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  1. Add a 5pk shrinkwrapped TDK Music Jack 80min to the list... http://picasaweb.google.com/minidisc.chann...647789485135586 TRADE!
  2. Yeah, it did seem that way too.. that it was staged from the beginning. Or rather, it was inevitable. However disturbing it may be, I still found it enjoyable. Maybe I'm just too sick myself.. ^^
  3. Watched a Swedish adaptation of the same name called "Let the Right One In". Not your average vampire/horror flick with tons of gore but deals with issues involving love and romance. Really interesting film..
  4. Just spotted a review of the new X-series walkman.. Was there someone who wanted this monstrosity over an RH1/M200? Kudos if you get one.. I don't think I'd ever "invest" in this one.. http://gizmodo.com/5325036/sony-x+series-w...ew-why-sony-why
  5. Recieved some blanks from Sami via trade. Willing to compensate on shipping (I accidentally mailed out my package via "registered" airmail instead of regular airmail). Hope you'll recieve yours soon as well Sami!
  6. E908.. came with my RH1, never used. I would include pics but I'm just too damn lazy.
  7. Daiso Clip Mix and Bitclub Barcodes 3-pak (in shrinkwrap) are gone.. being traded away. Seems like I can't edit/update my old post after a certain while.
  8. It was most probably the specific PO office I went to. The day I sent it was the start of a new quarter at my uni'. I'm assuming because it was that one day, the package probably got lost somewhere amidst the chaos. Funny, after a few months since my inquiry, the one managing the PO still asks me whether the recipient recieved it or not. In all likelyhood, probably not.. Then again, there's also the possibility that the intended recipient lied through his teeth about not recieving it. I'm not pointing any fingers though.. This was probably an isolated incident.. of all the packages I've sent out for sale/trade on MDCF, it was just this one that seemingly got "lost"..
  9. That it was never on record. In essence, they denied my package's existence.. (receipts, customs forms, etc)
  10. Like Abby said, highly variable. I've had stuff shipped from the UK to the west coast in as little as 3 days while others taking up to a month. And there's really no way to tell how reliable it is (eg: one 3-day package came in regular airmail while another the same way but for 2 weeks). IMO, USPS isn't very reliable. I sent a trade package to someone in Canada fully insured, signature delivery, tracking and it never made it. A quick stop at the PO revealed they "lost" all the information required and denied my insurance claim even when I had receipts and everything.
  11. So wait, you want the new Sony 16 gig flash-based player over the almost equally priced RH1/M200? Wouldn't it be better to get an Apple Touch of the same capacity? (I'm thinking along the terms of functionality over quality, but with this the distinction is abit blurred).
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=200365129075 TDK Music Jack (2001): http://picasaweb.google.com/minidisc.chann...647789485135586 Only two more left (initially 12 I think, last time I saw it)..
  13. Seems like my MZ-RH1/M200 ad slipped off the classifieds, along with my blanks list available for sale/trade. Here's the dump of what I have: 3x TDK MD-XG 74min 2x BASF Colour Maxima (green, yellow) 1x TDK 74min Color Collection (green) 1x Sony 80min Color Collection (green) 1x Daiso Clip Mix 80min (white) 1x Sony Hi-MD Blue 4x Maxell Couler [ku:le] 80min (blue, green, pink, orange) 1x Maxell Burari 80min (blue) 1x TDK CLEF 80min 4x Maxell 'GS' 74min 3x TDK BIT Club 80min (barcode - 2002) 9x TDK XS-iV (2000, made in Italy) 5x TDK Music Jack (2001, 5-pack.. still waiting on these to arrive) 4x Victor 'ar' 80min (blue, purple, green, pink) * 4x Victor 'AR' 74min (red, orange, green, clear) * 2x TDK BIT Club 80min (barcode - 2002) * 4x Maxell Couler 74min (green, lime, pink, red) * 1x TDK 'm.' 80min (white) * 1x Daiso 74min Window (red) * 1x TDK [WA] 80min (pink butterfly) * 3x Memorex 80min ** 1x Sony Color Collection 80min (orange) ** 2x BIT Club 80min (barcode - 2002) ** 1x Maxell 'GS' 74min** * not shrinkwrapped because it came from a pack; unused ** used, without individual cases
  14. Upon MJ's death, who wouldn't want prerecorded MJ MDs? Those *might* fetch a fortune now..
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=280367728596 Just wow.. for a 5 pack Saehan that's already been defiled/opened.. can't wait to see what the ending price will be. Besides, these look more like generic MDs to me.. I know they're rare but damn...
  16. Levanel

    Music Blu-Ray

    I don't want to buy new equipment to play these high capacity/ high quality audio.. The last generation of MD is good enough for me.. I'm somewhat confident that audio fidelity can be improved by not new disc equipment themselves but the means to deliver the audio.. and there are alot of companies out there whom are dedicated just for this.
  17. Must you reply to every little topic on our humble forum? Looks the same..
  18. Something to do with an HD amp? I know my N10 definitely sounds different than my EH70, with the same equalizer settings and earphones/speakers/woofers. But it's different too with my RH1/M200..
  19. I want that XS-iV and Twinkle.. Only thing I can trade atm are those posted in my RH1/M200 ad AND 10x new XS-IVs that came in the mail today.
  20. Thought you could adjust the equalizer via remote for more bassiness? My RH1/M200 is out of warranty as well.. but I've kept it (or maybe tried) in pristine condition. More MDs on the way though and I've reached a point where I'm still scrambling on what music I should stick on there. btw - there was a discussion MDLP and Hi-LP somewhere around here. If you transferred music from SS - doesn't matter which LP encoding you use - they're essentially the same. It's just the format that's different (the way HiMD uses new techniques in writing to a physical disc).
  21. Yeah, I think I've seen those units firsthand.. the swappable MD drives for VAIO lappies.
  22. I think it would be better if you bundled it with your M200/RH1 package.
  23. Probably prototypes that only appear in Japan.. these things rarely show their heads abroad.
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