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  1. Indeed. The TDK SA90 type II chrome tape is a fine bit of kit.
  2. Errm, if the unit can record in all the new atrac bitrates, isn't this kinda covered?
  3. If Sony built a Hi-MD DECK then yes. Decks for recording, portables for listening And so It was written...
  4. Can't be "the last" unit surely? I mean Sony have just gone through a massive re-structure because they were in doo-doo, so why spend more on a format that they are going to drop? Mind you, would explain how they got into trouble in the first place... Maybe this is like that DAT recorder - they'll probably make the same model for about 10 years then drop it along with the format. If that really was they're thinking they deserve to go under... Build a DECK Sony you bacca!!!
  5. MDGB2

    New Hi MD Model?

    Finally, the news I've been waiting for! Plans to acquire any current units are shelved.....again! Sony, if you read this, two things: 1. A deck 2. Just label the units "USB2.0" to keep people happy. Jeeze, who can actually tell the differnece between 1.1 & 2.0 anyway? What happened to the days of good ol' real-time? Don't know your born half you lot...
  6. I do use an mp3 player for work (it cost £8 - NEW!!!) an its ok in someways but can't really compare to Hi-MD. Even though I can now get a 512mb SD card for it for £17.99 (which is very cheap) thats nearly 3 1GB discs (off e-bay anyway). If any new units come I may start to use my NH600 for work, but at the mo its my backup for the NH700 incase the format does stop. I dunno why else I prefer Hi-MD, maybe I'm just old fashioned. I don't like the idea of Li-Ion batteries becasue I know they fail and are expensive to replace. Mechanical media just seems more reliable/convenient than HD/flash. I suppose when you grow up spending loads of time recording yer own music onto cassette and later MD you don't want to stop and settle for just transferring/downloading files. More fun to do yer own thing rather than click some icons on a computer screen.
  7. The DACs in some Sony MD decks came directly from their SACD players, and able to hold their own against a sepparates CD player costing nealy twice as much. Still beats the h*ll out of MP3, which is what the white ear-phone brigade favour these days...
  8. Important to note is that md is re-writable. It should be compared to CD-RW or DVD-RW and MD is still cheaper than both.
  9. Sounds a bit silly to me... Baa! One of us, one of us....
  10. The problem is that Sony has totally lost direction. The format was originally designed for RECORDING, not as a purely portable downloader/iPod type thing... IMHO portables are no match for 'proper' recording equipment, and in it's original field there is still nothing to touch MD/Hi-MD for quality or flexibility. Keep the Mp3 for Jo-six pack with the cotton wool ear drums and make Hi-MD decks for the people that actually record and appreciate music Sony! And if you do pull the plug on the format, you just lost a lifelong customer. Nintendo DS over PSP, XBox360 over PS3, Panasonic make better TVs and DVD recorders, no more Sony products...ever!
  11. Is the technology the same as on hi-fi kit? If so it should have a very long life before it packs in (although my JB920 has a few faded blocks due to me leaving it constantly turned on for about 3 years....)
  12. If they stop md I'll be bl**dy annoyed! Just picked up 4 more blue 1GB discs off ebay... Although Atrac Lossless is now available, I don't think you can use it on Hi-MD or HD players natively yet. I'm hoping that the 3rd Gen (if it ever exists) will incorporate this feature. Couple that with a deck in the range an MD is back baby!
  13. Don't think the RH910 has any lights. The RH10 has an OLED display - way cooler!
  14. A 4 year old GPS can't be worth much surely. Theives are just plain scum. Keep it hidden, keep it safe.
  15. Could try to cut off the power/take out batteries for a bit. Worked when I dropped my Nh600.
  16. My old Goodmans unit had AUX IN, and just as I'd bought a cheap NH600 to use with it in the car, there was a special offer at one of my local electrical shops - CD/MP3 head unit £40. New unit doesn't have an AUX in and often misses the first few seconds of the MP3 track on the CD! Never learn....
  17. MDGB2

    MP3 vs ATRAC3+

    Burn Mp3 to CD as WAV. Transfer from CD to MD.
  18. People with iPods/HD players are just like sheep. They see someone else with one and have to conform. Baaa.....
  19. Go for 132kbps (MDLP) or 105Kbps if you want to squeeze a bit more space out of the disc.
  20. Yep, the ol' "can't copy one MD to another digitally". A sign of great foresight and genius by Sony...
  21. Damn right! I'm absolutely furious that my Nh600 doesn't work underwater!
  22. Can't beat good ol' removable 'mechanical' media.
  23. Ways for Sony to make Hi-MD/MD sucessful: Remove all copyright restrictions and allow MDs to be 'dubbed'. Produce Internal/external PC drives for recording data/music from CDs/other sources. Full 'drag n drop' capability. Make media as cheap as CD-R (this would probably rely on 3rd party manufacturing) Produce affordable Hi-MD in-car units. Hi-MD DECKS! Push the format to other companies. ADVERTISE!!! Ah well, maybe if they'd have done it over 10 years ago...
  24. Sony always seem to update portable models every year or so, and 2nd Gen is nearly a year old. Nothing wrong with the current units, it's just the way the market works. What would be very nice is some decks...
  25. MDGB2

    Is MD dead?

    There are rumours of new units, but don't think anything is confirmed. It's a case of 'wait and see'.
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