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  1. Awsome!!! Really Awsome.. I'll buy it anyway.. I just can't wait to have it... The last unit ever??? It will be woth the price
  2. Would it be possible for any of the members of this forum to just post a pic of the aforementioned new version (or 3rd Gen MD that BTW people woring for Sony don't call it like that, they were surprised when I asked for the new generation Hi-Md)
  3. I have this case: An I also have a little shelf especially designed for my mds SO why on earth are you writing on this forum???? people like this should be banned
  4. But, after all I've read, would it be possible for Sony to produce 2GB discs?
  5. It seems as if it was impossible for Sony to Reorganise themselves... What a lot of crap!!!
  6. Yes, it definitely is the most accessible, cheap, versatile and perfect recording solution for anyone that wants the best recordings in the world!!!!!!!! (Sorry, MD fan)
  7. But I would be SO buying a 1T MD if there was one!!!!!
  8. 20-80mins 15-74 mins 1-60 mins and 10-1GB
  9. Well that should be a matter f speeding up the access process. The Ipods are quick but not quick enough... And That would be LOVELY!!! to say My MD can store ALL your Ipods!!! LOL That would be something like BLUERAY MD and YUP!!!, you can never have enough memory!!!
  10. ONE TERABYTE!!!! OMG!!! That would be AWESOME!!! however... Wouldn't it be too much???
  11. Sorry, sent mine yesterday.. and it goes to Bristol UK so it's going to be some 10 days before he receives it.. I hope he hasn't forgotten me!!!
  12. YUP It is only a dream of my sick mind!!! And it's gone worse! Now I want 5GB blanks !!!!! LOL
  13. LOL I think I'm becoming Japanese as well (I've been thinking of that for a long while) ...and I love sushi! Domo arigato Hi-MD
  14. I would ask santa for some Hi-md blanks Merry MD Xmas!
  15. Me too ... I'm IN a) HI-MD International trade is OK for me (national would be alright as well) Greetings Andy
  16. THIEF!!! Ishiyoshi, we all support your brilliant work. Of course he must be banned from the forum.
  17. well this is a very old topic. There even was an upload petition signed by thousands of people asking Sony to enable this feature. They never heard anyone and finally launched Hi-Md that included the upload feature. NetMd has a Physical inability to upload tracks. In fact, when they say that you can check in your tracks made in your own computer, Sonicstage onlycompares the tracks to the database included in the PC. Tracks are never uploaded and there is no sound information that can travel through the USB cable in NetMd Format. ... Sorry If you want to upload tracks, do it the long way (real time) .. you can use WinNmd by Christian klukas. get it here http://winnmd.net/ It's a great application for real-time uploads using Netmd machines.
  18. Andicillo

    CASIO ZD-3

    Nice unit. Obviously pre- NetMd. what about the volume? Does it sound fine?
  19. What about Spanish? I don't need the feature either, bit it can be so useful for some people. Think of it!
  20. LOL!!! I actually love the color scheme. Good Job Kurisu!!!
  21. Very important question: ¿Are you trying to download songs from your PC to your NetMd or what you are trying to do is to upload songs from your MD to your PC. FYI uploading via USB is not possible in NetMD Machines. Only Hi-MD line-in/mic recordings can be uploaded and, obviously, using a Hi-MD Machine.
  22. Congratulations to the winner!!! I really hope Sony takes a look at the designs... They were superb!!!
  23. Well it all depends the quality of the music files you want to have. Personally I dislike Ipods since their sound quality is poor. I know that because I have had the chance to own one for 2 months... I am a musician and for me sound quality as well as depth and warmth are VERY important. Itunes proprietary file format (AAC, I think) is pure crap and Itunes sells files encoded at 160 kbps I mean...It's too bad!!! Linear PCM... 256 kbps... that's real quality!!! Only MD's
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