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  1. his own box (i.e thinking inside the box)
  2. My brother convinced me to dual boot! , So I'm not usein' VMWare anymore, but it was good while it lasted!
  3. Those are real neat, although they remind me of herbs!
  4. Just a update, I changed my vmemory in microsoft and it dousn't run slow atall now, infact its hard to tell when in full screen that I'm running ontop of linux! Its a pritty nifty peice of software if you ask me!
  5. Yeh, I would do anything not to dual boot, its really bugs me. Mainly when I'm on a messenger convo! On a low spec-machene I wouldn't recomend it, you are basically running 2 os' at the same time.
  6. I car about 14, in airoplane about 16 and at home aboout 8!
  7. Thanks so much for your help. Just how can I install the mp3 codec, lame and oggenc? Thanks
  8. I just installed kubuntu and then just installed ubuntu, so I have reverted to the default kernal. If thats the case with that version (I did update thinking about it) maby that was it. - Can I get away without updateing ubunutu? Edit: That must have been the problem, I havne't updated it and its playin' sound perfectly fine! thanks
  9. As far as I know the one that came with it... How do I check?
  10. Just installed kubuntu, I can't change the setting the same way as I did in ubuntu to get the internet to work & update. I like the os though! I'll give ubuntu my last shot, but something tells me it won't be any different! And bobt, I'm reluctent to go with suse linux I have used it and I didn't really like it. lol
  11. Really? the live CD worked smoother for me I'll give it a shot, and if its worse I can always change back! Thanks
  12. The latest is my sound, it keeps skipping parts of music playback frequently and with system sounds it plays slower than realtime. I just got my internet solved too on it! Edit: I'm goin' to wipe ubuntu and install a fresh kubuntu - ok I know I can install it through the terminal, but I have loads of stuff on my comp now that is useless to me anyway! lol and I still have my backups. It's just easyer. Can I install VMWare on kubuntu?
  13. I've tried version 4, but that had problems with my hardware - I can't be bothered to download 5CDs lol and burn them. I would like to solve ubuntu, but I think I might have to swich.
  14. Yeh, already I have had enough of ubuntu, its just 1 problem after another, I expected linux to be harder to use than windows but this was just rediclaus. But before I cower back to windows, what other distros should I use? I have found a likeing for Knoppix, but I think thats live ony. I have VMWare on ubuntu working fine, so I can run & install linux on there without having to useup my hard drive! and cd's I can just run the iso. So what others should I try? Thanks,
  15. I thought I better say that on ubuntu linux 6.06, I just got this working! Perfetly ok with my NH1, just it does run abit slow. With Windows XP Pro.
  16. its gone over by 10... So who feels like looking 4 who it was?
  17. 'extra quality disc' whats it mean by that? It can't be sq, is it more durable or something? Thanks for the pictorial!
  18. I don't have a good graphic card, it don't even support 3D exeleration (that I found out is needed)! Meh, oh well, linux still is better windows!
  19. It downloaded anyway! Anyway thats amazing, is that actually real? What distro are you useing? Edit: Ubunto huh? So am I, can you tell me where I can get it and install on my ubuntu partiton?
  20. While I w8 30mins for that to download! rainthrory, have you heard of http://www.fs-driver.org/ ? Just curious!
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