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  1. Listening to a isc recorded on my NH-800 to listen on my B-10 at work, first is Catalog by Slow Children, a true fan of theirs put together their two albums and some singles into a download, great stuff, President am I, a true classic, go to Slow Children on wikipedia if u are interested, next on the same disc is Procul Harum's first album remastered with extra songs, Loved A Whiter Shade of Pale in 1967, love it now, next disc is a dance music disc called Club Fanatix Maximized 4 real 2009, great euro dance
  2. Thanks Chris, As well to all, Chris is great to deal with, his prices are fair, and he goes the mile to deal with you Bob
  3. You could probably get away with a 5900 to 750 MA charger, it will never take more than it needs. Bob
  4. Could also get an RM 40ELK remote but I still recommend one of the Hi-MD units Bob
  5. I love old books, just ordered a few Audel manuals from powells.com, stuff like a 1951 TV repair manual, a 1940 outboard engine repair manual, a 1930's or so aircraft manual, a 1927 engineers and mechanics guide, I've ordered before, love the old stuff, amazing how relevant a lot of the stuff still is. The postage and shipping costs are more than the books, but still works out relative cheap, can't wait to get them! Bob
  6. You have a couple of options, with that unit, real time is the only way, or you could get a newer unit, and record with Sonic Stage at a much higher rate. My recommendation, an NH-600 or 700, if you get an RH1, you could also digitally upload all your old recordings. Have fun Bob
  7. bobt

    Sony X-Series Walkman..

    Absolutely the truth, and when they hear it they wonder why they bought a pod. Never had anyone switch though! Bob
  8. Just watched "The Spirit", true comic book to film, but not bad, worth a watch Bob
  9. With the 700 only the discs you record you can upload, with the RH1 (newer and more money) you can digitally upload everything you have recorded, Have fun Bob
  10. For not a lot more you can get an NH-700, be able to use your old discs, and be able to digitally upload. Have fun Bob
  11. You got some neet stuff, the Hendix stuff would be cool, didn't much care for him in the 70's, but appreciate it now, Chemical Bro's are great, Sly alway's inspires. I love multi tools, got a pictue of the Baladeo? Bob
  12. Just got a Blackberry 8900 to replace my worn out 8700, what a phone, loaded, not a bad camera on it as well, love it Bob
  13. lots of lookers, no answers, Chris is A-ONE to deal with, hopefully he has some PM's Bob
  14. I have had stuff come to mee from all over the world, Japan, France, GB, Germany, US and Canada, only had one problem of a disc not coming, and that was twice, generally it arrives, as for time frame you take a chance. Bob
  15. to put that amount of songs on a CD requires using an absurdly low bitrate, whether you can hear the difference is anothe matter. Get a cd, record the same song at many reduced bitrates, and playback at random without looking what is being played, and see when you notice the difference. I have a cd that I found on the road!! one day, put it on and started listening, in the end it was about twelve hours of county. for background it's alright, but even these 57 YO ears can tell that it is not Hi-Fi, try for yourself Bob
  16. It may be the lifetime of the disc, not your lifetime, so when the disc fails, warranty is up! Find one that you can fault the case or something, and see what they do Take care Bob
  17. Speaking of Handel has anyone got a copy of The Electronic Messiah by the Canadian Electronic Ensemblr. I bought the LP many many years ago, and it has since disappeared. I would love a copy of that, it is incredible Bob
  18. Happy Birthday sebastienbf, how's life treating you? Bob
  19. DAT, Cassette and reel to reel still sell well, there is still life in MD as long as Onkyo still makes home decks, and newly found reserves get unearthed. There is still a lot of life left in MD, $ for $ and feature for feature, it can't be beat JMHO Bob
  20. The RH ( or any Hi-MD) will serve you very well, an alternative might be to get your feet wet with an NH-700 or 800, see if you like it, then get on the bandwagon with the RH1. With any MD you get the 40elk remote is a must. Good luck, and happy recording Bob
  21. good one, theblueraja posted it a while back, but it's a good one for the newbies, now if someone would link it on the pod forum it would be sweet Bob
  22. Cool, what do your ears tell you from the initial file, and the final? My guess is they sound pretty much the same, let us know, Bob
  23. It's more a question of time, doesn't have to go thru the hard drive first, so possibly bu eliminating a couple of steps it could theoretically sound better, but as I have Vista I can't try two recordings, one SB, one SS and see which sounds better. To me in the end, as it is ones and zeros, it shoudn't make a difference, but I could be wrong Bob
  24. QUOTE (Chris G @ Jul 18 2009, 12:31 PM) Hey Bob, yeah, I think I understand what you're saying. What about just using an RCA Y-cable and connect it to a Hi-MD unit and turn the recording level all they way up? I don't see why that wouldn't work. You can try, but the other thing then levels that a preamp does is the preemphasis on frequencies, If i remember right the output from the cartridge is treble high, bass low, and the preamp corrects for that. Try it, and let us know, Bob
  25. MP3's get transcoded, but I notice no difference in sound, unless it is a very low bitrate, but then, that wouldn't sound good any way. Bob
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