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  1. ** S O L D ! ** Due to financial hardship, it is with great pain that I have to let go of my beautiful mint condition rare BLUE NH3D. Here's the special T-Board and MDCF offer up for grabs before I go to Ebay. Item is BOXED with ALL items (yes even the HiMD blank disc and LIP4WM battery, manual, remote, etc.). Photos are of ACTUAL unit. $250 SHIPPED in the USA or Europe. Anywhere else I may need to add more for shipping. Paypal only. See my feedback history. PM me if you are interested or have questions. Thanks.
  2. "Minidisc should have won" ? Why is this past tense? It DID win. We're here, aren't we? It has won MY heart, and I don't care for any other portable audio format. Obviously the intent was addressing the sales, popularity, and current production but... bleehhh - who cares? I have many units and you can still get them on Ebay.
  3. I apologize that the quality of these pics will be lacking compared to some of my other pictorials since I'm using my DH10P camera in office lighting, but I wanted to get this done... this I shared recently with the Audio T-Board as well. I also know there have been other pictorials posted for this unit... but hey, its minidisc. I just got an MZ-E900 and I must say this little unit has surprised me, and exceeded my expectations. Of course as I dig into older units I become more limited as to options that I am used to with HiMD or even more current MDLPs. That said, here we go with just a couple of my pros/cons and then photos. PROS - SIZE - This little baby is smaller than the MZ-EH1 as far as width & height go (just not quite as thin). Awesome! It has a little more heft in weight however (which is good or bad depending on your preference) - Sound quality - This is minidisc, isn't that enough said? Anyway, this baby sounds tight considering how limited the EQ is (see cons). - Onboard controls - though the buttons aren't that easy to use without LOOKING, they are simple and minimal. Fully functional without a remote except for GROUP seeking. CONS - LOOK - Can I just say I think this thing is ugly? Truly in the eye of the beholder but I find the fat Sony Walkman logo completely obnoxious, and uncecessary. I just found out there's a SILVER version in which the logo & text are more subtle... wish I had THAT! I think just the "Sony" would have been plenty to sport on the brushed metal face plate. - Headphone jack location - I've never liked when they put the remote/headphone jack on the same side where the disc pops out... maybe its just me. - Options - Not many to speak of. The EQ is only TREBLE and BASS, but if you pump them both up things sound pretty tight ... It has some "personal disc memory" feature which I don't really know anything about, but really don't care. I can't seem to turn the BEEP feature off when a remote is hooked up which is annoying. All in all this is a great little toy for the minimal at heart. I think the overall look may grow on me some, but maybe I'll just cover the face plate with a nice glossy Hello Kitty sticker some day Anyway, here are the pics, folks. Enjoy. As you can see an MD completely COVERS the unit... I find the BACK of the unit to be a bit old school looking... but at the same time, I like it.
  4. Though I started the MZ-NH3D pictorial for my BLUE NH3Ds at the Audio T-Board... I've now acquired a SILVER and haven't shared this info with this Forum yet. No additional review necessary, let's just let the PICTURES do the talking! I think the silver is a nice alternative to the blue that I'm so used to now Next to it's sister... Who got jealous of the attention... Once again some Sony units whose color is LIGHT dependant... see how they "work off" each other here...
  5. Ok, I really really want a near-mint condition MZ-E10. Accessories (like power/cradle & cables) needed. I'm willing to pay good $$$ via Paypal or possibly offer a trade if you prefer. Please PM me asap! Thanks.
  6. Hey, I'm down with MD just like the next guy here... but you have no concern making your MASTERS on obsolete media?? I mean, sure CDs will be obsolete quite soon, but those can be ripped digitally for decades to come since they've been part of our society for so long... sooner or later any type of MD 'ripping' via a computer, or an outdated Sonic Stage program will be near impossible.. and our players will only last SO long. Just curious what your take is on this.
  7. Well, for what its worth, you're not the only one who has messed around... this is from a post I started at the Audio T-Board:
  8. ... well thanks for the BOGUS post. I really feel like a fool. http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MDS-JB980.html
  9. !! This better not be some sick joke... not by you but by whoever leaked this info. Wow... I can't believe it... they wait until they GIVE UP on the format to release it?? Does this mean we can expect a HiMD CAR IN-DASH by 2010??
