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Guide to getting your Net MD Walkman working on Windows 10

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Windows 10 installation (Net MD):

1) Download the files in description

2) Double click on "SS43_Ultimate.exe" and install the "SonicStage" program.

3) Go to Program Files (x86)

-> Sony

-> Personal Audio Drivers

-> Sort by type

-> Highlight all the ".inf" files, right click on one of them and hit install.

4) Unzip the second attached file "sony-net-md-drivers-win764.zip" and open up the folder "Sony Net MD Drivers".

5) Right click "NETMD760.inf" and hit install.

6) Go to Program Files (x86)

-> Sony

-> SonicStage-> Right click on "Omgjbox.exe

-> Click on Compatibility

-> Under the Compatibility tab, click the box and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

Launch SonicStage, plug in your Walkman and a "NET MD" tab should show up in Sonic Stage.

If the "NET MD" tab does not show up for you, then you need to find the correct driver for the individual Microdisc player

You may receive an error when starting it, just click "next" and agree" and open it up a 2nd time without problems.

Learning how to use SonicStage is very easy.



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Note that the 760 driver only applies to Windows 64. There are lots of installations of Windows 10-32 out there and they either need the 32-bit omnibus driver (better if you plan to run multiple devices when one of them is the MZ-RH1/M200) or the original 32 bit drivers which are part of the existing SS ultimate installation.

I wish i knew enough to duplicate Avrin's packaging to include the newer drivers, but I don't. Tant pis.

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1. We need to know which version of Windows (64 or 32). I am assuming Windows 10. This might be better in its own thread... we shall see

2. We need to know what kind of disk you are using: Legacy (NetMD), Legacy (reformatted to HiMD) or HiMD (1GB - only HiMD format possible).

3. You don't need to convert **some** files. Please give us detailed information about what you see and what you are trying to do. For example: "it tried to transfer LP2 files and appeared to manage the first one, then hung up saying "converting files"......

4. The files you are trying to convert... what are they? Originally MP3, originally recorded on MD or did you get them from somewhere else?

That's enough questions for now.... there will be more.

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I was wondering if someone could assist with my problem installing the driver. I get as far as step 5 (install NETMD760.inf) but it will not install, my laptop throws up an install error about "the hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file." Sonic stage installs fine and I can open and run it but it will not recognize the MD , due to no driver.

My laptop is running Win10 Pro 64bit and the MD is the 707.

Any help is appreciated!




I managed to sort out the driver install by disabling driver signature enforcement. The MD shows up in sonic stage now!

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I got the drivers installed on my computer. I recommend watching this youtube video thats how i did it. 



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I just played the video.

You only need one .inf file (if 32 bits then NETMD052.inf, if 64 bits then NETMD760.inf)

There may be an issue with UNinstalling some other inf files depending on what the installer did.

Most importantly, you have to disable driver signature enforcement (temporarily) in Windows. This can be done by rebooting in a special way (as it is hard to hit f8 at the right time during Windows 10 boot sequence). It's well documented here.

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