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  1. yes, but they are all compatible between each others.
  2. xispe

    H E L P!

    remove the battery, and try again. If it doesn't work, kick it back to the store where you've bought it or send it to service... I know, it sucks to spend money (in your case lots of money since it's most expensive model) and have these sort of problems.
  3. i think they are learning with the software guys...(
  4. testing attach... edit: hey it works edit: removed the attachment - top secret material
  5. wow! you can attach it! Attach it in this thread! Just click on Add Reply! There's a section for File Attachments! WE WANT SERVICE MANUALS!
  6. yes.. my errors are also kind of random. Sometimes everything is well, others not really. Hey but this is cool right ? The thing is that i'm having a work meeting in a few weeks, and maybe.. i would like to record the audio from that meeting... No the big question: Will i use my minidisc recorder ?? ahahhahaha! Will i use my one and only 1gb minidisc ?? NOT... Maybe i can use a reformatted 80 minute disc.. but with so many troubles who knows... i'm not confident enough to use this. I'll just leave the minidisc at home, and pickup some tape recorder to record the meeting! THAT WOULD BE PRETTY COOL!
  7. I'm finding Hi-MD as new technology, and i soooooooooo happy with it that i don't even care if this test ruins my player or my discs. lol who cares!?
  8. IT'S A BUG! IT'S A BUG! DAMN! lol This thing rocks! ok.. after combining back tracks 1 and 3 , the resulting track was a total mess. THIS SUCKS!
  9. hum... i've tried it out and everything seems to work well on my nh700. i have a single track with a minute. 1. i've added a track mark at 10 seconds 2. added annoter track mark fro track 2 at 20 seconds. no i have 3 tracks, the first with 10 seconds, the second with 20, and the third with 30. All the tracks play fine and the marks are placed correctly. After that i've erased track 2. The behaviour was the correct. First track ends, and the previous thirds starts playing. No moving marks no disc errors... I think you have a problem with your unit
  10. what we all need is the service manuals! Remember that the EURO uncapping was done that's to a user (himdman ) that had access to a service manual. From that point to the hack it was a question of hours
  11. You can't digitally upload tracks from discs in the standard MD mode. What you need is a deck with digital output and a sound card with digital input. That way you can transfer those tracks to your computer without any losses.
  12. don't think so... i'll stick with my nh700 and just hope that sonicstage gets better with the newer version. I also hope that the transcoding to ATRAC3plus 256 kbps becomes faster and with more quality. (in fact, currently i am happy with the quality of transcoded mp3s). Probably in a few months i'll upgrade my computer, so all this conversion process will be less painfull I also hope that this second generation brings hi-md head units for the car.. come on... :|
  13. i believe Hi-MD is no safe at all for data transportation. My one and only 1gb disc just refuses to work above the 700 mb mark. NICE!
  14. a unit that takes two disks is something totally stupid...
  15. yes, thank you. I know where it is It's in a very nice place in Lisbon, where expo98 was. A nice place to walk with the girlfriend in the weekend
  16. the only problem is that in Portugal there are no signs of 1gb discs. So, i'll just have to keep the testing for some day later... after all i have two years of warranty to test it. :\
  17. ahahahah! guess what!? I went to the store where i've bought my nh700 and told the guy that my disc was with problems, and asked if the 2-year warranty plan would replace it. The guy just answered: "Those kinds of media are not covered by any warranty. The warranty is only for your unit. Although the disc shipped with your unit, the disc is not included" BAHHAHAHHAHAH! So no warranty for the media right ? So you won't get me buying any hi-md disc, or spending any more money with this. :|
  18. I've tested copying all the 900 and something files and from file 711 an error occurred: "Cannot copy, path is too deep" . After that i've tried to copy again that file, and the same error. As it's giving errors on copy, i didn't even tried checking the md5 of those files... Then i formatted the disc using the windows explorer (FAT), there was another error, saying that windows couldn't format the drive, and ACCESS ERROR displayed on the screen of my nh700. I reformatted again, and it seemed to work out. No windows error and no ACCESS ERROR on the unit Then i disconnected the unit from the computer, plugging out the USB cord. Reformatted the disc using the unit it self, and filled up the disc with PCM silence in realtime. I've set the timemark to add trackmarks in each minute. After 95 minutes or so of recording, i had 95 tracks. The ideia was to transfer back those tracks to sonicstage and figure out which ones were damaged. From track 71 till 95 all the tracks are damaged. COOL ISN'T IT?! My one and only hi-md disc is damaged from the 700 mb mark. Nice! I'm glad it worked!
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