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  1. Wow, sounds wonderful, Most of my good stuff is in Canada (Revox turntable and CD player, Heco powered speakers, Teac Reel to Reel, Aiwa cassette deck and a few thousand albums and 45's, got a neet portable reel to reel here, smoe cassette and portable cd players, maybe they'll fly me and my stuff down. To sleep, perchance to dream, should be a great show, Thanks for the info Bob
  2. Hi Chris, You may need a preamp for your table, as most cartridges hav too little output to dive a recorder, as well the preamp adds the preemphasis to get the bass and treble right. Unless your CD recorder has a built in preamp I'm not sure it would work. OTOH one of the newer USB turntables would be interesting! Try it and let us know how it works Bob
  3. bobt

    Sony MZ-NH1

    Biggest difference netween N and R is R's ability to upload pretty well anything, and native support of MP3's, N is built better, but needs the remote more, I have em both, haven't used the R to it's potential, but can see that happening. As to the rest, let's try to keep it civilized, board belongs to us all, let's be friends, OK, Bob
  4. "Bobt, all of us longtime users have had a huge learning curve with minidisc. When someone proclaims they're a N00B, I think it's worthwhile to point out easier alternatives. There are new gizmos all the time--I just stumbled over that cute little Yamaha Pocketrak .wav recorder a few weeks ago, and it's already been around for months. We get our gadgets to do a job, and if something can do the same job with less hassle, I think it's worth mentioning--full disclosure and all that...." To me Adrian, this is still the MD forum, not MD and assorted gadgets. I still feel if a newcomer wants info on an MD, info on an MD is what we should give them. Most of us here agree that dollar for dollar and feature for feature MD is the way to go. Question of semantics I guess, maybe stuck on a small island shields me from seeing a lot of what is out there, but I do scour the internet, visit tapersection once in a while, find that all the toys have their share of troubles, trilas and tribulations. For that, I will pump MD until the last one has disappeared. Take care Bob
  5. If the gentleman comes here looking for minidisc, I think we should help him along, if he wanted something else, he would be in their forum. Like narp says, the discs are reusable, the later versions of sonicstage are quite good, you have to be careful on upload that you don't erase the original, and that you do not put protection on it, Have fun Bob
  6. Get an NH700 and a decent mic, you will be set, and on the road to Mini Disc addiction Bob
  7. Chris, rather than all the questions, record the same song from all three, put your player on random play and see if you can tell the difference, you will not hear a difference, any more than if you made a decent upload from sonic stage. The days of tape speeds and different tape formulations are pretty well over, believe me I have tried all the methods and variations, in the end on a sound system, the speakers are what make the final difference, nothing else Bob
  8. end of the day, my standard answer, listen and see if you like it, if so then it is good enough Bob
  9. very helpful and friendly, just waiting for a list to see what else they have, will definately deal with them Bob
  10. Happy Birthday banannatree and genghisbunny, have a great one, Bob
  11. agreed, it has been asked before, your ears are the answer, locking the thread Bob
  12. Agree, hopefully that is only a cover, if not it is close to useless, but why the clip? pass on this one Bob
  13. bobt


    Got mine today, came in last week, but airport and customs didn't let me know, did a short listen, sounds pretty fair, will do well at the power plant where headphones aren't an option. Thanks skogens for finding them Got a chuckle from the customs agent, asked if it was another minidisc, at least I'm training him, should give him one so he hears what he is missing! Bob
  14. Use the NH1 with the old discs as you will then be able to upload them Good luck Bob
  15. Sehnsucht By Lacrimosa, their new one, well worth the wait, fantastic, get it, don't wait Bob
  16. very sharp, absolutely gets the job done, thanks for sharing Bob
  17. As Well Jernikfra, have a great one
  18. Also watch for the record head wiring, they break ab\nd you lose discs, best bet as an NH 700, best of all worlds, will do standard, and Hi if you wish, 707 was good but they are old
  19. Great to hear, you have me beat in the grandchildren dept, only have three, again very happy for your daughter, take care Bob
  20. Try 4.2 or Avrin's ultimate edition, 4.3 is a Vista version, use on other OS's at your own risk Bob
  21. That is the truth my friend, how is your family doing? I truly hope all is well, my daughter came through after her treatments Bob
  22. bobt


    I think the way things work here it will be at least next Thursday before I se mine, is it as nice in the flesh as it is in the pictures, how does it sound through it's own speakers, i think it will be my workmate at the power plant so I don't have to wear headphones, Luck you Bob
  23. before using try doing a format, either from your unit, or though SS and see what happens Bob
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