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  1. go for the highest rated NiMH you can find, like 2300mAh
  2. neither can any other remote, wuts ur point? The 33EL represents the very best with the most functions and thus anything less then that doesnt have the full functionality of the 33EL
  3. Sony should make the following ad: $200 for 4GB? or $28? Music at a fraction of the cost with no limit on space. Sony HiMD... blah blah blah the units are great but no one knows wut makes them different

    Rec Error

    is this the same disc your using??
  5. without going into speculation: anythings possible
  6. in choosing to go with MP3 or Atrac3+ the main arguments I can see are as follows: MP3 >lots of encoders, lots of quality >can be used everywhere >easy to move around and play with >not gapless Atrac >gapless playback >better at low-bit rates >i personally think it sounds amazing i just wish there was a 96kbps mode >suffers from pre-echo problems (because its gapless) and is not easily moved yes about 300MB for 80min discs, around 270MB for a 74min disc.

    Rec Error

    ya id guess its the disc, try buying a new one and using that (they only cost like $2)

    3rd Gen

    i think shuffle play should be a standard menu item on its own (as well as located under sub play modes) seeing as it and standard mode are the most commonly used

    3rd Gen

    HARDWARE not software people
  10. while the amp is important (and i believe that the MDs and HDD players use the same generica Sony amp - not sure about the flash players) so is codec and sound compression as well as EQ. All i know is MDs allow for PCM playback with many different EQs
  11. well maybe in the case of the original MD it was, everything in MD land is done in equal sectors. Each sector in a standard MD is large enough for a portion of SP audio. maybe they couldnt get the player to read an entire portion and then sacrifice 2 other sectors (on either side of it) for DRM. It would lower the disc capacity by 2/3 [sector][sector][sector] [DRM][sPAudio][DRM]
  12. well its a little rediculous following that graph there should be a time (in the near future to boot!) that we will get perfect quality sound at 0kbps !
  13. before you start blamming Sony and its dreaded software, as is the case of everyone that posts heated topics on this forum, please take a minute, breathe and then realise that it might actually be your fault (and i say this in the nicest way possible). Have you tried scanner for adware/viruses lately? Have you followed this forums recomendation of uninstalling all OMG/SS/SB software before installing a newer version? Have you installed, changed, downloaded, transfered, altered, reconfigured, messed around with or otherwise did something to your computer that may have caused your problems (specifically have you done anything that touches the registry recently like a system restore)? Maybe it has something to do with preinstalled Sony software on your PC? Try these leads and see if anything like this helps at all.
  14. heh they really need to make SP avialable for computer transfers. I know its never been true SP but does anyone know what exactly the limiting factor here is? Why havnt they added it?
  15. for voice (depending on the quality) i think Atrac3+ 64 kbps is more than enough, and at times dropping even to the horrible 48kbps can do. anything more than mono speaking voice however 48kbps is not good for
  16. id personally go with SonicStage 3.0 over RealPlayer but that might just be me


    go to the main portion of this section (the NetMD + MDLP section) and look at the very top of the list of topics. It'll look like... well something sticky (or it will say sticky). anyways click that one
  18. you need to use SonicStage to facilitate all MP3 > Atrac conversions and Simple Burner is the easiest way to go from CD > MD no file storing abilities, no windows native commands
  19. i dont mind the sound quality of LP3 either (although it certainly varies depending on the song)
  20. wasnt there a news article a while aback about Sony and Apple working together to incorperate things into iTunes? Maybe Sony's paired with Apple to allow transfers of MP3 and Atrac to the PSP
  21. all the MAC users: this is where you go 'please oh please please please!'
  22. ok now that the limitations of PCM are pointed out, back to Atrac You implied direct Atrac encoding however according to the Atrac Developers Interview: "— Is the technology behind these codecs very different? Suzuki: The basic technology is much the same. All codecs take as their input a PCM sound source. They perform signal processing on a fixed number of samples which are converted into frequency data and then compressed (encoded). At the other end, these steps are performed in reverse, so the data is decoded. After restoring the frequency data, signal processing reproduces the PCM sound source. With each codec, there's a difference in the number of samples used for frequency conversion: the higher the compression ratio, the larger the number of samples." All audio is taken in as PCM and then using a fixed number of frames (probably dependant on the PCM values) it encodes it. Any clearity on this one?
  23. and this is also done via any line-in? whats the point of Atrac being able to go higher than PCM's abilities then? Does this only apply to premastered Atrac MDs?
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