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This is now the official thread for ml_sony

Please use this thread for requests/bugs/bitching...

the project source code and last releases can be found at source forge :


Please when reporting a bug specify the player you are using,

and the type of encoding/decoding key (dvid, decodetable, none)

Thank you for your support

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... here I am again ;)

Ok I had some problems with the plugin I used at my computer at home. Now I am at work and will try to use the computer here to make some changes on my NW-HD5 and see how it will handle the artist list etc.

I will post my findings lateron.


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I tried the newest plugin (19/04/2006) with WinAmp 5.21 but it still is messing up my artist and album list. Both are not sorted anymore in the device menu :((. This is quiet big issue when you have big lists because you will not be able to find your music anymore. I also had the impression that the word "The" in the album list is not taken for sorting. This means that "The best of ..." album can be found under "B" and not under "T". I hope this helps you for solving the problem.

Thanks again for all your efforts !!!!!

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mmmm... now WinAmp keeps on crashing when the Network Walkman is connected. I copy paste the error signature :

AppName: winamp.exe AppVer: ModName: ml_sony.dll

ModVer: Offset: 0000b69e

The older DLL (17/94/2006) is working, but is messing up my artis and album list even worse :((

I hope you can use this information?

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Since I don't have your player,

here is what I need to solve this problem:

Start from a new OMGAUDIO by renaming the one you are using (just for backup)

1) Start sonicstage and transfert 4 songs with 2 songs from the same artist/album (make sure the file you transfert have correct IDV3 2 tags)

Without disconnecting your player make a copy of the entire OMGAUDIO directory (everything = dat & oma files)

2) Create a zip with those file + the originals mp3 files + the key you are using.

Send the zip to me as a private message on this forum.

(let's say for the record that you are sending free of rights mp3's and I will delete those files

once I figure out what's wrong)

With that I "should" be able to see what is different...

let's hope there is not too much differences

See ya thx again for the testing :wave:

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I have a NW-HD3

and use the lateste winamp and the latest ML_Sony

I can upload and download a mp3 file, but not play it on my HD3.

I get this error on my HD3: Mismatch in Systemfile.

No Database found.

I have tried 5 times with different songs. mostly 1 song at once.

Normaly i use MP3filemanager and GYM. I have not installed SS

I also can't play the file with GYM but can download it and play.

I hope you have some use on this information. If you want me to sent you some files, let me know..



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Well, I tried it out on my hd5!! :D

Few notes from now:

- The bitrate information in the player is incorrect. Transfered VBR mp3s and shows 128kbps

- The time information of the tracks is incorrect (happens on VBR tracks). Seems that total time is always bigger that the track size. :)

- I cannot play tracks transfered tracks in winamp, says "Unable to render the file". (I have atrac plugin installed)

- On the player the lists are not ordered (at least the Albums and Artists list)

Just for fun I tried my GYM with the database created from your plugin, and guess what ? -> It doesn't work :lol::lol::lol: lol :P You messed out my GYM B) Probably something not expected in the file format.

One thing that would be ultimately cool:

I see that you are dealing well with the player indexes for albums, artists and stuff. I got little into them and managed to know how the thing worked. My idea is to provide a little more power to the genre browser in the player: on the player we have the following sequence when browsing by genre:

Genre --> Artist --> Album

and sometimes, in compilation albuns, i would like to select All Artists, not a specific artist... (Ipod does this, but walkmans don't). I am imagining if you could create a dummy artist named "(All Artists)" and link it to all the albums of that genre! What do you think about this ? It would be really useful for me. I can do that with GYM and with your plugin, but with the player don't :sad:

One word for the developer:

It seems that you are fully commited to develop this plugin, that is great. Someone will be able to continue and enhance my work on GYM, as I don't have much time for it.

Good luck and thank you!


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Perhaps I am missing the obvious. Can anyone tell me where this 'ml_sony.dll' file should be put?

I am unsure which folder in the winamp directory this should be in.


