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  1. if it does this with all the discs then the unit is defective. you can try cleaning the laser but usually the unit is toast,.
  2. the 80 min discs hold 300mb when formatted in hi md mode. get those if you cant get the 1 gig discs.
  3. maybe you should try recording with the battery instead of the ac adaptor.
  4. you are using the tos link digital out right. try a different digital cable maybe the one you are using is cracked inside somewhere. that would cause the unit to display the error message you got.
  5. damn! i thought i had a lot of discs. i have about 250 standard discs. they are awesome!
  6. just play the whole book overnight then record using your computers sound card audio out into your md line in. then you can do whatever you want with it. use lp4 and you will get 5 hrs of recording on 1 disk.

    Yamaha MD

    i never heard one, i do know that sp type r is awesome!
  8. i have an mds-je510. you can definetly tell that the analog output is missing some hi end. i have a i hi end pioneer cd recorder deck. i will connect the digital output to that and see if the sound is better.
  9. carefully open the shutter door. then using the center of the disk spin it while looking at the bottom first then the top check for dirty spots they will keep you from having good recordings. clean them off just like you would on a regular cd.
  10. lp4 sounds terrible for anything except speech.
  11. maybe the unit somehow got euro capped?
  12. i was hoping not to spend a lot of money. please dont go through a lot of effoet. its sounds too expensive. thanks anyway.
  13. if the unit does not meet your needs would you you like to sell it? i use my 510 as a player. i love it.
  14. i have already done that its just not as cool.
  15. you can still transfer them analog in real time.
  16. only hi-md recordings can be uploaded to the computer on that model. you need an rh1 to do what you want.
  17. i need a portable battery operated md that i can take with me to use outside thats not a walkman type. i need one that has speakers. does anyone have one they can sell?
  18. how much do you want for the 510 deck? please email me at "covertbill1@hotmail.com"
  19. i have the same deck. i need a replacement for it. mine has an eject problem. but it sounded ok when it worked. i would like to buy it. can you please email me at "covertbill1@hotmail.com" let me know what you were looking to get for it.
  20. try rechargeing the batter in an external charger first. you do know that you have to push the stop button on the recorder toiget the battery to charge. it will show charging on the display. they sync mode only works with digital in. id does not work for analog input recordings.
  21. i would keep the deck. you will loose quality if you use the computer because you cant record in true sp. did you use the output directly from your stereo to make the recordings? make sure you do it with the stereos equalizer off
  22. make an optical copy .of a cd that you know sounds good on your stereo. and put it in your car. i bet it sounds fine. if you made the copy from analog. the analog source probabily has very little bass in it. this should solve the problem. let us know what happens.
  23. i assure you if you use it enough it will start randomly erasing disks. it just takes a while. i repaired the broken ribbon cable in mine.
  24. just play it overnight and record it with your rh1. then upload it then you can do anything you want with it.
  25. just some advice. i have a n707. its not very reliable. the buttons dont work properly. the magnetic record head failed and had to be removed! these problems are very common for this model and are well known. you dont want to buy a used one.
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