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  1. Yeh, I got the old game for my computer - lookin' at the specs all it said was "Windows" I like the game lol
  2. Try you local $(£) Shop, Don't ask, I've seen a few in them.
  3. Forward 3 steps back one, sounds like my life really! We want that penguin reserve mentioned in futurama But it not beein' a planet an all, the penguins will be annoyed!
  4. At the moment, none! I'm wanting a 1GB card lol... I have splinter cell [essentials], after that: I WANT LEMMINGS! yeh yeh I haven't lost it! Its ok for web browsing, neat feature though.
  5. lol ok They ain't bad, just not what I would listen to out of choice! lol
  6. just got a psp and im posting with it this is hard goin to my laptop
  7. What version of sonicstage are you useing? That isn't version 2.2 I'm thinking you will have to re-format you atrac device.
  8. How can I have a birthday and not get any! and lol
  9. Thanks everybody! , And I don't know about that grape soda, partying hard at my grandpairents all weekend, high risk factor or it! jk lol
  10. I really don't think thats me. Somethings yeh, but with alot of infomation there, chances are its going to get something!
  11. ha ha, your like my brother! Its actually holdin' me out well.. the old 40GB drive is in a external hard drive case now!
  12. In a pautable audio player, if it is in you pocket, wouldn't random buttons be going off all the time?
  13. Yeh, lets compete, I got a 120GB internal hard drive for my laptop (WD) yesterday. Linux woulden't connect to the web so about 3-4 hours of trying to get it to work I will just stick to windows! anyway, could be worse.
  14. Well, I can bet if me & my brother went he would hold me at point blank range for a long time! He is so nice to me, coughyehrightcough
  15. What happens when you get hit in paintballing anyway?
  16. Woo, just went back to it a couple of hours later. http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j47/dann...creen_sheep.png Got a better result!
  17. I don't need to go to see how badly I would loose! As shown by that darn sheep game http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=16716 my reactions arn't that good. I don't know why, lol, I've never had a problem before, maby I just need caffeine!!!!!!! rofl
  18. I'm not willing to show my score! It was the bottom level, the snail one. I have no idea why... probably cos' the touch pad of my laptop isn't the easyest to use.
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