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    work with rh10?

    Well, I'm pretty sure my rh10 is all but completely fried, but I'm willing to give a new battery a try to see if that would help. I can get this one cheap: http://cgi.ebay.com/Sanyo-HF-A1U-1400mAh-R...VQQcmdZViewItem $12 shipped, would this work with my rh10?
  2. You checked for viruses, but did you wipe out all spyware/adware as well? Viruses are the least of your problems when it comes to using IE, spyware is the crap that messes it up. Download Windows Defender here and scan with it: http://www.download.com/Microsoft-Windows-...tml?tag=lst-0-1 It's free to use. Also download Adaware afterwords and scan with it as well, no anti-spyware program is perfect and it is good to have 2-3 of them. Adaware is very weak compared to Windows Defender, but it will pick up some of the stuff it misses. http://www.download.com/Ad-Aware-SE-Person...tml?tag=lst-0-1 After that you should be able to open IE. And for now on, never use IE, it's crap anyway. Go do yourself a favor and download opera, you won't ever go back to IE or Firefox. http://opera.com
  3. But come on, $99 for 512MB? That's ridiculous, especially considering NW-S705 2GBs can be found for ~$70 NEW, compared to this USED 512MB walkman.
  4. Even at that, you are expecting $99 for a very old 512MB DAP? Today, users can find the brand new 2GB NW-S706 for around $70 brand new, you want $99 for a 512MB, old, used player? Give me a break man, that is way to much. The thing is ancient, used, and only holds 512MB (+128MB cards, but you get the pt), and you want $99, forget it man. $45-50 at the max is all you can expect. I personally feel it's worth more like $35.
  5. I expected that, not a big deal at all, it's not like I don't have power socket near by my computer.
  6. I wouldn't expect anymore than $40-50 for that player. A 128MB player these days ain't worth crap.
  7. I'll keep that in mind, I got an email on Thursday saying my HD1 was shipped via USPS. Kind of weird that I won it on monday and they waited till thursday to ship it, no biggy though. It will probably be here on tuesday or wednesday, then I will find out what it is all about. I'm very excited to get the HD1. The brushed magnesium looks sick, and I love the fact that it comes with a cradle, that's just so cool. The only real downsides I see so far is I'm going to dearly miss initials search, but everything else I can work around.
  8. ATRACLife is a great site, use it. Its just a shame though that it has been very quiet lately.
  9. It appears that the RH1 has been removed from the sony style USA website. See here: http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....&Dept=audio Click MiniDisc Players, and the RH1 is gone. The real question is, what does this mean? Is Sony giving up on the format? Or is it the sign of a new HiMD unit around the corner?
  10. Yeah I think I got a good deal. Kerfuffle, another question since you own the HD1. After transfering tracks, what does sonicstage show for the track transfered on the HD1? With my HD5, it would show all the names of Artists, then you would click the artists name, which would give you the album, and clicking that would open all of that albums songs by that artist. However, just show all the tracks, not sorted or anything, the same way they were before transfered. Does the HD1 organize them into artists/albums in sonicstage, or just transfer them as is?
  11. Well I kind of got caught up in a bidding frenzy, but I won the HD1 New in Box for $198. Good deal?
  12. Well I'll see how it goes. The HD1 auction ends in less than 2 hrs, if I win, I'll will be psyched. If not, there is always the black HD3.
  13. RobA

    NEW hdd dap?

    There is no question in that quote from my post.
  14. I just located a brand new HD3 for $175. If I fail to win my auction for the HD1 (ends in about 20 hrs), I'll go for that most likely. Is the HD3's casing metal or hard plastic? And is the sony logo on the back engraved or printed? Is it made in japan like the HD1, or in Malaysia like the HD5? And does it offer any signifigant differences over the HD1? (I don't mean mp3 playback, that is useless to me)
  15. RobA

    Sony NW-HD3

    Personally I find the HD3 ugly. The HD1 easily looks the coolest, followed by the HD5, then the HD3.
  16. I'm bidding, starting bid was $120 so that is what I bid.
  17. Yup, just gotta wait and see if I win the auction now. Ends Monday afternoon.
  18. Yeah, even my MZ-NH600D has an option to view all tracks in alphabetical order. Well I took the plunge and placed a bid of $120 on a brand new NW-HD1. Although it lacks the ABC order thing, I found a way to sort them in sonicstage alphabetially, so I will just transfer them over to it that way, and they should stay in the order I transfer them. The thing is just way to sexy looking and at the price it's hard to not bid on it. Especially being brand new and not a refurb like the HD5 I had (and the one I would've gotten).
  19. Darn that's no good. So all tracks are just sorta placed on there in any random order? Doesn't seem very smart.
  20. I'm aware of that, I worded that wrong. I know that the HD5 has an "initials search" function to search tracks by letter. What I meant to say, is after clicking the "mode" button on the HD1, is there a "Tracks" that shows all tracks in ABC order? I know the the option has Artist, Group, Album, Genre, etc. On the HD5, it shows Tracks, Artist, Playlist, Album, Genre, etc. You can see it here: See how there is a "Track" option? Choosing that lets you navigate through all tracks, in ABC order, automatically organized by the HD5. Does the HD1 have the "Track" option under the mode menu?
  21. Rats! The other stuff I can live with but that is pretty important to me. I was able to just throw all my tracks on my HD5 in any order, and when I to sort through them using the "tracks" search under menu, they were automatically alphabetized by track name. I also use artist search alot too, but both are pretty important to me. Are you sure there is no Track Search option in addition to the Artist Search option (the track search would show all tracks, all alphabetized). All of these are used. I'm looking for new or refurbished, plus it looks like they are all from other countries.
  22. I just got a message from the seller on amazon about my recent HD5 purchase, and fedex has lost the package, I was refunded my $190. For those of you who don't know, my beloved HD5 was stolen recently, so I had to purchase a new one. Now that this one has been lost by fedex, my options are limited. I cannot find the HD5 ANYWHERE! Not even ebay. However, there are a couple brand new HD1's on ebay. So should I try to go for one of these HD1s that will probably go for about $180? I don't need mp3 playback at all. Besides the fact that the battery is not removable, are there any major differences between the hd5 and hd1? Is the sound quality the same? Battery life relatively the same? Does the HD1 automatically alphabetize all tracks when they are put on it? (this is what my HD5 does, very convienant) Do the controls work the same way? Thanks for any replies, I'm even more frustrated now than when my hd5 got stolen...
  23. RobA

    NEW hdd dap?

    I never asked any question, lol.
  24. I have no plans to buy anything. I just recently had to buy another HD5 as my previous one got stolen. And until it dies on me (or gets stolen again, sigh) I ain't buying anything else.
  25. RobA

    NEW hdd dap?

    Still no mention from sony for a new HDD Walkman. It would be a shame for them to stop making them. The NW-A3000 was a complete disappointment really. The HD5 was really perfect, they should just work off that. Maybe something like combine all the features and advancements of the HD5 + the slick looks of the HD1 to make an HD7 or something.
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