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  1. i have 4 portables and one deck. i need another deck!
  2. i really really want one but its too much money. if they make the next model around$200 i will be able to afford one...
  3. there are still lots of people who use standard md mode on hi-md recorders. therefore it is not obsolete.
  4. the ribbon cable inside to the lid is either loose dirty or broken. unless you know what to do when you take it apart i wouldn't give it a try
  5. you could try lightly dropping the entire unit from about 1 inch from the top of a solid table while its plugged in. maybe something is stuck! you could also try banging the unit sharply on the side using your hand. be very careful not to break the unit. try this several times. i think something needs to be unstuck. good luck
  6. toc cloning does not work with the deck he has. he will have to use another deck.
  7. this is a guess. i dont want to see you damage your recording. make a new recording in stereo mode near the end of the long track. then repeat the process that broke the disk to begin with. but leave the knob in stereo. i have the same deck at home i can give it a try,
  8. transfer to wave then convert to hi-sp from there you cant download back to true sp- you have to actually record it.
  9. i have an mzn-510. its awesome. it lasted 4 years with everyday constant use. and then i had repaired it myself and it still works great. i had a problem with the buttons. when it does i will be getting another of the same type.
  10. i am interested. i had one before. how much do want for it?
  11. this is going to sound dumb but maybe there is a switch on the unit that can select mono?
  12. what is the difference between the premium and the regular version? it must be something good!
  13. how about a recorder that uses memory cards and 1gig disks? then it could record on either depending what you want to use it for. i have never seen a recorder like that.
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