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  1. I'm still using MD (specifically Hi-MD) regularly and would be happy to comment. (Have also emailed you).
  2. Happy New Year to everyone! May 2013 bring you all you wish for.
  3. I am fairly sure the UK models don't support Atrac either. I am not sure if the Atrac playback is something that is implemented in the software layer, or if there really is a difference in the hardware somewhere. I have to confess I have been out of the game for a while and have no idea how the Android based models actually work. (I still alternate between my RH-1 and my NW-A847 - with Atrac playback for most of my daily listening).
  4. As I understand it the Japanese versions of the current NW-F / NW-S support Atrac and Atrac Advanced Lossless. This was actually something I was looking at myself in the last couple of days as the NW-F807 had caught my eye.
  5. I agree with Azureal, and have often switched the adaptors on the DH10P, EH1 or NH1 without any issue, Interesting point regarding the battery charging on the NH1, I hadn't realy noticed this, but will bear it in mind.
  6. This looks very tempting - there's nothing worse than being stabbed in the back when you're trying to concentrate on squeezing off the next headshot .
  7. * Moved to Playstation sub-section
  8. It's great that Sony finally added support for the RH1 back into x-Application. I had been using version 1.1 of the software with my NW-A847 and it is really nice. Now I can hopefully get my RH1 working on the Vaio TZ again with Windows 7. There was a guy who started an English patch for this that works pretty well. He was about half way through - I applied the patch and most of the UI and main menus are done, but not the options screens. Not sure if it works with V2.0. http://beshayer.com/...sh-translation/ PS: to get X-App to run on an English OS, you can decompress it with something like UniversalExtractor, then comment out the allowed languages line in the .ini file in the root directory before launching the setup. After you have installed the main app you can apply the language patch - but I have not tried this with V2.0, only 1.1. No other applocale or JP language packs are required from my experience on Windows Vista / 7. Applocale was just for XP. Edit: looks like he released an updated version of the patch, but don't think it works with V2.0 of X-app, only 1.1. http://beshayer.com/...final-released/
  9. Sorry for the late reply... As long as your Atrac files are not DRM-protected then you can import the folders into X-Player from the same location as they currently sit in (I keep all mine on an external hard-disc and did the same thing.) You may need to re-add the cover art / date info on some of them, but all the other meta data should get picked up correctly. You can then transfer direct to the NW-A847 without any conversion required.
  10. Hi everybody, I have been asked by a contact at Amsterdam University for some assistance with his Masters Thesis concerning brand research - specifically Sony is the brand of interest. The survey is purely for educational research purposes and is anonymous. I have forwarded his message below and if you have any questions, you may contact him via his facebook page here ========================================== Hello! I am a masters student here at the University of Amsterdam and would love it if you would be willing to help me with my thesis research concerning brands. I am simply interested in asking you a couple of questions about the brand Sony and yourself. It is entirely in English and takes about 9 minutes to finish. It is entirely about your own opinions so, assuming your honest, you can't possibly be wrong! http://www2.fmg.uva....Brand_Sony.html Thanks for your help, it would be literally be impossible without you! Philip www2.fmg.uva.nlwww2.fmg.uva.nl
  11. * Topic split out from SS 4.3 Ultimate edition thread
  12. No I am English, most of the menus on the player you can figure out from the manual or from trial and error. The operation of the player is very easy especially if you have used another Sony player before (I also have the A808) - the menu structure is very similar. The hardest thing to figure out is all the settings menus, but once you have configured these you shouldn't have to change them too often. Drag and drop does work fine with audio and video, but you have to use the X-Application to transfer Atrac tracks. You can also use it to manage the some of the more advanced features like the lyrics lookup, converting various audio / video formats adding cover art, ripping cd's and managing your library in general. Again the software is only in Japanese but works fine on english Vista and and can actually co-exist with SS 4.3 on the same machine (but SS4.3 will not be able to transfer to the A847). A lot of the menu options are very similar to Sonic Stage and if you have used SS you will be able to pick this up pretty quickly.
  13. Well my black NW-A847 arrived from Japan earlier this week and it's really a nice piece of hardware, I've just started to play with it this afternoon and it's very nice to use. The X-Application software is still essentially Sonic Stage in some places underneath, but they have improved the performance quite a bit and made the user interface a lot smoother.
  14. NW-A847 just arrived...

  15. If you are using XP then the following topic should help: http://forums.sonyinsider.com/index.php?showtopic=14345. I am not 100% sure if it works on Vista.
  16. Can't believe it's taken me this long to get on the bandwagon, but I finally picked up a PS3 today. I went for the 120GB Slim, and even after just a few hours playing around I think this is such an amazing device. A breeze to setup, slick and a pleasure to use. I was also surprised how good the quality of the TV on demand here in the UK via the BBC IPlayer service is on this device. Having used the IPlayer on my phone and on the laptop, it looks so much better via the PS3 - pretty much the same as watching the original program via DVB-T.
  17. * Moved to Software section
  18. Very nice! - - What kind of flower is that?
  19. Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your new acquisition - . Stick around and hopefully you find this a useful resource and place to exchange ideas and meet some like minded people.
  20. * Moved to Software Discussion section
  21. You can use an external drive with SS - in fact this is what I use myself. You should be able to move the files from within the options; Tools => Options => Location to save imported files.. To quote the help I think when I orignally moved mine to an external drive I just copied everything across via explorer and re-imported but I didn't have a very large library then and I had to re-add some of the cover art.. Have a search using Sonic Stage +external drive, there are few topics on the forum already dicussing this. * Moved to Software section
  22. I had a look at the manual and have a feeling Avrin is right - the bookmark will only bookmark the entire track not a position within it.. At least that's what I understood from reading that page.. Maybe one of the NW-Axxx owners will prove me wrong - Ascariss?
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