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  1. I think i'm gonna buy a pir of px200. about the mdrex71's ... had a pair of those and they're very fragile. The cable is made from some kind of soft rubber instead of plastic. Had to send mine for an exchange (because of defective cable) and I'm still waiting for an answer. Wish me luck!
  2. the major difference between the 2 models is that the Mzrh10 can be used only in a PC, and the M100 can be used only in a Mac. I think they're very similar in specs but that's the major difference. About the problems with the Mzrh10: the missing letters thing has been solved by Sony, and the volume limitation (i think, not quite sure tough) that can be disabled.
  3. Please post the answer from Sony. I think that this issue has been asked quite a few times by other members. Good luck
  4. I prefer atrac 256 over the others, definitely.
  5. the cable look fragile, like the sony mdr-ex71's one.
  6. hey Ishi: i'm getting older and older waiting for the D77s pictorial. Please post the pics. I'm pretty curious on how they look. Thanks in advance.
  7. You have seen the 2GB discs in an avatar from "andicillo" for sure. It's an edited picture! lol. 2GB discs doesn't exist by now.
  8. Wow! I didn't know that. About quality of Hd amp and regular one, there's no audible diference in my opinion. Yesterday I went to a store and play a disc in a Mzrh910 (with pretty good headphones). I didn't notice a diference in sound quality between playing the same disc in the 910 and in my Mznh900.
  9. Himd has the best quality-compression relation. In Himd disc you can record in PCM mode (no compression at all, like wav) which is the best recording mode you can get in minidisc. About recording times and all other stuff, take a look here: http://www.minidisc.org/hi-md_faq.html
  10. I have passed my bags a few times on the airport's metal detector with minidiscs and even a portable player on it. Nothing happens at all.
  11. try searching in : www.pricegrabber.com www.froogle.com just enter the model. good luck
  12. if you have a large hard drive you should import CDs as WAV. With a wav file in Sonicstage you have the posibility to convert it to any other bitrate (supported in Himd of course) so you're able to select any quality you want and change quality fo transfered song multiple times. capicci?
  13. thanks for your time mr. soul, that was exactly what i asked. Pretty good comparison.
  14. hello guys. I think i'm gonna change my mznh900 for a mzrh10. Before that i would like to know opinions from people who own both models, specially I want to hear some comparisons between both units in size and weight. Thanks guys
  15. European minidisc units come with a reduced output of 3,5mW, because of some french law that puts a limit on personal audio components output. So, if you bought your unit in Europe, most probably is limited. You can hack your unit so you can get the 5mW output (available in all models except from europe's ones). Search the forum and you'll find the hack. (be careful entering the values!)
  16. I always use custom eq. since all my music need diferent equalization because i hear many kinds of music. About the earphones: I'm using my nh900 with a pair of Stanton Dj pro 60 headphones. In my opinion , the best headphones for about 40 dollars. You get Sony Eggo's 77s specs for 40 dollars. Plus, they are portable.
  17. I've always do a full rechage on my gumstick. I haven't noticed ant problem at all, and they still work like new.
  18. so... what's the point of this?
  19. go for a walk if you are deleting many folders in the library.
  20. thank you. ---------------- about editing atrac files in SS, miles away from a good audio editor. You don't even have a counter with minutes or secs!!
  21. If you're asking what I'm thinking you could erase all folders in your library by left clicking with "shift" pressed, the first and the last folder of your library. Then release shift and right click on any selected folder and click delete.
  22. I would use 352kbps. Everytime you convert a music file (e.g mp3 to Atrac) it will end with more artifacts as it was before the conversion. So, what's the thing: use 352k, you will have less artifacts.
  23. hey spongebob ne disparaissent. keep posting ici! Welcome
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