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  1. Usually when a unit is recording the door locks, if the unit loses power while recording, your situation can happen. I am assumming there is a disc inside. Try getting out of service mode and putting it in record mode then press stop. Hopefully, that will unlock the door.
  2. what minidisc unit are you using? The software needed is Sonicstage CP. It is downloadable from here or direct from Sony. This is assuming you have a USB capable unit.
  3. and the RH1 has digital level control.
  4. ^^ I know that was supposed to be the last bump but I have to sell this. Reasonable offers will be considered.
  5. The Sennheiser CX300B's and UE Super Fi 3's arrived! Did I mention I also purchased a JVC XM-PJ1 on eBay.
  6. There are several companies that custom make them. Mainly as interconnect between a DAP and portable amp but will serve the same purpose. Kind of pricey - if you ask me: http://www.audiolineout.com/mini.html http://www.moon-audio.com/ You might also try the Head-Fi forum. There might be someone there skilled and willing to make you one for less. Personally I use a cable that I cannot remember where I aquired it. It is only about 4 inches long and works great. I think it was a modem audio interconnect for connecting the modem voice line to the sound card. Very nice cable and shielded too.
  7. ...and what is your point? This thread seems to be going nowhere really fast.
  8. Or just reformat it to HiMD.
  9. netmd units cannot be used as data. Only HiMD. You would do well to upgrade to the latest Sonic Stage. It does away with all the check in check out garbage.
  10. The one I use is non-regulated. Never had a problem.
  11. Oops, forgot to add TDK WA and JVC XKai MD blanks. Thanks to Bland10000!
  12. Jaylen is correct. The N510 is NetMD so no uploads via USB. You can do realtime recordings via USB with marcnet's program and it helps to title tracks if they are already titled. Your other option is to get a RH1 so you can upload your legacy recordings.
  13. Just ordered three sets of buds. Should be here on Friday. Sennheiser CX300B JVC FX55 Ultimate Ears Super Fi 3 Studio
  14. A universal adapter with 1A is fine. The MD unit will draw what it needs. Just don't get one that has less of an amp rating than what you need. Watch out for Volts and polarity. You can check polarity by looking at the unit. It is printed right next to the DC jack. I use a universal adapter I got at Walmart with no problems.
  15. Sera que es un spam disfrasado de topico?
  16. You highlight the audio you want to decrease the base on then go to "effects" then EQ or equalizer (I don't remember right now) Then that will present you with a bunch of presets you can choos from. You can modify any of the EQ curves just by clicking anywhere on the blue line. The will create a frequency band point that you can now drag and move with your cursor any way you like. Hope that helps.
  17. it basically means you are locked into Windows. a dynamic disk can organise storage in an uncontingious manner, meanig you can allocate storage to different drives where needed. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/317587
  18. Si, lo hablo pero para escribirlo es otra historia.
  19. I just installed a small little app on my XP laptop called miniMIZE. It basically catches your minimized programs and displays them on the desktop as little icons. Your task bar stays clean. You can easily tell which program you need just by looking at the icons. I decided I did not need a task bar anymore so I disabled it with Object dock. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like:
  20. DSLR viewfinder you are actually looking through the lense via a cobination of mirrors and prisms. So to a certain extent what you see is what you shoot. Point and shoot cameras are designed so that you are looking through an auxilary lense that is aligned with the lense that actually takes the picture. Think of it like a riffle sight in reverse. Although you are looking through the sights of a riffle the bullet does not actually come out the sights, it comes out the barrel of the riffle. In a similar manner a P&S camera does not actually take the picture from the viewfinder. If you use the LCD to frame your shot then you are closer to what a DSLR is doing, sort of. For this reason with the exception of only one of the newest Sony DSLR's you cannot use the LCD to frame a shot with DSLR camera's. The mirror in the camera is in the way. Okay that was just too much information I think.
  21. That is what I was thinking. It can't be too hard to make it. If you cannot cut the pieces yourself you can have someone at the hardware store precut everything and you just put it together.
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