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  1. LIP-4WM Lithium Ion Battery Pack

    Any 3rd party for the same is available ?
  2. Sharp DR470 - Service mode

    I wonder if you can find out Service manual of the same, which can help you enter service mode of this model .
  3. Introduction and Glimpse to what you are after ! Well, I got this MD camera Walkman (Sony’s MD player walkman with camera feature )quite a while back ,but I haven't posted any pictorial or review of it ,but now I’m doing it .. Interesting ! As, far as I know (from reliable source ) Sony originally planned a 5MP camera, but that would have driven up cost, especially at the time when it was launched in 2005 . Illuminated Mini Disc (Due to Luminescence) So, I will first of all like to start of with its pros and cons(little detail ) . Pros : 1. Durable: Soild, Sturdy. 2. Very Good Screen 3.1.3 MP camera but image quality and chromatic aberrations are not very good. 4.1 GB Hi md discs and MD disc. 5. Last is its a collectors model. 6. Rechargeable battery. 7. Sony only Walkman with Camera feature . 8. G protection prevents skipping etc Con's 1. very few now . 2. Battery life is terrible (one needs to keep extra battery that’s comes with it ) 3. Writing time on the disc is little slow after taking a picture. 4. Only downloader, no recording possible like with other MD models. 5. Pricey. Technical Details: • Integrated 1.3 Mega pixels CMOS digital still camera. • Still camera functions: auto focus, self timer, macro, flash • 1.5 inch TFT full color LCD screen • Simultaneous music and slide show playback • Jpeg image viewer (Displays DCF standard compliant images stored from PCs) • Can record music and still pictures together on the same 1GB Hi-MD disc • Direct playback: ATRAC / MP3 • Linear PCM high sound quality recording & playback • Long battery life of up to 14 hours (approximately) • Unique charging and recording (USB) cradle. Packing: Box is of normal recycled cardboard (Sony is quite concerned about environment .Good to see that.) and the picture of the box gives you an idea ,what’s really there in the box. There is a inner box and an outer box (already explained).Inner box has two compartments one holding accessories and one holding walkman + Manual . Box (Covers) Body/Construction: When you first hold it for the first time it feels tad heavy. Its construction is really good and body looks rock solid to last for a long time or one can say its build quality is exceptional. The player is made of Metal (Aluminum) except for the screen, four buttons in the front and Battery lid, which is made of plastic .Screen looks tough ,but I’m using screen protector to protect it from scratches . Width wise speaking , it is quite thick in comparison to other Mini disc players due to in built camera, but it still looks Stylish, Solid and Sturdy. Now days most of the players in the market are made of plastic, this is where it scores. Ergonomically speaking unit fits nicely in hand and Paint fishing is Amazing ,specially the way walkman name is placed, it looks really sexy . MZDH10P with cradle MMZ-Dh10p without cradle Closeups Battery Camera : NOTE:other half posted (
  4. NW-A1000 DIM display

    I guess the fear of OLED display not lasting your lifetime (here it lasted for about 3-4 years I guess without much use ) has come true ,as far a my case is concern .My A1000 display brightness has become very dim .I have to use my hand to cover screen to see anything even in shade (eg room). This is just an update related to OLED screens .I don't expect it to be fixed without getting it replaced.Spending money on the same doesn't make sense .
  5. NW-A1000 DIM display

    player works fine otherwise .
  6. Sony nw a3000 walkman

    what do you mean by this ?
  7. Eligible : Customers who purchased VAIO with qualifying Windows Vista between June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010 can receive Windows 7 Upgrade Kit from Sony at a special price . Countries : for Asia-Pacific -: Australia ,Hong Kong ,India ,Indonesia ,Korea ,Kuwait ,Malaysia ,New Zealand ,Phillipines,Saudi Arabia ,Singapore,South Africa,Thailand,Taiwan ,U.A.E,Vietnam Models Eligible for Windows® 7 Upgrade Campaign: List VAIO Windows® 7 Upgrade Campaign Link Go to Ordering -> click on ordering link given on sony website. Price : $15 + shipping + taxes Delivery date : Will be delivered after it is publicly launched on 22nd october ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Europe + America To learn if your model is eligible for this upgrade, please visit the Sony eSupport Windows 7 page(Americas), or the Windows 7 VAIO Webshop(Europe)(Europe). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To learn more about Windows 7, please check out some excellent coverage at engadget, and Gizmodo View the full article
  8. The Great Photography thread .

