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  1. I think you're behind the times.. http://minidisc.org/part_Sony_PCV-MX3GK.html
  2. I still have a Panasonic CD player w/ 40-sec shock memory. Nifty thing also has line-out as well as optical toslink. Been in my storage bin since I acquired a soundcard that does optical in/out..
  3. 10x TDK Littleman.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=200359066637
  4. I need those bitclubs.. then my collection would be complete
  5. European TDK design.. since I'm in the US, I consider them be. Anyway, watch for this seller.. he's been known to put up used MDs as well (in bulk). The last auction I spotted included all the XS-iV's as well as a variety mix and it topped off at 70 GBP, for 40-60 MDs. Don't know much about you guys but would you rather pitch in for secondhand MDs than shrinkwrapped counterparts?
  6. Someone just put up about 5 separate listings for ultra-rare TDK XS-iV's, 10 discs total. Unfortunately it isn't really much of an auction as the only option to purchase is via buy-it-now. Anyway, anyone think this would be an awesome grab? http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/hardcore18_W...armrsZ1QQ_fromZ
  7. I want in on this! Seeing how I've got a newfound interest in MDs now..
  8. I'm willing to join this effort..
  9. I think we can all agree blank MDs are no longer in production hence the high prices/shipping costs?
  10. Oh god, I just love how SS strips all the miscellaneous metadata from MP3 files. If you ever downloaded music from warez groups, you wouldn't believe the amount of trash they put in there.
  11. The more I think about it, the more I want one.. Heh, sorry for hijacking your thread OP.
  12. ...from a player-only unit perspective.
  13. Man, can you believe those EH1's that make it onto ebay go for almost twice as much as getting an RH1/M200? So what makes an EH70 so different besides it's baby-soft-edged-box feel?
  14. Is there any physical difference between MD Data and regular discs? Not by the cartridge design but physical layering in the platter.. Just pondering - a few years back, someone transplanted a HiMD platter into a regular 60/74/80min cartridge, for aesthetic purposes..
  15. Yeah, the iPhone 3.0 firmware.. though it doesn't address any improvement/issues with audio quality though
  16. Everything in these pictures are included. There's actually an extra battery already inside the M200 unit and the earbuds are optional (between this listing and my N10's). Top right corner has 6 used MDs in one case.. Bottom right corner has 3 Bitclub's in shrinkwrap. Storage cases are included.
  17. Seems my ad slipped off classifieds. Offer still stands at 300 USD. As a bonus though, I'll pitch in half of the total amount on shipping, as a consequence for not including the remote as specified (it was a defective one and my attempts at disassembling/fixing it failed). Pictures and all the juicy details will be reposted later..
  18. Battery still holds a decent charge but needs the battery pack for extended listening times. NetMD is b0rked.. will not sync via SS regardless of version. I've done some researching and it seems this particular unit is prone to NetMD failures. This is probably the only catch. Other than that, unit is in good condition. What's included? The unit itself, remote, battery pack, ac adapter, cloth pouch, and a toslink cable. There's no docking port nor USB cable (I sold those to another MDCF member a while back). I can also include an unused Sony earphones/earbuds, original manual, as well as some blank/shrinkwrapped MDs. But other than that, it's as-is. Maybe $50 + shipping? I'm located in the US. Pictures on the way..
  19. Been on the iPhone 3G for a few months now to notice the horrendous sound quality compared to MD equipment. But yeah, definitely not for audio aficionados..
  20. Got any design ideas? I was somewhat thinking of a dock that could hook into not only the USB port but the mic, line-in, and optical.. That'd be sweet.
  21. Just snickered up and bought myself an Apple Universal Dock. To my amazement, it comes with a remote and several docking adapters for other Apple products. Now it's sitting snuggly next to my EH70.. Poor RH1.. wish you had a dock as well..
  22. People are noticing that the MiniDisc is on their dying breaths and are trying to cash in with outrageous prices.. I've seen an RH1 unit go for 800USD through buy-it-now, from a seller in China. Every now and then though, there are still blanks being sold that aren't those generic Sony/Memorex/Maxell ones..
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