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ATRAC Life has been down for days, what's up?

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What happened to the ATRAC Life site?

I tried contacting kurisu but he hasn't gotten back to me on it, I wanted to do some more browsing on my NW-HD5 DAP.

Please get it back up as soon as possible.


Ray Jackson


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This site was down off and on for the past week , yesterday All I got was "Cannot Find Server" when I tried to get here .

so I tires Minidisc .org to go thru the equipment browser , down ,........no srver

Tried Atrc life , Down no server , hit google , entered Minidisc , all the sites related to Md were down almost .

??????????????? What gives

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Have you noticed how this board went down twice (I think it moved). I tracked this one to Eric Woudenberg someplace near NY.

However it seems atraclife.org's domain registration has expired. These things cost money, and I expect it's not paid for. One of the troubles with a "free" internet and the falling financial system is that lots of people will simply stop paying for their domains. I almost did this myself on one domain I look after.

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Did that recently myself for a site which I was planning to use but hadn't got around to it yet. Delayed renewing it, it expired, so it went into redemption, which means its will cost be €100 to get it back immediately. Or I can wait 3 months for the redemption to expire when I can just pick up again for €9. Guess I'll wait so. Or I might just use a different name.

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If atraclife does not come back to life, what is the process and costs to start up a board that has the same look and feel as minidisc.org


Domain registration 100/yr?

mysql free?

vBulletin free?

hosting service xx/yr?

time volunteer?

Content sony mp3 players, recording devices, etc?

Another option could be blog format, I have seen some blogs that come close to the forum format, this would resolve the backend services as it is provided.

If you have any ideas please feel free to add to the list etc.

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You'd have to pay a license fee to Invision most likely, to have a decent board. There are freebies but I would never put a major BBS there. $150 initially, and then optional $25 per (not sure if 6months or 1 year) for ongoing support.

Registration is only about $35 per year, less if you get a 5 or even 10 year lease from Network Solutions.

The server itself - about $100 per month. No way you want it on an existing connection, this belongs on a server farm somewhere.

PS right now I am sure it's only the name that's died, the server is probably out there. So it's the issue of someone's DNS server holding that name so it will be promulgated over the internet, that hasn't been paid for. Maybe someone here can figure out the last time they got an email from Atraclife, and we can access it via number instead of name.

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I am sorry that the site is still down, Chris is currently looking into it, but is still trying to work out the cause of the outage. Obviously he is trying to fit this in around his regular daily work schedule so it may still take a little while. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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