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  1. Looks nice Chris, very clean unit. I want to see how your sale goes and then perhaps list mine as well.
  2. Here is a recent listing and a great price: eBay MDS-JB930
  3. Working Link to Norman's HiMD Blanks on ebay.co.uk: HiMD Blanks
  4. They are so common anymore, we can pick them up at the local grocer or drug store.
  5. Nice PaulDenton, you are on a roll! That seems like another good price. I saw that one ebay.com the other day for sale from Israel and was listed for $4999.95 US dollars. :-) We all decided a couple of years ago that it is either for laundering money or financing some sort of illegal activity! It keeps coming up for sale over and over ...
  6. Nice Stephen, but do we then we really just become another iPhad junkie with a better codec? ;-) I was looking at those units on Amazon last night and they look very sweet, the price is not too bad considering everything they can do and now you have to mention streaming via Bluetooth in the car. I'll be in trouble with my wife if one shows up on the door step ... :-) I was thinking of a project to root my Android phone (previous gen HTC One) and run ffmpeg with some player front end so drag and drop ATRAC playback could be possible. One glaring difference, Sony has always taken audio quality into consideration as in anlogue output. I suspect the HTC would not compare via headphone output jack, perhaps via Bluetooth it would make no difference as there are limitations for bandwidth in that medium as well ...
  7. That's great news PaulDenton!! I think the remote from many other units will likely control at least that basic functionality of the unit. Do you intend to use the RH1 on the go where you need the remote for full functionality? I am sure you'll be able to find a remote you can use. Congrats, you'll love it. That price seems very reasonable too, right around what they retailed for new.
  8. I love my NH1 but as Richard states the connectivity to the unit is its biggest flaw. A non-standard USB & power combo-connector, sadly the only way to charge the LIP4 battery is through the dock with the power adapter. The USB cable will not charge, only operate the unit when directly connected to a computer. At the time I bought mine in August of 2004 I did not consider these design flaws or I may not have bought it. To top it all off, Sony decided to omit the ever useful "AA" battery sidecar! What were they thinking? I still love it even with all of its flaws. :-) I have tested the cables from the N10 and the DH10P over the years and they are identical in operation and will power and transfer data to the unit just as the original. I know 23 Pounds or 40 Bucks seems expensive for a cable but if I needed one I would jump all over the chance to grab one!
  9. That is beautiful for sure. The price is pretty out of this world too ...
  10. Darn Stephen, I was thinking this was an excuse for us to upgrade to the latest OS for a new challenge! ;-) Seriously though, I thing sfbp is right, setting the OS to ignore unsigned drivers temporarily should resolve the issue. Just Google how to disable signed driver requirements for W8.1
  11. Same here AVITWeb. I have bought 40 Neige and 40 Victor Clear this year, all from Amazon. The Neige came to me in two days from a warehouse in Kentucky and the Victors came from a seller in Japan and took a week or more to arrive. Some great prices for halfway decent blanks. I think if I stockpile anymore, my wife might start complaining! ;-)
  12. Oh yes, the EH1 is an amazing looking machine. I had a chance to buy one once from another forum member a few years back but the price was just too high for me at nearly $300 if I recall. I do have one of the machines from that family, the NH1, it is very sleek but not the same svelte sleekness of the EH1! I think you are likely correct that they do not come up for sale often as I suspect they were not manufactured in great quantities. I purchased my NH1 at a local Sony Store in the US in 2004 and I do not recall seeing the player only units there at the time. Keep us up on your RH1 search PaulDenton!
  13. I have to agree with you Danny, especially when he fully intends to sell them on eBay in the US and ask from 15 - 25 USD each for them!
  14. Hey PaulDenton, Have you received your RH1 yet? I have this unit in a few forms and love its beauty. Over the years here, on the forums, I have heard the RH1 referred to as a "mini-deck", and it is true, it is like a miniature MD deck! You will love it, just curious if you had it in your hands yet!
  15. Hey culp4684, Check this thread: A couple of links lead to some step by step instructions that a couple of members devised. I have not done it either but I have heard it works fine. Since the drivers are not signed with a Microsoft certificate of authenticity, W8/8.1 will not allow the driver to be installed unless you turn of the "Drivers require signing" feature of the OS. The act of doing that is performed in the early boot up phase of a restart I believe and is only temporary until the next reboot. Windows 7 complains about the unsigned driver but still allows it to be installed. Good luck!
  16. That cable is going to get more and more valuable as time passes. I have four of them, one for my NH1, one for my N10 and one for each of my DH10P units. I wonder if you can still get it directly from Sony?
  17. Dang dude! I thought I was out of hand! I am going to make my wife read your post! ;-)
  18. Azureal

    MDS-JE510 Parts?

