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  1. The RH*** units, although lacking the native ability to record in legacy formats, can in fact transfer these formats via SonicStage.
  2. There's some TOC-Cloning info here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_hacking.html#tocwork As well as the link in my signature...
  3. Actually they just have a flag somewhere that says they were transferred from PC... They aren't encrypted (encryption started w/Hi-MD), and you can actually clone the TOC of a "NetMD" disc to have it appear as a standard LP2/LP4 disc and upload then... Bit of a hassle, but it is technically possible..
  4. Actually, the un-DRM'ed files wil be located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SonicStage\Packages\Optimized Files ... I only say this because the originals (that still have DRM) will still be under different subfolders of ..\Packages\ EDIT: And yes, you can import un-DRM'ed files just fine on any install of SonicStage.
  5. Check out my thread in my signature on TOC cloning and PM me if you want tome help/more info. This is one of the strong points of Legacy MD.
  6. MiniDisc recorders are inherently different than mp3 players. Having said that, there are a few threads around here with reviews of flash-based recorders that may or may not be of interest to you (depending on what you need, player or recorder).
  7. I use the edge of a Disc sleeve/case to slide the lever. Have to try the two discs though.
  8. Yes as external drive it should show up on XP/Vista (and probably 2000) w/o any need for additional drivers... Will also show up on linux & mac as an external drive
  9. I agree that hands-on A-B comparisons are best for this forum. Most everyone here has become accustomed to the (Hi-)MD features and would want their next format to be comparable. That said, this is one device that got my attention. I am trying to sell one of my high-end pro decks to get ahold of one of these. If and when I do, I will surely provide an in-depth review/comparison.
  10. Today is the last chance on this... It's hitting eBay tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. I was mainly using popularity as a standpoint for comparison. And a select user base. I agree that in regards to proprietary formats and licensing, open-source, etc.. they are very very different.
  12. Well it does look to be in pristine condition, and it does come with a bundled mic. But still, yeah thats pricey. I also noticed some semi-misinformation... the listing states that it can record in SP/LP2/LP4, and although this is true, the unit itself cannot record in these formats (SonicStage is needed and the only way to get these formats is to transfer that way). EDIT: This quote about sums up the knowledge this individual has about the unit "If you are not familiar with some special characteristics of the newer MD recorders, like the MZ-S1, here are some simple explanations:" He goes on to say things like: "OpenMG is a jukebox", lol/
  13. my condolences bobt, sorry to hear of that. we'll see her in a better place.
  14. I've had surprising luck with fairly loud bands using the little attenuator in A440's signature.. Use this between the mic and the mic-in and set the attenuator basically the whole way up in volume. Best bet is to record a sound check and see what happens.
  15. I'm curious to see there discs... before and after the transplant.. Pics?
  16. She goes to eBay after the weekend is out. I will waive shipping if you win the item via eBay and have been a member here for at least 6 months. EDIT: Here is an MDS-E12 currently listen on eBAy: http://cgi.ebay.com/SONY-MDS-E12-PRO-MINI-...1QQcmdZViewItem And two MDS-E10's: http://cgi.ebay.com/SONY-MDS-E10-MINIDISC-...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-MDS-E10-PRO-1u-Ra...1QQcmdZViewItem Just to give you an idea of the price range once this gets to eBay (though I'll still probabaly list for less). EDIT2: I'll gladly throw in a handful of unopened Sony NEIGE discs (74 min), and also a PS2 keyboard if wanted (useful for controlling the unit and titling).
  17. Yeah I was wondering how the disc is held together afterwards... Superglue? I guess you'd have to be pretty conservative with the amount you use and very careful/ EDIT: I wonder if the opaque and translucent dark blue were chosen with Hi-MD for a reason... Perhaps light can affect the layers of the Hi-MD disc itself?
  18. The way I see it, MiniDisc is like the Linux of DAPs/Portable Recorders... Sure there are the big names like iPod and all, but they are akin to Windows and Mac.. The majority of people may use iPods and stuff like that, but there is a dedicated group of MiniDisc users (and linux users) that care about quality and are willing to go that extra mile to get things working the way they want, and they make out in the long run. MiniDisc won't be dead to me until I can no longer find a functional unit and/or discs. Sure I may get a flah-based recorder, but part of my motivation for this is to reduce the wear on my MiniDisc units so they last longer.