    I wasn't really Prepared for this shot [i was without a tripod that day] :| .Had to keep the Camera pressed against the wall with the hope of getting one decent shot at higher iso
  9. The Great Photography thread .

    Earth Hour 2012
  10. The Great Photography thread .

    Glad you liked the pictures Azureal :
  11. Sony vaio F12 grey line

    Welcome to Sonyinsider ! Can you post picture or video of it ?
  12. The Great Photography thread .

    I visited Gujarat (Rann Festival) recently .Pretty awesome place specially White rann of kutch . These are the few pictures from the trip ,which I'm posting here Watching the Earth Rotate: White rann of Kutch Black and White Version This was shot 7km's from Dhordo Village .Dhordo is about 80km north of Bhuj[major town of Kutch in the state of Gujarat]. I've earlier posted single shot from the 68 shots taken in total .My plan was to shoot 2 hours of star trail,but like I said earlier our bus got stuck in sand so I had to cut short. Given a chance ,I would love to go again to complete the Star Trails D700 + 68 Pictures stacked of 30 sec each, which is about 34minutes in total. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Note:This is HDR of 5 images . Equipment :D700 + 24-85mm +iso200 + Velbon CF tripod . Facing the Moon Wandering At Night-Rann of Kutch This place was about 2 km's from our tent where we stayed in Dhordo.It was very dark even in moon light .Thanks to led torch ,which I bought just before the trip . D700 +Flash +Lee Orange Gel used to colour the foreground + 124.5sec + iso200 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bhuj Palace Prag Mahal is a 19th century palace in the city of Bhuj -Gujarat.It was designed by the famous architect Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins in the Italian Gothic style. Gujarat Earthquake o[ 7.7 Richter scale] in 2001 did a lot of damage to it and repair work is still going on . ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kala Dungar Kalo Dungar/Kala Dungar/ Black Hill is the highest point in Kutch [462 Meter or 1515 Feet] Dungar in Local Language i.e Kutchi language Means :Mountain.It is 100km north of Bhuj ,and famous for 400 year old "Dattatreya Temple" . D90 +70-300mm Vr + iso200 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This was taken just before the moonrise in Dasada village -Gujarat +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Wandering in Desert II This is in Continuation of Rann of Kutch series i.e Wandering in Desert II .Picture is a composite of images* i.e Stars stacked in lighten mode .Light Source :Moonlight *‎70 images for stars at 30 sec (800iso) and 2min exposure for foreground @iso200 at F8 16mm.Rest is all processing
  13. Which bitrate do you use most often?

    Now days I prefer 320kpbs .
  14. Last Total Lunar Eclipse http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEplot/LEplot2001/LE2011Dec10T.pdf
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    catchy tune !!
  16. A bit odd

    266 pound wow.. I should sell my Dh10P black .
  17. New skin

    avatar got messed up .Overall its looking nice
  18. My summer trip to Japan

    thats nice . thanks for sharing
  19. please help, vaio external dvd problem

    Welcome to SOnyinsider , I feel your drive has gone kaput after using wrong power supply because these electronic gadgets are very sensitive to power supply . between See if any other disc works ?
  20. The Great Photography thread .

    NOTE: No HDR .
  21. What are you listening to right now?

    Armin -Mirage
  22. Vaio C-140G Mystery

    If drivers are seperately available via sony website ,then in my opinion do a clean install of Windows 7 ,but before that make sure you have backed up everything from the hdd.If you haven't ,then remove the hdd from the laptop and plug into the pc sata port ,then you can easily back up all the stuff you want .