**UPDATE** found out where to install....now currently messing around

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Hello everyone!

Auke: Yes the more player sample I have the more I can make the plugin compatible,

please do the manipulation I asked before and send me the files

Only send them directly at saito_j at yahoo dot fr

(Multiple mails with several zip files is ok)


Yes I have some problems playing the VBR files,

I don't quite understand how the bitrate is encoded yet, if you have some info...

as a result the displayed time is incorrect.

About your idea of all album, all artist or all genre indeed it would be great, But I am not sure if it will work,

Indeed so far in the db format I have seen 1 track = 1 album + 1 artist + 1 genre

I just have to check if having twice the same track filenumber is a problem or not

Let's hope it is not a problem ^^

Concerning gym :

please could you try to find out why it's not working?

I tried to have the same fields as in sonic stage but if there is something missing

I would be glad to understand what it is...

Plus it would be better if people still had the choice between using

ml_sony and GYM with the same db :-)

Btw I looked at your code and I think the way you handle the track numbers is incorrect.

the albums are not always ordered correctly in the 04CNTINF.DAT file,

for example:

you tranfert album A B of 4 tracks each:

you get: A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4

now lets say you erase A2:

you get: A1 <blank slot> A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4

now if you transfert album C:

you get: A1 C1 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4 C2 C3 C4

so in this case I think GYM would not get the correct track number...

maybe reading the <blank slot> can also be a problem with gym? (I didn't check)

Anyway don't give up GYM it's always better to have the choice!

Update on things fixed :

+ - should be displayed correctly now

added a temporary list so you can still select tracks to add even when you are already tranferring songs

file transfert progress added

(the source is commited but the new release should be at the end of the week)

next tasks :

0 fixing nh5 bugs

1 space left on the device and warnings

2 reading playlists

3 sending playlists

Seeya :wave:

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Otiasj I dont understand what you want.

Do you want that i try the mp3files whith sonnicstage and your plugin, ore alone sonnicstage.

Can it also be MP3filemanager. I dont use Sonnicstage anymore. If you realy whant sonnicstage i wil install it.

Can you specify which key you whant. I think the key of GYM. So do you want both keys: encodekeys and decodekeys?

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Guest Stuge

Hello Otiasj,Dumb Question but now i have some time to check this plugin..I was not that much aware about this ..

Can anyone please tell me where to put the plugin & what do i need except for Winamp & ML_SONY ..

I know you have done a good work but please give directions on how to use this ..It `s very confusing ..

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Hello Everyone,

Auke: the key that I need are either encodekey.dat from gym or the DvId.Dat from MP3FM

It would be easier for me if you used sonic stage thx :)

Stuge: Hi, you just need to copy the ml_sony.dll file to your c:/program file/winamp/Plugins/ directory

See the read me bellow,

Oh and you need winamp full free version (with the media library plugin)

I almost finished the indicators to show how much space is used/left

I will probably post a new release tonight so that you can play with it in the week end :)

See ya

Here is the read me :

Ml_sony :

Description :

A winamp plugin to use with your sony network walkman

The plugin can be used to :

transfer mp3 from your pc to your player

transfer back oma files from your player to mp3

play tracks from the device in winamp (ATRAC plugin might be needed)

multiple players can be plugged at the same time

What is currently not working :

- files using Variable Bit Rate (vbr)

- probably a lot of others things...


!This is an alpha version!

This plugin will overwrite the content of your database and probably mess it up (^-^)

So I advice you to backup your data so that you can test without bitching :-)

If you have oma files you want to save from your device you can do it without

risking to lose any data, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT PRESS THE APPLY BUTTON!

If you press the apply button your database will be overwritten,

I will not be held responsible for any damage this plugin may cause to your player.



