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  1. Really? Madness, I'll try sometime to get the cd ripped properly. And I don't see any visable scratches, but I tryed anyway. And Stuge: I only have the 1 drive,
  2. Yeh, its always is 1 or 2 things. Me is SonicStage and firmware for my iAudio U2
  3. Happy birthday Jonny Mac! Edit: this turned out to be my 800th post!
  4. I admit on my psp it is annoying, but I can live with it!
  5. Just partitioned my hard drive to windows / ubuntu linux. Ok, I got fedup of windows, and I'm going out to canada in a month and the router I use out there likes linux! lol
  6. It removed the jitter, but it mixed some tracks! rofl Ok, I re-ripped it again, its fine besides 1 track - that I can't get on CDex anyway. Its not too inmortant, but I would like to get it ripped. Edit: I used a CD doctor on it and in CDex it reduced the errors from 624 to 26 of this track. I'll try it again 2morrow and see how that goes! thanks for your help!
  7. Huh, don't they get money from each click? - not costing them for each click?
  8. I have Robbie Williams Gold, I inport it with CDex and most the Jitter does get removed but with playcack in any program and importing with SSCP it is jittery. What can I do? I haven't installed EAC, I don't plan to unless it is by far the best option, thanks
  9. I was looking at something similar for my iAudio U2, I don't know why I didn't. lol anyway, thanks for the review and pictorial!
  10. Actually, I beleve google adds are pay-per-click, not by beein' there. They don't bother me there too much. And alot of the time, there are some intresting ones up there that I click
  11. I would say both A offline installer and a seperate updater - or a inbuilt updater in the program itself (like firefox)? lol It is a small program so download time isn't too much of a consern. But a offline installer is a must for alot of people! Thanks, Edit: What version of lame is in there? LAME 3.97 beta 3 is out. http://www.rarewares.org/mp3.html
  12. Can you make a exe installer for Hi-MD render please? Its the one thing that bugs me with this program. Thanks,
  13. That other program converted oma to ogg no problem with me. I admit, in xp it looks better than Hi-MD Render, just it dousn't have all the features.
  14. The MAIN reason I don't use SB is multi-artist cd's. So I always use Sonicstage I don't have simple burner installed anyway at the moment.
  15. I sit about 3 meters from the router, don't think that would do me much good! How fars your router? (If it is yours! jk)
  16. Keep it up, it took me a good 2 or 3 days to get it!
  17. try the jeb version http://dl1.aii.co.jp/contents/connect/_dat...geInstaller.exe theres no Connect store in canada, and in that version!
  18. lol, I've seen this ages ago, yeh, I figured it out too At least a year ago, maby longer.
  19. I'm not on a bindge! I just was at a 'car boot' (Garage Sale) sale today, this is just what I picked up. lol
  20. I don't know how the decoder in the in_atrac.dll works, All I can say is test it - but I doubt it will work without sonicstage.
  21. Yeh tell me about it One day spam will be defeted and in that day the world wil die! Well it probably won't happen but it would be neat.
  22. Its spam, the smiley icon, name under there minidisc units, and there links very well hidden! And there ate 2 more links that leads to the same page, just different urls!!!! 3 Spam links in there. WELL HIDDEN
  23. That winamp did the trick for me, but now I don't use it but SSCP works anyway.
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