  19. Yep, our MZ-1 is still going strong since '93 I also have a number of older units that still work great. If you take care of them, they will last a good while. MiniDisc units (at least the older ones and the newer top of the line models, but even some of the cheaper models have surprised me) are built much better than most newer electronics. I think people have had too many newer devices fail because of shoddy build materials. Hence the fear. Unfortunately most things these days aren't built like things used to be. MiniDisc units on the other hand, are very sturdy by todays standards, even though they have moving parts. I think the key is to use them, but not abuse them. Though that is good advice for anything. Bottom line -if you take care of your units they will give you years of dedicated service and enjoyment. That being said, I have also dropped a few units (even sent one tumbling down concrete stairs) only to find they still worked fine. My N707 flew down the stairs the day after I got it when it first came out, and still works flawlessly. The other units that have fallen/been flung from via the USB cable (NF610 & NH900 respectively) still work fine as well, though I have to say the stairs incident was a winner. All this isn't to say I haven't had units start to go bad on me. My N420D is picky about when it will play, and both of my R700's have problems with the headphone jack (but both record fine and I use one [modified] for TOC-Cloning). I also have an NH600 that the headphone jaclk died on (I use it as a transfer workhorse). These weren't top of the line units (especially the N420D & NH600) so their problems aren't entirely surprising.
  20. Check what columns you have in "My Library" and click on whichever you want to sort by (Track number I suppose for CDs, though File Path is preferable). While importing from Hi-MD to PC, track filenames (not titles) are given a prefix of 001-, 002-, 003-, etc. per group. To sort all of your tracks in order while importing, first move them all into the same group on your Hi-MD (you can do this in SonicStage) and then add a column for "File Path" in My Library and sort by that/ You can add/remove columns by right-clicking on the column area. EDIT: Ahh, the elusive quadruple post! --I've had problems recently posting as well, I'm sure the mods will trim them down for you.
  21. Makes me wish I had an EH1 to spare. EDIT: No I don't think yr crazy, yr just an MDCF member.
  22. What MiniDisc unit do you have? You need a Hi-MD recorder to transfer from MD>PC: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=7070
  23. I am hoping to sell my Sony MDS-E12 Rack-Mount Professional MiniDisc Deck. It has been used in a non-smoking environment (the boarding school I work at), as well as my home studio (also non-smoking). The deck is is great condition and works perfectly. I love the thing to death, but I don't get much use out of it currently. Also, I am interested in getting into flash-based recording and getting an Olympus LS-10 to try out. I am NOT ditching MiniDisc. I have plenty of units, and mainly I want to get something to use for random things so I can reduce the wear on my RH1. It has a bunch of cool features, including: - Balanced XLR In/Out - Unbalanced RCA In/Out - SPDIF Coax In/Out - MDLP Compatible, Atrac Type-R - Parallel & Serial Remote Interface (I have the Pinout documentation from Sony in PDF format) - PS/2 Keyboard Connector - Date/Time stamp - RAM EDIT (allows editing in-memory copy of MD-TOC without updating disc) I figured I'd post here to give fellow forum members a chance to get it before I list on eBay. I am looking for ~$350USD, though I will consider reasonable offers. If it gets to eBay I will most likely list it for a good bit more, though I may give discounts for contributing members here. On eBay, the MDS-E10s (a step down from this MDS-E12) are selling for upwards of $400USD. I will most likely move this to eBay within a week. I'd prefer to ship within the continental USA, but feel free to ask if you are somewhere else. Buyer to pay actual shipping & insurance (I haven't weighed it yet). I'll post some pics if interested. I am selling just the unit itself, I do not have the wireless remote for it. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Here are my feedback threads in the forums: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=18188 http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=20702 And my eBay profile: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...ame=STRK:ME:UFS Thanks! -Aaron (raintheory) EDIT: The voltage appears to be fixed @ 120V 16Hz 18W. Some models seem to have been made wit6h switchable voltage but this does not appear to be one of those.
  24. Try recording via line-in and see if you experience the same problem.
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