Here is what you need to do :

-plugin your device

-backup your files by renaming your directory "OMGAUDIO" to something else like "OMGAUDIO2"

-Create a new directory "OMGAUDIO"

-Create a file named "04CNTINF.DAT" in this directory

-If you have a NWA1000 or any player that is not protected (NAW3000):

create a file named "nocode.txt" (still in the OMGAUDIO directory)


-If you have a protected player make sure you have at least ONE of the following :

*MP3FM correctly installed with a MP3FM/DvId.dat file :

see the official sony page about MP3 File Manager

*or the decodeKey.dat from the keywizard in the directory "GYM"

see "Grab Your Music" at for more info : http://clientes.netvisao.pt/~sonygym/index.htm

-Copy ml_sony.dll in your winamp/plugins directory

-run winamp


If you want to take your music from the player to your pc,

-go to your player in winamp media library

-select the music you want, right click->download

the files will be saved in c:\


-Go to your music library, select what you want, right click->sendto, choose your sony device.

-go to your device you should see the files you added with a "+" in front of them.

-finally click apply, and the songs will be added to your walkman!


-by selecting a file and pressing the delete key you can remove songs from your device. (you need to apply)

see configuration for the meaning of the symbols


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Hi nickzeff,

You mean the old version was working and the version you downloaded from opensource doesn't work anymore ?

I have rechecked with the database you sent me before and I don't have any problem:-(

Please send me your new database files (dat only) please :-)

saito_j at yahoo dot fr


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This is great.

GYM and now Winamp control for Sony DAPs.

I am so happy and glad us Sony enthusiasts have such resourceful smart people who think out of the box!! CHEERS to XISPE & OTIASJ and everyone else. :wave:

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Well - I had to find time to quickly try out plugin. Renamed OMGaudio folder, plugged in. Transferred one file to player, then transferred back! Beautiful. All went swimmingly. I was of course unable to play file from device using Winamp (unable to render file) but otherwise top top work!

System used WinXP Pro SP2 latest updates, Sony HD5, SonicStage 3.4 is installed, MP3Filemanager V2 installed. No GYM installed and I haven't created keys, but it worked fine just with mp3fm.

Thanks loads!


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This may help going forwards:

Blank HD5 (I reinitialised from player menu) will no longer work with Sonicstage (It continuously says "checking if tracks were deleted without being transferred back to library" etc and then says Internal error has occured.

Used Winamp plugin to add one track to player - then Sonicstage works as normal! However clicking on the Winamp track causes an exception in Sonicstage.

Add tracks to player using Sonicstage.

Now when clicking Media LIbrary in Winamp it instantly crashes with exception (presumably because of the presence of the Sonicstage tracks). The exception just says "unhandled win32 exception" which I know isn't that useful but my visual studio debugger is broken and I haven't reinstalled yet.

If I then remove the Sonicstage tracks using SS and reload Winamp the Media Library Plugin works as before.

If you need any files from my machine give us a shout.


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thank you for the review I will test that,

but there is a strong chance that the plugin won't be compatible with sonic stage...

Indeed There is some info I don't know how to encode (probably pc side related)

Small delay in release (GF possibility tonight :D )

will release tomorrow evening


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Just have to say how great this is. I've been looking for a plugin like this for ages even though I only got my NW3000 last week.

Have done a basic test and all looks well transferring files and playing back on the device. I'm so pleased coz Connect player seems rather crashy and sonicstage refuses to import my mp3 collection without crashing.

Keep up the great work :D

Oh and I think you should probably submit it to the winamp plugin list even though it is an alpha coz it would help sooo many people.

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i've found today thread on http://forums.winamp.com and have read it :D (i've my nw-a1000 just about 2 weeks). Thx 4 your plug-in :] ConnectPlayer is fuc... shit. i don't why it don't works on my computer but on my brothers one it works quite good... (it mean that u r able to transfer files - but it's not so comfortable and slow...). Your plugin works on my computer :) and when you'll release new version i'll do more tests

i've found some bugs :/

- in winamp some files when are being played (twice clicked or wimap go to next file) has bad name (name of file from device, no from the tags). First file on the playlist always has bad name... (maybe i will tell it more clearly -on the begining only first file has bad name, then more when are played. Normal name doesn't show up again, you must load playlist again)

- rating doesn't works on my device (option isn't available, but i dont need it :P)

- connect player go mad... he doesnt recognise amount of album, files etc. probably database made by your plugin isnt compatibile?