    Oops! Sorry about that, I misread the original post!
  19. Azureal

    MDS-JE510 Parts?

    Here is a MZ-N510 about to sell on eBay for $65US dollars shipped. You'll likely pay more than that to get your current unit repaired ... The come up for sale all of the time.
  20. I frequently trans-code from downloaded MP3 files which range from 192 - 256 Kbps into ATRAC3 LP2 132Kbps or even ATRAC3plus 256 Kbps on HiMD. They typically sound really good, I use SonicStage to convert and download to MD. I have not tried to record in real-time to SP in the way you describe but it would not surprise me to find that it did indeed sound pretty good. And, sorry Sony_Fan, I have to agree with culp4684, talk about jumping through hoops!
  21. It's certainly possible. Years ago, circa 1980, we stored programs and data on audio cassette tapes by recording from an analog output on the computer, then loaded the programs/data by performing a playback into an audio input. Sounds interesting but I can't really think of any real use for it these days.
  22. Azureal

    HI-MD 1gb

    I completely agree smteacsmo. I have not purchased any 1GB Hi-MD disks since around 2005 and I got them for 6.95 USD each on Amazon. The cost now is crazy. You can still find new sealed MD80 blanks for 1.70 each while eBay sellers are getting (or asking) upwards of 30 - 40 dollars each. I just use the MD80s and get along fine!
  23. Sorry Pepper24, I misread your original post. Something is stealing focus of the active window and as you continue to type or what ever, those actions are no longer in the app you intend to use. I had this exact problem on one of my work PCs a year or so ago. It drove me nuts! It was running Windows XP SP3 but I suspect the same issue could occur on W7 or W8 as well. If I recall, I had to use "msconfig" and stop one auto-start service at a time, perform a reboot and repeat until the problem went away, it was a pain but I did eventually find the offending application and just uninstalled it. I agree with sfbp, make sure your Anti-Virus signatures are up to date and perform a full scan to ensure nothing is infecting your system. Also, take a look in the Control Panel - Installed Programs and look for anything recently installed which may look out of the ordinary. The offending application is something that is loaded as a service and is resident in memory and executing at all times. The application "msconfig" which you can start by clicking start -> run type in msconfig.exe and hitting return will allow you to disable startup services from loading on boot. I suggest you only turn one off at a time and do not stop any which are clearly Microsoft as some services are just plain required for normal operation. Your issue is likely something recently installed which you need to identify and remove ... Good luck!
  24. Does this occur after some short period of non-use? If so, it is possibly a feature setting in the mouse driver configuration panel. I have seen it on a few machines over the years. The purpose is to hide the mouse cursor while you are typing to keep it from covering your text, etc. Maybe you can look in your mouse settings configuration panel for some setting such as this.
  25. I would love a good analysis of this as well. I am recalling MDietrich has posted some very detailed analyses of topics very closely related to this. Fascinating stuff, I'll try to find her posts to again read and enjoy, she's pro on these topics and a great writer as well! Sony_Fan, with all due respect, I have to disagree with your statement, maybe I just want to believe my 20ES makes better SP recordings than my MXD-D400 or my JB940 but I really think my ears tell me it is for real! :-P Like punkrockaddict, I have taken a number of these units apart over the years and the ES20 is made like a Sherman Tank compared to my MXD-D400 or even my JB940. The power supply has multiple circuit boards for different voltages and has huge caps to filter and smooth the supply output, all digital and analog signals are isolated on separate circuit boards. There are many clear differences in the design and construction all for the purpose of producing a better recording and playback experience. Just another MD lover's opinion! :-)
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