IMO. If you want to use the new unit mainly for playback, the MZDH10p is on sale now for $230 aprox. It has camera and a nice color screen, but it is a downloader only, so no line in nor mic in. Also, if you care about mp3 play capability (I mean without converting it to atrac) then you should go for a second generation HIMD (like mzrh10, mzrh910, or mzdh10p). I must say that direct mp3 playback on 2nd generation players has a problem with treble so you have to adjust your equalization to play it (it sounds better this way but no perfect). If you don't care about playing mp3 without converting them to atrac, I use to had a mznh900. It was a very good recorder and player with the usual functions of himd recorders plus the jog dial. If you are going to use the unit mainly for recording (especially from mic), i would recommend you the mzrh1. It will be available on may or june this year. It has some very good functions for recording using mic input or line in.
  9. I don't know if this is the case when you buy a refurbed unit, but when I received my refurbished mznh900 (as an exchange for my deffective one) from sony exhange center it only had half the original warranty, I mean it has only 6 months of warranty.
  10. Totally second that. I receive a refurbished mznh900 from Sony because mine was having recording problems. I couldn't tell the difference between a new unit and the refurbished one. It was amazing how "new" the unit looked.
  11. Hola yopuz bienvenido a los foros. Yo también soy de Chile. También me di cuenta de la oferta de Ripley. Es el precio más barato que he visto para ese modelo incluso en U.S. Yo no he visto ningun reproductor refaccionado a la venta, pero hace un año tuve que mandar mi ex- Mzhn900 a U.S por la garantía. Me mandaron uno refaccionado en excelentes condiciones, igual a uno nuevo. Si te preguntas si es que los de Ripley son refaccionados... definitivamente no lo son. Además siempre las unidades refaccionadas traen un aviso en el reproductor que dice que son refaccionadas. PS: sorry for posting this in spanish, but I tought it would be easier for the poster to understand this since he's from Chile.
  12. Good idea Kyle. Would be nice to have that mode as an option in SS.
  13. Hello R.Sabel and welcome to the forums! nice first post I must say. I don't know if there's any "written rules" for this forum but here are some recomendations: 1) careful with the language 2) don't post things that are already posted by someone else 3) always post in the correct section of the forums (I mean if you have a question about SonicStage, post it in the Software section) 4) be kind to other people , since everybody here is kind and helpful to each other. I think that's all I can say. Enjoy the forums
  14. There are a few HDD players from Cowon audio that plays Flac files directly like the iAudio M5, X5 and the I6.
  15. I'm not so sure but I remember a post about Atrac Lossless that said that if you convert a 256kbps lossless file to another birate like 352kbps, SS will convert the 256kbps file to 352kbps not the wav file that it's stored in your computer.
  16. good to hear that people is interested in the new one
  17. What about the ability of gapless playback. It's really anoying to hear an entire concert with gaps between songs.
  18. What for? Better quality of downloads? Also, I can't use connect store her in Chile where I live (i've tried several times).
  19. I ordered the DH10p from etronics a pair of weeks ago. Perfect service, quick delivery and great customer service (oh! and awesome price too!)
  20. Does the RH710 comes with a gumstick battery or AA battery? Answered by myself. It uses AA.
  21. Oh! that sucks! And we were complaining about SS........ BTW: How's the quality of the downloaded songs?
  22. Hello A friend of mine gave me a iTunes pre-paid music card for 15usd. I was wondering if it's possible to transfer the songs buyed in iTunes to SS and then to my Himd. Another thing that I would like to know is the quality of the available songs in iTunes. And a last question: Can I use the iTunes store if I'm outside U.S (I'm in Chile, South America) ? (Sorry to make a couple of iTunes related questions in here but ... it's a gift!) thank you all
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