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  1. That's a good price for it. I have a similar setup but with an older model.
  2. Example of interface from borrowed Internet pic Is adjustment required how to do? Change in Laser Power Specification of KMS-260E - MiniDisc ...
  3. I received mine. Thanks PhilippeC!!!!!!!
  4. I have heard of something called a PONO which could play flac. I think sony should re-issue with ability to play the hi-res formats now out there as well as legacy formats. Is now the right time?
  5. Photo
  6. I found balsa wood wine boxes at the local dollar store. I even stained them as a mini project. Minidiscs fit perfectly.
  7. Thanks Philippe!
  8. LP2 was designed to sound just about as good as SP. That alone has a lot going for it, unlike others.
  9. thnxs PhilippeC good advice
  10. Right now Im making a real-time sp recording from a flac recording (24 bit from vinyl). No conversion necessary it just works.
  11. it does make track marks based on silence for the most part it works. what hard drive dac model is that?
  12. wow camouflouge?
  13. I have je440 KMS-260B/260E correct?