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    FLAC to MD

    If I was doing this I would do the following (I am assuming the FLAC and WAV's are all 16-bit 44.1 khz which may or may not be your case) 1. Use the FLAC command line tools to batch uncompress all the .flac files into .wavs (the audio information contained in a flac file is exactly the same as a WAV it just takes up less space) 2. Import the WAVS into Sonic Stage or X Player or whatever 3. Edit the metadata in the application 4. Transfer to MD and use the transfer settings to convert on the fly to Atrac3+ But as other people have there are probably a few other ways of doing it.
  2. Richard

    FLAC to MD

    Can't you just de-compress FLAC to WAV losslessly via the command line FLAC tools? You shouldn't lose anything in this process quality wise, but obviously if you then transcode this to Atrac or Atrac3+ then you are compressing the files and eliminating some information.
  3. Richard

    FLAC to MD

    I may be wrong but, couldn't you also decompress the FLAC files to WAV and then transfer using SS (optionally converting to Atrac in the process). I think this would work if you were going to Atrac3+ but not sure it's the best route if you want to go to traditional SP or LP2.
  4. Nice - I am also a big fan of Sony's shortwave radios and have several myself.
  5. For me if you want to charge the NH1 through it's cradle and not have to charge its batteries via another unit, then you are better off getting a 6V ac adaptor and avoiding USB altogether.
  6. Even though the PSP pin might fit the base I am not sure if it will charge as the NH1 original AC adaptor was not AC to USB like the RH1 it was a straight AC in adaptor of 6v i think. If I recall the PSP AC adaptor is 5.5. You used to be able to get these Universal AC adaptors from Sony like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-6V-AC-E60A-World-110-240-V-Universal-Ac-Adapter-Standard-Plug-No-Box-E-60-A-/231142858460?pt=Multipurpose_AC_to_DC_Adapters&hash=item35d1301edc Not sure if you could maybe find one at a lower price
  7. If would advise a copy of X-Application as this effectively replaced Sonic Stage V. However I don't believe it is compatible with XP. Are you able to install a JP copy of Vista or Windows 7 into a VM. Let me know, and I will see what I can do. If you do only have access to Windows XP I should have a copy of Sonic Stage V on an external HDD or possibly SS 4.x on a physical CD that came with the DH10P. I will have to dig around a bit. Edit: I have just found Japanese copies of SS 4.3, 3.0 and I probably have a 2.x version somewhere. I'll let you know if I find SS V and if it is XP compatible. * Moved to software sub-forum
  8. I am using Chrome without issue but can confirm if I use IE11, then the Quote / MulitQuote functionality isn't working. To get around it you can hit F12 and enable the IE10 compatibility settings as shown in the attached image.
  9. If you could find one of those, you will be very lucky indeed - they were extremely scarce to begin with - Japan only, limited edition, only available though the Sony online store. Beautiful looking unit though.
  10. Ok, well our 10 days are up and it's time to count the votes. Not a massive turnout it has to be said, but for those who did vote, the results are in... So with a score of 11-5 (or 11-3 if we eliminate the duplicate votes) the result and policy of the forum going forward is that "We won't allow topics promoting ones own eBay auctions at all on the forum" Any such topics will be deleted. We will update the Classifieds forum to include a sticky to remind everyone. *Thread closed
  11. I don't think anyone is doing this out of spite or expects you to "sell cheap" on this forum. Some people may or may not agree with your prices, but I think the crux of the question was whether we want to see the classifieds section fill up with pointers to eBay auctions. I created this poll to at least try and arrive at a consensus in a transparent manner. Maybe that was being over optimistic...
  12. Ok, thank you. I think we will put the curtain down on this particular thread before it gets out of hand. We have a poll running to decide what to do with eBay auctions in the classified section. Let's wait for the outcome of that and steer clear of mud slinging. * Topic closed
  13. I don't believe there are any formal rules to that effect. Thankfully we have never really had to resort to a long list of do's and don'ts unlike some other forums I have frequented over the years. That said I can see that some people may get annoyed by people posting links to sales in their signatures and it may be portrayed as spamming - the reason for this is that your signature is something that appears on every single post you make and if every single post you make has a link to some commercial activity it can rub people up the wrong way... Hence the reason why things like pointers to eBay sales are usually confined to a single thread which people can add to over time - that way for those who are interested they know where to look. For those that are not interested they don't have that link in their face every time they see one of your posts (even if that is not the intention). Therefore to sum up, I would say maybe give it a miss..
  14. I'll try and keep this short, simple and hopefully as neutral as possible. There has been a fair amount of discussion of late as to what what we should do with posts promoting ones own eBay auctions. A few of these started to crop up in the classifieds section. This I believe was not what that section was originally intended for. The aim of this poll is to determine should we allow posts promoting ones own eBay auctions in the forum and if so where should we put them. I'll leave the poll open for a week, maximum 10 days. Based on the results we will review and take action. Thanks for taking part.
  15. Yes you can - we even have a pinned thread for that kind of stuff here:
  16. That cable definitely has a weak point on the connector to the unit. The covering on one of mine split as well. I have a couple of extra ones in boxes somewhere. Just for reference the same cable was also used on the DH10P and the NH3D and possibly the N10 MDLP unit.
  17. I haven't really used the DLNA although it did pair nicely through NFC with a bluetooth speaker we have in the kitchen (just touch the 2 devices together). Did you manage to get an Atrac capable version via Amazon US then? If so, good catch. I got mine through PriceJapan who I have used for quite a few things over the years..
  18. Hi Stephen - not sure if this one was directed at me, but the ones I meant were these: http://www.sony.jp/walkman/lineup/f_series/ and of course the ZX1. I have NW-F887 and use either FLAC or Atrac3+ 352k on most of my albums. Pretty happy with it so far - especially when paired with the XBA-H3 headphones which I got from Amazon Italy here
  19. Yes that's right. If you want ATRAC as well, you will have to get one of the Japan models. I assume this is also true of the ZX1 as well as the NW-F88x series.
  20. The latest Sony Network Walkman series will play FLAC in addition to WAV (including 24 bit files) and DSD audio.
  21. If you look at the properties of the track in SS it will give you the location of both files. If I recall all the converted files by default go into a folder called "Optimized Files" which is a sub folder of wherever your main library is located.
  22. The only small weakness in the EH1 was that the print on the back of the unit can wear off quite easily over time. You can see this is starting to happen on this one on eBay (where it says HD Digital Amp). Apart from that I always found that contrary to what you might expect from looking at it, the EH1 was actually very hard and well built.
  23. The EH1 was only available in Japan. I can't recall what the original retail price was, but it has obviously held its value fairly well.
  24. The MZ-EH1 is indeed a thing of beauty and a great Hi-MD player. In my opinion it is possibly the best looking unit ever. There are quite a few pictorials if I recall in the pictorials sub-forum including my own (That also reminds me that there are quite a few pictorial threads that had the image links lost when the gallery was upgraded a few years back - we need to see if we can fix them).
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