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  1. I actually am amazed that this idea hasn't been implemented in the past. Now that you come to mention the idea, its amazing.
  2. In Sony's new <!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------# Subliminal Sony hints! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------# -->
  3. yeh neat story, just what we want Hi-MD jumping in when the iPod fails. Just I feel it should be posted in the "evaluations & criticism" section - (I dunno really, that just where I feel it should be!
  4. yeh, with that amount of members it is impossiable to not to get some peoples backs up. I live in a house of 4 and whatever you do gets one of us annoyed! (me beeing the youngest) There really is no chance to be 100% perfect! [my 2 cents]
  5. err, I wanna be the spenser err sponsor! Intresting developement in these 2 replys. I have never seen the subject shift so fast!
  6. Theres a lego starwars now!?#&$% And I didn't know this!
  7. yeah, I would look at one of them. Could be very useful, especially when traveling on airplanes, saves a lot of paper weight!
  8. oh, thats the thing that dousn't support atrac! thanks for the link, looks intrestin.
  9. ^^^ ^^^ </Back on topic> sony to do
  10. I just got "tomb raider legend" for the psp! I'm likeing the game very much!
  11. danielbb90

    MD Pouch

    Neat, just I never have got any of those "mini-pouches" with my headphones, what did they come with?
  12. Can you transfer to a MP3 player via XMMS? I already have it installed, its a neat little program.
  13. Yeh, I admit it is funny, but I was never the one who wanted drag & drop! I always liked software to do things for me, thats probably the reason I liked Hi-MD in the firstplace. If only sony would make a simple program to run Hi-MD on linux!
  14. My iaudio U2 just appears as a drive and I can drag and drop, but I'm too lazy I would rather software did it for me.
  15. Just a question for the linux useres of this forums. Yeh yeh, I get better answers here than I get from linux forums! Anyway, WMP 11 Its like the best music player I have come across like ever, but I am beginning to miss it on linux. Has anyone comeacross a linux equivelent with all the fearures? Thanks Edit: I'm just lookin' for music management and mp3 player transfer (removable media) I'm not wantin' CD ripping and burning Edit: I found Amarok, just it won't transfer to rebovable devises.
  16. danielbb90


    http://www.gregchabala.com/random-crap/big-red-button.swf You don't want to get sucked into this little bugger! I came across it on a bebo.com profile!
  17. And Danny updated and there were no more problems conserning sound! Thanks, its working great!
  18. It says there is a update to 2.6.15-27-386 in the software updates, should I risk it or w8 it out a bit longer?
  19. I'm under the impression you can't with any. (I might be wrong) But it is an annoyence, sony should enable this feature with SonicStage. Its a big issue.
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