  10. I tend to let pictures do the talking more, and with this unit I'll make no exception. Presenting one of (or the?) world's smallest minidisc players, the MZ-E10!! I got this unit used, it certainly has much wear, and a metal body can seldom hide blemishes or dings... though they typically don't show up much in the photography. My review is simple, a few quick pros & cons, and I'll let the photos do the rest. PROS: - ultra-thin and extremely light, no really, it feels like the same weight as a minidisc in its case, no joke. - all-metal body - crisp sound with custom EQ - seems to have more options for the display on the remote than typical MDLPs, though I could be mistaken (song/artist/discname/groupname) - very intuitive joystick control (one of the better ON BODY controls out there) CONS: - BIG downer; proprietary remote. WHAT? This unit has no regular audio output jack for be it headphones or a line out cable except with the provided short ADAPTOR cable. You can ONLY stick in this custom MC33ELU remote, no other remotes will work Most likely this was to enable the ultra-thin design, but not worth the tradeoff in my opinion. I suppose if I could easily find a replacement remote on Ebay it wouldn't be as much of an issue - extremely light. Wait, didn't I put this in the PROS section? Yes, well, I tend to prefer a bit more heft to my units... and I thought the EH1 was lightweight, sheeesh. - track access speed seems a bit slow. The modes for battery setting are not just ON/OFF for quickmode, but there is QUICK, NORMAL, and POWERSAVE. Normal seemed even slow for me to resume play, so I have no idea what the difference is between powersave and normal. - INTERNAL battery. Like my MZ-N10, this too has an internal battery. It CAN be replaced with some screwdriver action and patience, but still that's a strike in my book. All in all I still think this is a very decent unit to sport around and use but sparingly... due to its lightweight feel you have a sense of wanting to baby this unit more than perhaps something with some more heft. I have no regrets getting this unit (tho the remote jack issue was a shocker), and if some day I can come across a BOXED almost new one I may go for it to have an extra remote. Folks, let's face it, the MZ-E10 is like a clamshell case for a minidisc. It's so thin you can FEEL the disc spinning if you hold the unit with your fingers touching the back or front... I don't know how they engineered such a small device. Too bad its not HiMD Enjoy the pics. Ok, so here is the annoying NO STANDARD audio out jack, and its required remote end... MZ-E10 next to TWO MDs stacked: Versus the infamous "thin" EH1: A shocker... makes the NH3D look FAT! :eek: To me the MZ-E10 is like the old iPod 'shuffle', and the joystick control is very STURDY and intuitive. I'm liking this unit more by the hour!!
  11. You should post this request in the Classifieds section. -the blue raja (mod wannabe)
  12. Let us not forget the very photo he had of the EH1 in his Ebay auction was STOLEN from a forum member!! (Sorry for the OT folks)
  13. You mean that SNAKE who sold me a very USED EH1 that claimed it was NEW, and promised to send me another and played dumb for 3-4 months until my chance to leave feedback on Ebay had expired?? No thanks.
  14. "a DOZEN EH1s". Nice. I'd like that too. 10 black, 2 silver
  15. Dude, that's just plain rude to post something like that. Talk about impossible to get.
  16. I have a Panasonic MJ50 speaker dock/charger that is missing a power adaptor cable. The required Voltage for the cradle is 3.5V. Every universal adapter I find (in the USA) skips from 3 to 4.5V... could I use either of those settings or will it damage the system/battery/device ?? Thanks.
  17. For one, I would try not to OPEN the unit while in that environment... or load discs somewhere else (a restroom?)... that should cut back on issues for sure. As far as a durable player goes, I've heard the NH1 is a very tough player. But I think it is TOO nice of a player to expose to anything questionable. I would suggest an NH900. That's a HiMD WAR UNIT.
  18. I don't know either... but I want the grey one! (assuming its not too big & fat for slim units like the MZ-N10)
  19. I'm sorry but half the reason I'm not here anywhere near as often as other boards is the incredibly handicapped load speed of this forum. I use super-fast computers & connection speeds, so I know it is not on my end. I understand that the advertising at the top is something that cannot be changed (though it would be SO much nicer if it were stacked more horizontally or put on the BOTTOM of pages, but I remember that was a deal that couldn't be changed), but even the header & rest of the body of these pages take an annoyingly long time to load compared to others. Is there any consideration for adopting a new engine or is this the end all? thanks... please don't take offense, this is my way of saying I wish I were here more often.
  20. ...was there no RETURN policy?? Before rushing to the toilet I'd look for a refund at least. MD has treated me very well too. With the exception of terrible luck with the DH10P for some reason, my MD players have served me well... and my first WAR UNIT (a very used NH900) still runs strong and proud like a fat car from the 1970s.
  21. I would think that any laser/disc technology is now a thing of the past to try to expand upon. Although blue ray is out recently...
  22. Excellent condition deck, comes with remote. I would like to do an even swap for a Panasonic SJ-MJ100 or Sony MZ-N10. OR I would trade this deck and pay an additional $50 for: MZ-NH900 MZ-E10 MZ-EH1 (dream on) SJ-MJ97 (Panasonic) The player needs to be in NM condition with most accessories. thanks... PM me with any offers... I have the right to refuse any offer, and I also am willing to negotiate if you want to change the terms of trade somehow.
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