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  1. i have one with that problem. dont buy it it will erase your disks even with the write protect enabled. the only thing to do is use it for a player only after you take it apart and remove the magnetic record head so it cant erase the disks by accident.
  2. do you want to sell the deck with the eject problem?
  3. well. if you want to sell it let me know. can you tell me what model it is? how much would you be looking to get for it?
  4. see if the level meters on the front of the deck move when the disc is playing. if not thats why there is no sound out. the disk must be recorded in sp mode! you could also try the digital output and see if it works. but i bet you are using the wrong type of disk.
  5. it is at lp2 quality and it is at something like .6 times speed. it is very slow 50 mins for an 80 minute disk. they play in all players.
  6. wal mart sells a cheap cable for $20 that can use the mini adaptors on both ends. i bought one last year
  7. hey guys. has anyone read the post lately. i check everyday and still no one else has another deck for sale. dont forget about me next time you want to get rid of one.. just email or PM me. hopefully someone will decide soon...
  8. i its me again. i started this post. i still need another cheap deck! does anyone have one. someone from this board sent me a PM. i responded but never heard back from them. so someone else please sell me their old deck! md sp is awesome. but an lp compatible deck would also be great!
  9. you can erase it with an old deck!
  10. just take the unit apart cut the record head cable and use it as a player!
  11. i need a unit that can upload legace recordings but doesnt cost $300 its stoo much. $200 would be more affordable. i would buy it even if its plastic!

    Hi-MD Deck?

    do you want to sell the deck with the disk stuck inside it?
  13. if you are careful and the technical type you might be able to take it apart and bend it back in place. i did it one time with one of mine.if you fix it to several tests to make sure it doesnt erase or damage your disks and recordings.
  14. try to open the disc door and spin the disk inside from the cenbter ring "dont touch the disk" see if you can see any dirt. if so clean it like a normal cd. dont forget to check both sides.
  15. sony must still be making money off md. beople are still buying the units and the disks. i cant see they would stop making them as long as there is still a market for them. even if the market is small. i wish we had some reliable info from some one at sony
  17. bruce. can i email you about the deck? i would like to buy it. i will pay the shipping. thanks. or maybe you could email me. my email is "bcovert@ttcdas.com"
  18. last year i saw an an old mds-je510 for $40. i'm sure it has the eject problem like my other one but my other one still works!
  19. i have 1 md deck already. i need another one. i just dont have a lot of money. anyone want to sell one they dont use?
  20. the mzr-500 has awesome battery life you dont even need an ac adapter. it runs over 40 hrs on 1"aa" battery
  21. has anyone heard anything about new hi-md models! there must be some info by now!
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