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  1. That pics makeing me go dizzy! well its givin' me a headach! lol
  2. Thats normal, saving in wav 'uncompresses' the file. To get smaller files you will have to save in mp3 or another 'lossy' format. Lossy format sacrifices sound quality for smaller file sizes. BUT: Converting from one lossy format (this case atrac3plus) to another lossy codec will cause quality loss. Because: Each lossy codec throws away some of the waveform, but each codec throws away a different part of the waveform, so you will be loosing more of the waveform than nesserry. When recording the best way to go is to record in pcm (uncompressed). To convert you file; http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?s=&am...ost&p=87843 use Hi-MD renderer, but remember what I said about coverting lossy codecs. Atrac3plus is higher compressed than most popular codecs like mp3 and wma, you will have to use a higher bitrate to save these files with. like 128kbps mp3. (from 64kbps that was Hi-LP, atrac3plus) Hope that help,
  3. I haven't thourght about useing FreeBSD before, its a neat idea. Just I would prefer to use something I've used befroe. Maby sometime in the future I will try it. I found wine to usefull for simple programs like "microsoft gif animator" and CDex, they work flawlessly. (besides the cansel button on CDex) lol I have made documents in openoffice and opened them at school in word, never had a problem, they look the same, but that was word, not any powerpoint things or anything too fancy, maby I should do some tests there! All the drives for my laptop work out-of-the-box, that is pritty convienient! (Besides my scanner that takes about 3 minuets to install) I'll see how it goes, thanks kurisu.
  4. Happy birthday. Good luck with the paintballing! I coulden't pull myself to do painballing If I tried, lol
  5. miniMISE looks neat, I just coulden't find a use for it. #### I got a extra 1GB ram for my computer about last week, works real faster!
  6. I've tried them in wine. Partitioning dousn't bother me anymore anyway, thanks for all yor help (all of you) Thanks,
  7. Thanks for that streaml1ne, Months on end without reboot? Really? Thats a new one on me!
  8. Thats is a neat unit, they should make a Hi-MD version! jk
  9. danielbb90


    Those cash sellers probably will only get sales from those people who live localy to them.
  10. Thanks, I have used linux before and I like it more than windows, besides about 2 games and my mp3 players firmware there is nothing I can't do in linux. I'll dual boot and see how I take to it, Thanks
  11. danielbb90


    Rofl. - How can they sue for that? Thats like microsoft sueing people who use linux, actually, I woulden't put it past bill to do that.
  12. Thanks for the replys... I have (well will have) a 120GB hard drive, I've like linux more than windows, well for a few years. Just cos of the state of hardware I haven't been able to make the transfer. A dual boot I think it the option, I just would want to prevent dual booting it takes too long. But VMWare won't detect my mp3 player in recovery mode to firmware upgrade (linux can't). So that forces me to have windows installed. I guess I'll think about it some more, but I think my initial thourght is to go windows xp, but I don't like m$, Note: My laptop is fully suppoted by linux drivers. Edit: I made up my mind, I'm dual booting, and I'm not letting myself backout of this one!
  13. I was going to install linux when my hard drive came, later this week , replaceing my hard drive and dual booting. But today, I don't think I should... So this is just a quick question. What does everyone els think about this? - I have XP home that came with my laptop - or ubuntu linux. <- Great os! Thanks
  14. How good are you at DIY? Just get 3 peices of wood, and some screws, It can't be too hard... And you know you will get the size right, unless you can cut as bad as me Mini diagram attached! Note: if its quite deep don't just use 6 screws.. lol[attachmentid=1945][attachmentid=1945][attachmentid=1945]
  15. Can you run any program on that windows server thing? That would save me dual booting my computer later this week! I have a OEM version of XP that came with my laptop (I'm installin' linux on my laptop) Would that work? If this would work, you would be my hero! And in perfect timeing too! Edit: Maby not... That probably won't detect my mp3 player in 'recovery mode' to firmware update!
  16. I don't know, Hi-MD renderer needs SonicStage to run. I think the only option there is Real-Time with Audacity. Real-Time recordings don't sound fun! Remember it it open source, if you know python...
  17. Your best dual booting windows and linux, minidisc isn't that good with linux, I don't think there is any good sofware for it... There is NotMD, but I haven't got it workin'!
  18. Ahh. its out dated! about 8 years! Still dunno why I haven't heard of one... Well I have now! rofl
  19. If you don't mind me asking.... Whats it do?
  20. I just got 1GB of ram added to my laptop! Early birthday... Its like amazin' fast! Why didn't I have it sooner?
  21. I voted linux, Well at the moment I'm useing windows, but next week my hard drive comes for my laptop so I'll sort out the partitioning then... It will be 20GB windows and 100GB linux on my laptop, I use linux most of the time, just not with things like SSCP lol i need windows whenever I use that! So I voted linux.
  22. We need to add the members name in the "minidisc units" section of the profile to the criteria!
  23. How about inbuilt into the email provider? Gmail is a good one, if you are willing to change...
  24. Friendshid day? Since when did that come about? Is there even a day of the year that isn't a day for somthing anyway? lol Anyway, better join in... Happy Friendship day everyone!
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