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  1. Lol why only two kyle?! Judging by how many people are reading the RH1 anouncement, we may see a 4th gen HIMD! (mabye im just riding high on a wave of MD eurphoria at the moment, and i will realise that was a silly comment when i wake up tomorrow )
  2. I actaully prefer the li ion battery. They have a longer lifespan compared to NIMH gumsticks, give you more acurate details on how much battery life if left (NH1 tells you how many hours are left) and do not suffer from the memory effect, so can be charged when they are half full. They can also be rapid charged in an hour. I would rather have a couple of li-ion batteries in my pocket than shelling out for high capacity AA batteries which take longer to recharge in a seperate recharger. Just my two cents on the issue, RH1 seems perfect for my needs!
  3. Yup, I bought an old unit off ebay to replace missing screws as it worked out cheaper!
  4. agreed! can you get these discs via the internet?
  5. I dont think they would do this until the connect store music has been converted to atrac3plus format. As everything is still in LP2, people still have an incentive to buy this music because its the only format at this bit rate available on MD.
  6. exPressit S.E. 2.1 Is very useful. Prints many types of labels eg cd tape etc. Works best with their label kits as they are precut. Can be found on the web for free
  7. try this it works for me. 1) Turn off "digital speaker" in sound properties 2) Start record and pause on the minidisc player 3) Open windows media player or whatever you are playing the file with 4) load the file 5) turn on digital speaker using sound properties 6) play the file and unpause recording This method works for me, however if i stop recording and start again it gives me the no copy message. I then have to close everything and stop the minidisc player and go through the above steps again. Weird
  8. old one is about 3/4 years old, the new one is about a year old (when hotmail.co.uk came along)
  9. I tried that but i get this error message: Task 'Hotmail: Folder:Inbox Synchronizing headers.' reported error (0x800CCCF6) : 'The server responded 'Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at http://join.msn.com/general/Email'. ' Just tried my old hotmail account and it works with outlook, how annoying that both of them dont
  10. How did you get that to work Greg? Have you got a paid subscription?
  11. Great first post krydia. I was tempted to get an ipod a while back but there were a few points that stopped me: 1) I prefer the metal styling of minidisc players 2) No removable battery 3) If I had 40gb of music with me I would constantly be changing tracks! 4) Im worried the ipod screen would get scratched easilly. 5) I hate white headphones lol 6) Although I dont record very much, I would miss the ability to record in PCM if I didnt have it to hand Just my view, Im sure for others ipod makes perfect sense
  12. My dad installed a speaker into the roof of his bathroom, with the stereo in a seperate room.
  13. Quote from betamaxDATminidisc's post "The expected retail price for the MZ-EH70 and MZ-EH50 is approximately 19,000 yen (approx. USD$165) and 17,000 yen (approx. USD$148) respectively". I couldnt find the RRP for the EH930 though The EH70 is a newer model. Both models have the HD digital amp
  14. Thanks A440, missed that in my search. Seems to have no real benefit to the sound, just battery life.
  15. Without going to much into the science behind the HD digital amp, what is the sound difference between these amps and the units without HD digital amps? I read somewhere that it provides a 'warmer' sound? Is this true? Thanks in advance, Matt
  16. Yup thats true, you can record LP2 and LP4 via sonicstage but not directly onto the unit (You can record SP via sonicstage but it is just LP2 quality)
  17. Hi jaylen, dont get me wrong its a great unit. But I couldnt justify having two himd's at the moment. For me size and the ability to record in true SP for my old units are the most important aspects, so the NH1 wins. I will miss the RH10's screen and the easy navigation on the player itself I've been unemployed for the last few months, hence why I have been on these forums so much! But I start a new job at the end of this month so once I get a bit of money behind me I might be tempted by the 3rd gen HIMD player!
  18. Might be nice, but I would prefer they spent their time improving the existing Atrac codecs
  19. Yeah its a great unit, im selling my RH10 because of it now!
  20. Hi, the unit works fine. I started it off at a low price to save on ebay fees. Yes I can ship to India if you pay via paypal and add £4 to cover international postage costs + insurance. Thanks for your interest, Matt
  21. There is still a bit of noise when spinning up a disc etc, but nowhere near as loud as the R91 which has a notoriously loud motor mech.
  22. Hi LP recorded from a high quality FM receiver set to mono sounds really good actually! I was very surprised. I believe HI LP sounds better when recording from an analogue source rather than an optical source, as the analogue recording tends to muddy the sound a bit more, resulting in what I would describe as smoother artifacts (less harsh metallic sounding artifacts).
  23. Try http://www.mailshack.com/ you can get short email addresses as not many people use it. Havent had any spam with it so far
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