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  1. Though I think the proprietary remote is lame, keep in mind the onboard controls of the e10 are the most intuative of all players in my opinion. You can do so much with that little toggle switch, you'd be surprised. Here is my full review of the MZ-E10 if you haven't seen it. Another thing is if you're worried about the remote, just buy a backup unit, then you'll have two OR... like this current faulty unit on Ebay, buy THAT just for the remote alone, it probably won't get too expensive with that error issue.
  2. Also not to brag, but I managed to acquire TWO in the past couple weeks on Ebay, and one other a few months ago via Ebay. This unit is not as rare as many highly wanted HiMD players like the EH1, so with a little patience you'll have one within 4 months for sure.
  3. Alas my JE480 deck is up on Ebay HERE. Thanks.
  4. lol - well when my brother got it for me he said he fell in love with it too and now wants one... once I realized it was an SP-only player, I really had no use for it, so I told him I was selling it and he understood... then I he said he wants it. Simple as that, its my property and so I have a right with what I do with it. I couldn't just GIVE it to him because I obviously need the money.
  5. S O L D (to my brother... the one who GAVE it to me for Christmas )
  6. I just quickly browsed that site and it doesn't look like they ship out of North America... however don't you need A4 paper?? I would just do a Google search with "glossy label paper" and "inkjet" and "A4" and try to find the closest measurements to the 1.5 x 2".
  7. ok, thanks for explaining. Anyway, 1 day and it goes to Ebay folks.
  8. ... I don't get what all the jokes are about here. I'm just selling a unit, what's the big deal?
  9. That's cool, man - glad you like MD. You can make it 'flourish' in you own home all you want, just like us Part of the fun is the hunt... I can WALK to Target and get iPods... where's the fun in THAT?
  10. For sale here before I go to Ebay (in just 2 days). This thing looks NEW I kid you not. Immaculate condition MZ-E60 minidisc player. Comes with original Sony pouch, remote and earbuds. $55 SHIPPED in the USA. Overseas orders will require some additional postage. Paypal only. My FEEDBACK is HERE Photos below are of the ACTUAL unit you are getting (you keep the NEIGE blank MD) PM me.
  11. eww.. dude you HAVE to get an AUX hookup into your car stereo!! 10x better sound than FM Trans.... YUCK
  12. YAY! I'm so glad someone else will benefit from this!! Yeah, though not a PERFECT fit, it sure is darn close. And believe me, having a template, pre-cut label sheet saves SO MUCH TIME!! Yeah u need to get a printer and get busy
  13. The EH1 does not fit in the E730 cradle nor does the E730 fit in the EH1 cradle.
  14. A much better thought out and mature response than my rant back, Wizard Good show.
  15. Says the "beginner" with only a few posts under his belt. Well you've come to the wrong place to diss with MD my friend. I BUY my music. My MDs are from MY CDs. DRM is not an issue for me. MP3 sucks no matter what bitrate. ATRAC coding is superior. I bought an iPod (owned it for TWO days), ripped CDs "lossless" and they still sounded like crap. Part of the sound quality is not just the coding but the hardware itself. "Goodbye" to you then. I'll agree a prerecorded MD is stupid. I love the flexibility of making my own MDs, and fitting more than one album on an MD. Why buy a recordable minidisc? Just ask anyone in this forum. This is a superior format. Smaller in size than CD, yet maintains sound quality very close to it, and we like removable media... not "oops, my HD got ZAPPED" and your whole library is gone (of course you can back up, but you get my point) No offense, but as far as "pathological optimism" goes, I could care less about what the TRENDS are for this format. MD WORKS for me, despite it being blown off the radar of cosumers. People still spin vinyl and play 8-track tapes. Stick with what you like and what works for you. To me iPod sucks. It's a great toy with lots of cool bells and whistles... in fact I wonder if the NEXT iPod that comes out they will actually forget to include MUSIC PLAYING as an option.
  16. Even though I joined during the HiMD days, and have many HiMD units, I still prefer standard discs. Less is more for me And if you dont have a DH10P you can so easily get LOST in your HiMD disc to find stuff.
  17. Sheesh I JUST got it and I'm at WORK!! I got another 5 hours before I get home today, so I'll check then.
  18. If I may just jump in to say MD rules. I tried leaving it early last year and got a Sony Vaio (still ATRAC ) but a few months later came right back. Let's face it, Sony created the PERFECT audio format. I don't care about market trends, etc. I'm stock piling myself, and figure the only issue in the future will be BATTERIES, so at least a few of my units will have the ugly-annoying AA pack?
  19. PM me an offer for the deck. I got a silver E730! Pics will follow later this week. A black one would still be nice tho
  20. Ok, nevermind my Ultimate method for labeling minidiscs for the future thread.. I have finally found THE solution! (I think). Ok... basically the idea began when the latest brand roll of contact paper I bought was not to my pleasing (it was cloudier than my last brand). So all this fuss about cutting/snipping glossy photo paper, the effort required to align it on the MD with the contact paper just right, etc was starting to get old, and after all of that, the GLOSS look and sharpness was DULLED by the contact paper. Solution? I decided to hunt on line for GLOSSY LABELS based on the measurements of MD labels, and the CLOSEST thing I could find was White High Gloss 1 1/2 x 2" Rectangle inkjet labels 100 sheets even!! For about $40 USD. Folks, there are 25 labels PER SHEET - so that's 2500 glossy labels for 40 bucks!!! I think I'm set. Ok, I have always found glossy labels on my CD-Rs to be much more durable and less prone to scratching, etc, so I'm not going to bother with covering these with any kind of extra layer. This makes the whole process VERY SIMPLE and QUICK. I do, however, think these labels are prone to bleeding if exposed to LIQUID... um... if you are exposing your MDs to liquid then we need to talk ANYWAY. Oh, and I've been so sick of dealing with European (no offense) A4 paper! LOL... the point here is I have found a GENERIC label for NO SPECIFIC item so it shouldn't suddenly become obsolete. So here are the pics, enjoy. NO, they are NOT the perfect shape... they are a TAD shorter, and a TAD wider, but compared to some other people's generic labels I've seen (floppy disc? or VHS?) that are so much SMALLER, I prefer to have a little more art room, especially in the WIDTH due to titles. PRINT, PEEL, and STICK. What do you all think??
  21. I am looking for a good condition MZ-E730 Black or Silver preferred. Will trade a MINT condition MZ-E60 or MDS-JE40 deck... or cash. PM me - thanks! Wanted: Offering: or
  22. Just one *bump* before I go Ebay. $239.99 now, shipped. Thanks.
  23. Dude, why are you hijacking my thread??? Start your own.
  24. Let's just say I bought too many units too quickly and now its hurting the home front. Trust me, this isn't easy.
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