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Found 15 results

  1. SonicStage won't transfer music to MD

    Has anyone got a solution for this problem: SonicStage will rip my CDs and import music on my PC. It recognises the NetMD (I've tried three different units) but when I try to transfer my music it says it can't transfer the tracks. There is no DRM attached to any of the tracks and the NetMD used to work fine on my ancient HP laptop. I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition (2004) and I'd hoped to use the laptop purely for music transferring duties. I've tried SS 4.3 Ultimate Edition and when that didn't work I uninstalled and downgraded to ver 3.4 with the same disappointing results. Any suggestions gratefully received...
  2. Hello!!!!!!!!!! I know this is all about minidisc on SONY INSIDER but I want to break off a little to discuss Sharp portables. If anyone wishes to contribute to this it would be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of in a rush right now while I am starting this thread, so I will post my info, reviews, and my opinions of them. "Sharp only" features and Sharp vs. Sony is a perfect example of my goal/approach for this topic. Participation would be really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch y'all later fellow MD-Junkies!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi all, it is absolutely unsatisfactory what happens when I transfer music files from one partition to another on the same computer. I have made a backup of all stuff on an external drive. Then restored all files to another external drive. Then started SS on another partition with a different Windows System as this poorly designed software is not running under Win 10 (!!!). From that external drive, I imported some oma files into the SS on the other partition. Now it says it cannot retrieve the licensing information. Furthermore, all files had been imported from my Hi-md Walkman without any software protection or property violence!!! IMHO, no type of software is allowed to depend in such important way on the operating system or the hardware of a computer where it is running! The well designed software has to be absolutely platform independent!!! IMHO Sony software is lacking a system that stores all audio files in one place, maybe with password, and the user can access this from everywhere he wants. The current method of digital rights protection is absolutely crap, in my humble opinion.
  4. Gracenote Crashes SS

    Greetings! I am using Windows8.1 and with a few tweaks, got SSUltimate working and I'm able to transfer music to my MD. But I notice when I copy from CD and the Gracenote logo pops up for CD info, it crashes SS and forces a close. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. Ladies/chaps, I recently rediscovered my Minidiscs and dug out the various players I have (in-car, portable and Hi-Fi separate), however, the portable player (Aiwa AM-NX9) came with Sonicstage 1.5 and I've appeared to have lost the disc. I know there were subsequent updates but I last used it in 2006 and do not know what's what. Besides, I recall updating once and it buggered up and I had to reinstall 1.5 and gave up on any further updates. A lot of the discs I have are live recordings that I copied from live DVDs via my Hi-Fi setup (one of the great benefits of MDs due to the simplicity and editing functionality). I also recently copied a performance at the SXSW iTunes Festival via the iTunes shop (getting my own back on Apple!) and it sounds killer! Now, I want to back up these recordings to my Laptop for posterity and for iTunes use but don't know how. My Laptop is a Sony Vaio and is using Vista. I've heard you can transfer tracks via one of the jack ports and then edit via Audacity but this seems a bit long winded, especially using Audacity (I have a free copy and cannot get my head around it). Any help appreciated!
  6. Hi, I have been a long time user of Sonicstage for my NW-HD1 & NW-HD3 and have been using my trusty XP machine. However, I have now upgraded(?) to a brand new windows 8.1 machine and want to install and transfer everything over to it. As I understand it the Sonicstage 4.3 installer will no longer work as Sony have removed it from their servers, also is it still possible to transfer my library from machine to machine. .....or is there an alternative method that I can still use to get my music onto these devices. Cheers Baz
  7. I found that I can hardly fully uninstall sonicstage. Please tell how to uninstall my sonicstage? The programme itself has no uninstall programme. I am using windows 8.1 and my sonicstage cannot work. I had try installing the sonicstage 4.3 ultimate. It's a mess and I want to uninstall the ss, however it remains many problem. I want to know the correct procedure and files for installing ss on windows 8.1 Please help, because I had too many songs in my himd. I want to export wav onto my pc.
  8. Dear Forum As of New years day SonicStage has stopped importing mp3's from my Music Library .. I have re installed on two occassions but to no avail are there any other strategies... ps I did try by accident to import ann mp4 prior to this event occurring.. Many thanks in advance
  9. I've just found my old NW-HD1, I haven't used it for years and just listening to a few of the tracks on it remined me of what a fanastic little device it is, with great sound quality for 256bit ATRAC3s. However all my muisc is now ripped to FLAC format (Squeezebox's and Foobar2000), and I seem to remember having issues transfering music to the HD1 last time I dug it out. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to import my FLAC library into sonicstage so it can be transfered to the HD1? I don't mind making an interim MP3 library if it's possible. I'm runningt win8 but I have access to 7 and Vista machines if that is required, I could even install an XP virtual machine if nessessary. Cheers
  10. SonicStage Windows 8

