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  1. yea you need a new battery. recording uses much more power
  2. gracenote and connect are seperate! gracenote is not owned by sony.
  3. try to convert all the tracks first. then after the conversion is done transfer them as sp and see if it works!
  4. the disks are magneto-optical. they can only be affected by very strong magnetic fields. dont worry . they are extremely hard to erase!
  5. you can use hi-md renderer but you still must use the sound cards line in.
  6. using a non important disk try a non pre recorded disk. and see if it plays.
  7. i was going to suggest you look at the battery terminals for corrosion.
  8. i dont want a hi-md. they dont have long enought battery life. ebay is a pain in the ass. i was hoping to buy something cheap directly from the forum.
  9. i need a non hi-md portable that uses a internal "aa" battery does anyone want to get rid of one. i live in the U.S . please let me know is any one has one for sale. i dont have much money but i love minidisc and the units are getting hard to find except for the ultra expensive ones which i cant afford. oops i just realized i posted in the wrong section. this should be in the classifieds. can someone please move it? thanks.
  10. well what i really dont understand is if the unit can read the data at all. it must be able to read it all the time! maybe its just set to off as in play no sound for lp2 and lp4. does any one know anything about this? i am an electronics technician and i want to try to turn it on all the time!
  11. i have a disk with the beginning recorded in old sp from another deck and lp2 tracks recorded after that from my mz-n707 portable. i was playing the sp tracks first at the beginning of the deck then after they were done. i forgot to push stop because the non md-lp decks play only silence when they play lp2 and lp4 but then all of a sudden randomly in 2 second bursts i could hear it play parts of the lp2 tracks about every 1 min or so of the lp2 tracks. its the strangest thing! has anyone evre heard of anything like this. i wish i could do something to make the deck play the whole lp2 track all the time.
  12. no they dont you can upload old standard md tracks using the analog in on your sound card!
  13. of you use lp2 in non hi md mode and convert the files to audio cd format and use simple burner to transfer then you can manually add track marks. i have done this before

    md walkmak

    this is an awesome idea! an md walkman that doesn't use sonic stage with identical functions as their new 1 and 2 gig flash players! i need one. i love the disks they are awesome and very durable!
  15. sony should make a least 1 md model every few years as long as there is a market for them. i would like to buy a new cheaper model of the rh1. how many people would buy a new Md model that has true drag and drop. maybe it would be 4th generation. they must still be making money on the disks they sell. being able to play music from a 1 gig disk that does not use sonic stage at all would be awesome! we could transfer the files as direct mp3's just like the new flash walkman!
  16. i want the n707 how about $30? email me at "covertbill1@hotmail.com"
  17. they cannot make pre recorded hi-md's!
  18. want to sell the broken one? i will buy it i had one before i loved it. i could use it as a player.
  19. the upload for old md's can be done with the write protect tab set to protect. you only need to set it to write for hi-md uploads!
  21. i know exactly what it is. it the the eject button! it has been discussed here before maybe you can search for the topic!
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