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    I've sorted the problem, an its the autorun on the CD. One program is trying to play it while Sonicstage tries to rip it! Turned off the Creative media player thing and its now ripping a full disc at a more realistic 2-3 minutes. I'm sorry SonicStage! Let's never fight again! (Until next time... )
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    Version 3.4, transferring a CD to Atrac 132kbps. Estimated time: 42minutes!!!!!!!! CD drive is chugging like crazy, I know the CD is okay as it's been tested on my hi-fi deck. Strange...
  3. My UK '600 has the remote port & optical line in. Sweet! Also got a NH700 (next model up) and this has MIC input as well. Should look at the new MZ-RH1 if you're a serious live recorder.
  4. Errm....people buying it? Then more Hi-MD models next year...
  5. What a load of tosh. This article is based on estimations rather than facts, thus making it useless IMHO.
  6. I can just people sitting at the concert hall with a laptop on their knees. (LOL) Probably wouldn't even be allowed to take it in if you were seeing a big-name artist/band. MD however, is easily sneaked in...
  7. On the music video of Natalie Imbruglia's "Shiver" a minidisc (disc, not a unit) is seen! Errm, so yeah, it's still MD on TV.....
  8. A little radio button on a computer screen with "high" on it does not necessarily mean better. Hell, if you want real quality record in real-time via the optical cable.
  9. Just a picture on a printable lable does me. To think I used to stick them on with sticky back plastic (on the case, not the MD!) Bacca...
  10. MDGB2

    **April Fools**

    Yeah, but if they,d just make a flamin' Hi-MD deck then I can do my own recordings for a good number of years and not be so paranoid about the survival of the format anymore... It's the (at the moment) exclusivly portableness that we don't like, no precious, we don't....
  11. This will change the instant Sony makes a deck. Nigh on impossible to get perfect sound from a portable, even if you have expensive phones. Hi-Fi is the only way if you want quali-tay.
  12. There should be at least 3 decks released at a time. Budget (equivalent to MDS-JE480) Semi-pro (JB980) Pro (JA555ES).
  13. MDGB2

    2nd Gen Blanks

    Dunno if you'd fit all that info on any label. How about building a database and keeping full details there?
  14. Lot of money to be made by Sony here. If only they'd listen!
  15. Two of them? Yer must do a lot of live recording work! I am tempted by the RH1, but I think I will stick with my NH700 and my NH600 until (IF?) the decks emerge...
  16. The lack of AA cell support is pants. Think I'll pass on this unit. (You would have had a sale if you added an AA attachment Sony! ) However, the rest is good, specially the ability to upload SP. Its good to see that the format is being kept alive, and they have nearly got it perfect, just need the HI-FI DECKS! Here's to the future! (of Hi-MD)
  17. More of a "midi system" than a true deck. However it shows that a non-portable unit can be done... Get your finger out Sony!
  18. Atrac3+ 128kbps significantly better than atrac3 132kbps? Nah...
  19. Tried it before and lack of remote on hooking up a portable to a set of RCA outputs on my amp is a major pain... (And NO, I'm not having about 5 metres of cabling so the unit is near me, defeats the object. Phono cables should be as short as possible for maximum quali-tay ) Having said that, at the moment there isn't really an alternative if you want Hi-MD... Errrm yeah, so build a Hi-MD deck Sony, or else...
  20. I like how people keep slating this new unit without even seeing one in the flesh, let alone actually using it. Pure genius.
  21. All this about capacity in comparison to HD units. Just TWO 1Gb discs will hold 14 hours of music @ nearly lossless quality. And up to 20 hours (per disc) decent quality at lower bitrates. If that ain't enough for people during the day then they have far too much time on their hands!
  22. Kodak estimate that around 26MP is equivalent to current 35mm film. Oh yeh, MD.... Yeah, units should last a long time. My '97 vintage MZF-40 and the JB920 (now 8 years old) still kicking!
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