- i don't get symbols in "+ -" in artist and album window for example: what mean ]Â‮‮‮‪‫‬‭‮□

Edited by Mati
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Hi, just thought I'd note something interesting that happened to me just now. I tried to send music to my NW-A608 device (never had a problem before) and suddenly Winamp would crash everytime I tried to load the media library. I took screenshots of the errors, as one made no sense. I was playing a song off of my computer and it said it was corrupted and of a totally different file type than what it really is.

I reinstalled Winamp, too, and it's still giving me the same errors.



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Hello everyone

Sorry for the delay,

I have made a new release on source forge:

Version 1.0.1:

- added version number & about screen

- Fixed + - not showing properly bug

- now show the space left on the device

- now show the percent of the current file

- album list and artist list are now sorted on the device

- VBR files "should" work

- can keep adding files to the list while transfering

I am in the middle of adding the playlist support...

Please if you are experiencing files that you can not play from the device

send them by mail at saito_j AT yahoo DOT fr

Thank you

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Guest Stuge

I`m using my HD3 for trial..

I have M3FM installed ..

Is it nessasary to create new OMGAUDIO folder ..b`coz older one does have 04CNTINF.DAT..& other .DAT files ..also is Version 5.2 nessasary ?

I`m able to see F Sony Walkman in Winamp V.5.1 .Also able to save old mp3 files but can`t play it & also winamp doesn`t tranfer Mp3 songs in my walkman..

I`m rather confused now .

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Hi stuge

The purpose of creating a new OMGAUDIO directory is to start with a fresh database and to backup your old OMGAUDIO in case you don't want to lose your current database.

I don't think 5.2 is necessary (although I never tested)

When you say mp3 won't play do you mean:

- won't play from winamp directly from the device (it's not fixed yet)

- won't play from downloaded file

- won't play from the device itself?

Finally transfert doesn't work? :

-does it crash when applying? what error does it give?

Please give me a little more details so I can help you ;-)

Thank you for testing anyway :-)

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Hi Otiasj,

yes I send you the MP3 files and DAT files etc. I am now regeneration the keys with GYM and see what happens after this. If this is crashing then I will initialize the HDD and try again. If problem then still percists then I have to think harder on what I could do next.

Cheers mate

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Ok I will check again my files

There is no need to format your player:

- Just make sure mp3fm is correctly installed (meaning you used the installer to install. it if you do that you don't need the gym keys)

- Then create a new empty OMGAUDIO directory

- Then create an empty file 04CNTINF.DAT in this directory

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Guest Stuge

Hi stuge

The purpose of creating a new OMGAUDIO directory is to start with a fresh database and to backup your old OMGAUDIO in case you don't want to lose your current database.

I don't think 5.2 is necessary (although I never tested)

When you say mp3 won't play do you mean:

- won't play from winamp directly from the device (it's not fixed yet)

- won't play from downloaded file

- won't play from the device itself?

Finally transfert doesn't work? :

-does it crash when applying? what error does it give?

Please give me a little more details so I can help you ;-)

Thank you for testing anyway :-)

With old version (ml_sony)

I`m mean to say mp3 files downloaded from Winamp doesn`t play .

no with old version it doesn`t crash but when i ask winamp to transfer mp3 file it doesn`t do anything..no error nothing.

But with new "ml_sony25042005"

winamp crashes when ever HD3 or F: Sony Walkman is selected via Winamp .

"Winamp has encountered a problem needs to close....."

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Guest Stuge

Ok I will look into it,

Did you try using a clean database?

if not this is probably a compatibility problem with the software you are usually using...

No ,Will try that also & will let you know..

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