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  1. What is EEPROM data? Is this a hack gone bad?
  2. £35!?!? Are you joking? Can anyone else confirm the price of this in other stores?
  3. Not a bad price for the unit. They cleared out old NH600s for less than this though, £60 or so. If you keep a watch then maybe you can get it for less than £69.99.
  4. Once again this just doesn't work for me. Can anyone provide it to me another way? Someone did this before and it worked.
  5. The FNAC in Madrid haven't had any HiMD blanks the last few times I've been in but there's a Sony Centre that always has them at €7.50 each which is a little expensive. I think you can get them much cheaper on eBay.
  6. I've also got a K750i and it works ok for MP3 playback. The amp is not the strongest but can power buds. It's a little noisy too, with some background hiss. Apart from that I was very surprised at the quality of playback. As Sparky said, transfer speed is very slow, if you have a card reader/writer use that. I shelled out for the adaptor with EX51s so i could swap in any 'phones I want. I'm waiting for a higher capacity card to make better use of the mp3 functions though.
  7. This has been discussed before. Sonicstage stores all audio data as one big file which therefore cannot be defragmented. I wouldn't recommend trying as you could damage the data. If you're using it for computer files (drag and drop) then you can de-frag as normal, if you have the need. If you're writing and deleting from the disc a lot then you should be able to defrag it (and there is no real reason to believe this is necessary) by formating the disc and then re-writing everything to it.
  8. Cheers pata, I'll give that a try.
  9. Hi all, I've recently got a few DJ mixes from a friend of a friend. All are in high quality MP3 with nothing below 192 kbps and most at 256/320. BUT, each mix is recorded as one long MP3, most are 70 minutes long. I assume this has been done to preserve gapless from the CD. Anyway, I want to split these MP3s into the individual songs without losing gapless and also to be able to transfer to HiMD at different bitrates, all gaplessly. I also prefer not to transcode too much as this will affect quality. I was thinking along these lines, please have a read and see if my thinking is flawed. If I import to Sonicstage, convert to PCM and then break up the file will I be able to transfer at different ATRAC bitrates without losing gaples? I don't want to split the file at 256 kbps as then I'll lose gapless for any other bitrate. And I don't want to have to split the file at more than one bitrate because it's a lot of work. Any ideas?
  10. jonny mac

    MZ- RH910

    In short, the RH910 is a respectable unit but don´t pay too much for it. If top-notch SQ is really what you´re after then go for a model with a HD digital amp. Sure, there are some who prefer the regular analogue amp but most prefer the digital one. Having said that, differences aren´t too great and you won´t likely notice unless you´re using $100+ ´phones. I wouldn´t say €250 is a good price. In Spain I can get it for €240 in one shop but 5 minutes up the road another shop is selling the RH10 (next model up) for the same price. HD amp models are NH1, NH900, DH10P and RH1 (newest - best?) and the Japan-only models EH1, EH930, EH50, EH70 and NH3D.
  11. Sounds like you've got quick mode on. Go into the menu and turn it off as it eats battery even when the unit is not playing.
  12. Go to the east end of Princes street and go across the North bridge (to the south). Keep going along that road for about a kilometre and that's Newington. Most of the music shops (including the Avalanche) are on side streets so you'll have to hunt around. It's a student area.
  13. I don't know about vinyl and pre-recorded MDs are pretty rare but there are a few good music shops around. Check out Avalanche and Fopp, both on Cockburn street. There's another, larger Fopp at the east end of Rose st and another Avalanche somewhere in newington but I can't remember the name. In fact, there are various music shops (used mostly) around the Newington area so worth having a wander.
  14. It's definately an addiction. I realised this when I had to start hiding my latest aquisition from my girlfriend because she wouldn't approve of yet another unit... At least this addiction won't rot my teeth, pickle my liver or give me cancer.
  15. Yeah, I get the dating page too. I tried googling Green machine audio but can only find this thread.
  16. Are you sure you don't have the write-protect tab on or something?
  17. If you're downloading from a computer you can import the mp3 into Sonicstage, convert it to ATRAC (at whatever bitrate suits you) and then divide it into smaller tracks before downloading to the MD player. You cannot bookmark within a track. Most HiMD player (and some legacy models) have a disc memory feature. When turned on the MD player will remember the settings (EQ and bookmarks) for particular discs even after they're ejected. There are limits for the number of discs and the number of bookmarks but this depends on the player. Higher-end units have more memory. See the equipment browser for more info on this.
  18. I use HiMD almost entirely for playback and as I've said before it's excellent for this. I won't go into the reasons for that (yet again) but I think that anyone who dismisses MD as useful only for recording is missing something. i have yet to find anything that can top MD simply for sound quality, never mind it's other many advantages.
  19. That's quite impressive, I've never heard of anyone doing this before, well done.
  20. There seems to be some confusion over bookmarking. You cannot bookmark a time in a track. Bookmarking is for specific tracks, to identify your favourites on the disc, similar to a playlist. It doesn't mark a time part-way through a track. What people are talking about are track-marks. If you record in real-time (ie not with the computer) then you can insert track marks to divide one track into two. You could use this function to do what you want but it means editing the disc every time and also that you'll need to record them through the line-in. Bear in mind, if you leave the disc in the machine then playback will resume from where it previously stopped.
  21. There is no one unit that will satisfy all these requirements. From what you want I think the new RH1 would best fit your needs. It won't take an AA battery but has good battery life on it's LiIon, which is removeable and you could buy a spare and keep it charged up. It is also the only MD unit that will play unconverted MP3s without a high-frequency filter. It is also the fastest MD unit for uploading and downloading data/music. There's no radio but then there's only one HiMD unit that has a radio, that's the NHF800, which lacks MP3 playback and line-out. Hope that helps.
  22. Nope, same as before for me. When I click on the link it just reloads the same page, even with pop-up blocker deactivated as instructed. Doesn't work with Opera either. Any chance someone could provide it elsewhere for me? Someone did this before and it worked great. Thanks in advance.
  23. I have seen the occasional MD unit in Dixons. I don't like the retailer at all but sometimes go in to ogle the audio equipment :-). It's hardly a bargain price for the RH710. Still, it's good a few places still have them.
  24. I'm sorry to say I think you need it professionally repaired (expensive) or replaced. Probably the read head is damaged/misaligned/something.
  25. If you're in Europe you'll be getting an NH600 which has a line-in but no mic-in and NO REMOTE PORT. The North American version, the NH600D, does have a remote port but has no line-in. If both are important for you then you'll have to upgrade to an NH700 which also comes with a remote (albeit a non-LCD one). The internal components of MD units are of a much higher quality than in most/all recording MP3 players so you'll get better quality recordings. I feel the same way about MP3 players, MD is definately the way to go.
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