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  1. Always enjoyed the Windham Hill samplers Bob
  2. got me drooling on that one, hopefully my financial depression leaves soon so I can send you money, or better yet pay you a surprise visit! Bob
  3. TC, a house with a woman in it is never done, in your eyes it can be perfect, but she always finds one little thing to make it better. good luck, and try to find some time for fun Bob
  4. Finally got my new puter to replace my paperweight!, should be close to being back regular after I get it set up etc. It's a ACER Aspire , 2.9 GHZ 3 gig ram, 320 HD, but I'll be putting in the HD from old puter, hopefully it works! Bob
  5. You could also try using an emulator and putting a copy of windoze XP on your puter and be able to use SS a bit better, and don't worry about LP or pseudo LP, your ears are the judge, and you won't be able to tell the difference Bob
  6. No problem, did you get mine? Take care Bob
  7. not fussy, just want more
  8. try downloading Avrin's ultimate, should fix your problem Bob
  9. said goodbye to my HP Pavillion, combination of many bads caused it ti kick the bucket, which is why you haven't seen as much of me in the last few weeks, get occasional use of S.O,'s laptop, and Blackberry is great for viewing, but just not quite right, but hopefully hello to an Acer Aspire 3201 something that should be arriving sometimes next week, plug in the hard drive from the old puter, and hopefully good to go Bob
  10. As John Kay once sang, It's never too late; welcome to our heaven, hope MD continues to be kind to you Bob
  11. Music studio and concerts is what I put down, could have been a couple of others, mostly it is for collecting and listening from a wide variety of sources Bob
  12. bobt

    MiniDisc Lifespan

    I have reel to reel tapes that still play, some of them are well over 30 years old, get yourself a Revox or TEAC reel to reel and some tapes and you will be good to go Bob
  13. bobt

    MiniDisc Lifespan

    I live in what can best be discribed as a harsh climate for electronics and media, close to the ocean, high humidity, high average temperatures, and a high salt concentration, in 15 years I have lost about 3 to 400 CD's due to the reflective layer dissolving, in ten years I have not lost a single MD, a couple have taken unexpected sapt water baths, sill running, I think they will last Bob
  14. Happy Birthday bland1000, have a good one, enjoy your time Bob
  15. Or if you have a Sony deck and can find a connect2 adapter, it gives you the best of all worlds Bob
  16. Silver one, nice, unfortunately no dinero's at this tme Bob
  17. Happy Birthday greenmachine, plus walkdude and zethris, hope all goes well Bob
  18. 3 more winners on selling stuff, three different names, how much do we bet that they are the same person?
  19. a good set of sensitive headphones will give you more volume and better sound than the very margnal increase with the hack. Bob
  20. bobt

    Recording quality.

    The RH1 has the advantage of better uploading options if you have legacy material you want to upload Bob
  21. Put me on the list for any and all releases Bob
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