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  1. Hello to Darren my new son in law, got married to my daughter Lela here on Little Cayman on Wednesday, welcome to the family
  2. The MZ-R70 has dual headphone sockets, as well, you can get a Y adapter, any reason you don't want Hi-MD, the NH 700 or 800 are incredible entry level machines, Have fun Bob
  3. bobt


    sent them all my CC details,hopefully shipped out by Thursday, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh Bob
  4. cool, thanks, I usually kept two browsers open when I did that, should save a step, should work on Mozilla no? will try it, Bob
  5. Goodbye to one of the greatest, RIP Michael, you have joined the heavenly choir,
  6. Happy Big one atrain, enjoy the day Bob
  7. Happy Birthday yamagatacamille hopefully you still visit us once in a while, take care and have a good one Bob
  8. neat site, will have to take more time to explore Bob
  9. yeah, I can almost see the power plant from where I live, takes longer to drive there than on my bicycle because of a short cut in my subdivision, Bob
  10. Hello to a new job I started today, I'm a mechanic on a small island, barely making ends meat (meet!), was doing a job on Thursday, got a call from a friend working at the power generation plant on the island, asking if I want a job, hell yeah, started today, call me a plant engineer, basically make sure everything runs in the parameters they are supposed to, inside work, wear clean clothes, beats anything else I have done in the last few years, Bob
  11. bobt


    just started a new job, put me down for one
  12. Other than an RH1 or M200, your only option is real time recording through your sound card. If you did any recordings on the 10, you should be able to upload them Bob
  13. You will probably have to record your MD's is SP mode, did that o quite a few discs till I got my connect unit for my Sony. If it has an aux input jack you could also just plug the NH1 into it Bob
  14. become an addict like the rest of us! Bob
  15. You've come to the right place, my prescription, take one minidisc, insert into player of choice, press play, close your eyes, enjoy, may need more than one application, repeat as necessary Dr. Bob
  16. easiest way to find out is to make sample recordings and try the various filters and cutoffs and see what YOU like, everyone hears things differently, and has different expectations from a recording. One mans answer may be another's dilemma, in the time spent looking for answers you could have tried a few things out, we try to help as much as possible, but trying it for yourself is the ultimate test, Have fun Bob
  17. bobt

    iTunes download

    I-tunes caters to the average teen who doesn't give a crap about quality, just who wants the latest ear candy JMHO Bob
  18. Not specifically a bought item, was talking to a friend here on the island, was doing a cleanup at her house found some of her departed husbands stuff, thought I would like it, said definitely, a 60's era Concord 330 5" reel to reel, she doesn't know if he left any tapes, looks complete other than tapes, mono, but should be fun to play with
  19. Just watched Jumper, would be cool to be able to do that, think and you are there, looked very much like a sequel and TV are in the works for this the way it ended
  20. Way to go, love those kind of garage sales, was at one in Fort Saskatchewan (where I used to live in Canada) once, and got an Akai Reel to Reel and some tapes for $30.00, worked like a dream, looked good nest to my Teac, ended up trading it for a computer upgrade, wish I would have kept it! Have fun with yours Bob
  21. bobt

    mac & nh1

    As far as I know, it can only be done in straight time, I'll check my manual tomorrow, Good luck if there is a way
  22. I have an 80 GB ipod that was given to me, one of the things I got was an a/c adapter that fit onto the apple cord, house is under some renovations right now so the adapter isn't right out in the open, but I found mine on ebay and had a friend bring it down. HTH Bob
  23. HardOff for music? sounds like my kind of store, miss cruising through music shops Bob
  24. As well, Happy Birthday Storm Shadow, enjoy your day Bob
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