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  1. yes download the latest version of sonic stage is 4.xxx i cant remember the rest of the version numbers use the usb cable for the transfer. you will only get 80 mins on a 80 min disk.
  2. transfer the files as "sp mode" to the disk and it will play in your car player the transfer is very slow about 1.6x transfer speed if you did it right. if not when you try to play it in the car the track titles will show up but there will be no sound.
  3. the money order is in the mail. it should be there soon.
  4. i will be sending the money order on thursday in the am. as soon as i get the address to ship it to.
  5. i dont have pay pal account i will mail you cash first if thats ok please email me at covertbill1@hotmail.com
  6. if you use the unit in quick mode it should remember for up to 1 hr so it will keep the settings if it shuts off for a few minutes.i do this with my 600d at work!
  7. maybe the battery terminals are dirty can you see them you might be able to clean them with an eraser on a pencil just be careful not to get any of the pieces in the unit while cleaning it.


    this guy from japan sounds like a real ass to me! i have been reading this board for 6 years everyone always seems so friendly except for this guy!
  9. you cant toc clone a hi-md disk!

    MZ NH1


    md decks

    how much do you want for the 480 deck?
  12. you apparently did not transfer the files as sp. in the transfer window click the tool box and choose transfer as sp and then try it again.
  13. you don not want a n707 they are built like shit! they look very nice but break very easily the ribbon cable on the record head is prone to snap. just dont get that model. i really like my mz-n510. its awesome!
  14. it has been stated before that you can upload recordings made with the optical input!
  15. so is it true when that the old sp uploads are reduced in frequency response or not?
  16. as long as there is a copy of sonic stage available you will be able to use your units co copy songs to and from.
  17. it sounds like you stole it from someone...
  18. if both units are working properly you should have no trouble. i have 3 decks and 4 portables and the only one that gives me problems is the one portable the laser is getting tired in... all the rest are fine!
  19. its an auto calibration done in service mode. usually but not always it means the unit was not working properly. be careful to make sure all the record and play functions work when you get to try it. specifically try several disks you recorded on another unit and make sure they dont skip!
  20. see if the laser looks dirty! are you using a factory power adapter?
  21. how much do they cost shipped to the usa in u.s. dollars?
  22. if its still available please email me i want it. my n-510 is almost dead i need a replacement "covertbill1@hotmail.com" thanks
  23. mo disks do not use pits they use magnetic field differences for the ones and zeros!
  24. its a shame they wont be selling atrac anymore! i really like the way old sp and hi-sp sound!
  25. i am not sure what you mean but the rh1 is awesome you can uplaod anything you record with it and convert it to wave files! what is the problem???
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