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MZ-NH1 charger

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I have found a seller who has allowed me weekend use of the unit to test it out.  The charger line has been patched three times and no longer works.  I found this online and wonder if the PSP or Nokia pin will function.  I can plug this into the RH1 charger.  





Charging the battery now in my RH1.  




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Even though the PSP pin might fit the base I am not sure if it will charge as the NH1 original AC adaptor was not AC to USB like the RH1 it was a straight AC in adaptor of 6v i think. If I recall the PSP AC adaptor is 5.5. 


You used to be able to get these Universal AC adaptors from Sony like this:




Not sure if you could maybe find one at a lower price

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A normal PSP power supply works perfectly for powering or charging the NH1 (even though it is rated at 5 volts rather than the original's 6 volts).  The USB to PSP connector you have may work as the current rating on the RH1's power supply may be high enough, but in the past I've tried using a straight USB to PSP cable to charge the NH1 from a pc, games console etc and had no luck. 

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Any 5-6V regulated supply or switching adapter capable of 500mA or more and have an appropriate plug, should work; a transformer adapter (the old "brick" ones) with the same rating as well but will probably float 8-9V unloaded so if using a transformer adapter you could probably use a "4.5V" adapter fine as well. If you give it too much voltage (within reason) the unit will flash "Hi DC In" and refuse to work, so it's not a huge deal if you overvolt it a little--it has built in protection to some degree.


USB has okay voltage however it is current limited.  The theoretical limit (before you trip protection or blow a fuse on the mobo) is 500mA on most USB ports.  Therefore USB-charging devices typically do not draw more than ~384mA from a standard USB port (they only try to draw more when connected to USB-AC adapters).  Since the NH1 (and all MD units for that matter) was before USB charging was common, you'd be charging with the unit just thinking it's connected to an appropriate AC adapter which may overload the port (the unit will just try to draw whatever current it needs at 5V).  So, it may not charge correctly on a USB port given the lower voltage and current limit (which may damage your mobo if exceeded).  Personally I would play it safe and just find a genuine 6V Sony switching adapter on eBay or something--I'm sure they can't cost more than $15.

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Apologies for the resurrection of this rather old thread but I guess the need NH1 charging still remains these days.

I'm looking for the name/PN of this special NH1 connector as I don't want to pay 80 USD for an aftermarket cable with that connector.
The connector looks like one of those proprietary phone ports from the past...



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