    Hello. I have a sony NW-A608 and I bought a computer that has windows 8. I wanted to install sonicstage for upload music in my sony and i couldn't. I looked up in the internet and found that sonicstage is not available for windows 8.. is there any solution for that? please help me. thanks
  11. Hello, Today, my computer has been re-installed with windows 7, and I wanted to download sonicstage to give a second life to my MZ-NH700. And I'm surprised that Sonicstage is not downloadable anymore ! The information come from Sony : http://www.sony.fr/support/fr/product/MZ-NH700/news/sonicstage_termination I'm very angry about that... Please do you have any solution ? Thanks a lot for your help. Grungytoto
  12. sonicstage back up does not ask for other discs

    hello, I had a sony nwhd5 long story short ive gone threw 2 or 3 over the years. I no longer have the computer with the original content stored on it and i no longer have the player itself.(and they now are impossible to find) however i made back up discs on dvd+r's some years ago. I now have a new computer and would like to import the back up discs to the computer to save time from adding the 800+ albums again one at a time. The problem i am having is when i use the sonicstage backup tool it accepts the first disc perfectly fine but after its done with the first it does not prompt to add the next disc and says its finished and closes down. I have tryed reopening it and trying it again then starting with the second disc and it asks for the first again. It will again accept the first disc but the backup tool finishes after disc 1 and cloeses every time. any help would be greatly appresheated Thank you in advance! other info that might help currently running windows 7 home using sonicstage cp 4.3 im having the same problem with 2 different sets of backup discs from 2 different occasions, so i dont think its something wrong with the discs themselfs but who knows thanks again in advance for any help
  13. Sonicstage

    Hello everyone I did read the posts about Sonicstage and I have tried some many options that all did not work. THe HD-MI Renderer does not work MP3 conversion tool from Sony did not work and yes I did download Sonicstage Noteburner did not work. I called Sony and they said I need an account and password from Sonicstage but it does not say that on their website and also Sonicstage never said it in their agreement. What can I do they violated their contract I think. Who can I get omas to work. I apologize for my typos my computer runs really slow on this website.
  14. I've recently come back into using minidiscs after an hiatus of a few years and invested in RH1 and NH700 Hi-Md portables. I was wondering if anyone has compared using a portable HI-MD unit for importing mp3 files from a PC (I use Win XP) through SonicStage (I'm using v4.3 ultimate release 2, generally with NetMD LP2 mode) with one of the later NetMD decks, such as the JB980 or JE780 - is there a significant difference in the speed of transfer or any other factors favouring the use of the Hi-MD units for recording. I appreciate that that the Mp3 to ATRAC conversion by SonicStage may not be ideal and i've also used the MP3 - Nero CD image - MD Simple Burner route. A lot of the music I want to put on to minidisc is 40's-50's Jazz, so I don't have any issue with the the sound quality using the direct Mp3-SonicStage conversion. Thanks, Clive
  15. I have a Sony NW-E005F (2 gb) player. Is there a way to use it with my MacBook Pro OS X? I was using SonicStage for Windows previously and wondered if there was a way to get the software to work on the Mac, or to reconfigure the player to work with iTunes.