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  1. This shows you the capacity of MD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MiniDisc#Recording_modes A DVD is about 4.5 GB's Not sure where you are getting you prices for MD. You can pick up MD very cheap on ebay, and even cheaper used. Every MD unit for sale seems to include a large amount of MD's. HiMD is still a good bit dearer though.
  2. Theres no escaping that a MD deck with optical out into the laptop would be the best SQ wise. You could always buy a decent sound card for the laptop USB with optical in if you needed one etc. But I think you just really want another RH1 so just get it. Theres no way of knowing if YOU would hear the difference between optical and the RH1 line in in terms of SQ. You'd have to to some blind ABX testing to establish that. While lots of MP3 software will re-tag tracks based on parameters you enter. Some like MusicBrainz tries to recognize the wave form itself. I don't know if you can do the same with SonicStage and Gracenote.
  3. That means theres no DRM on these tracks. So dragging files to SS works no problems if theres no DRM. You can drag all sorts of things into applications windows but most people don't try this.
  4. A lot of the DRM is turened off in SS4.3. How did the album get to your deskop in the first place?
  5. A little bit off topic could you do one for PCM, HiSP and HiLP just for devilment.
  6. A bug in effect. My Samsung player has a similar bug. But a workaround for me, is that it can switch between filename or ID3 tags so I use the former.
  7. I'd suspect user error. Some one with a RH1 and a deck could confirm it though.
  8. Why would you sort an albums tracks alphabetically?
  9. Different generations of iPods and different models sound different. But no one ever says which one they are using.
  10. A link to the thread on taperssection would have been sensible. I did a quick serach but I can't find anything. Theres been lots of analysis of HiMD imports to SonicStage over the years. I would be surprised is there was a problem like this.
  11. I'd try one folder first. Otherwise it will take it a few hours before you know if its working, or if you have to change something.
  12. I'm not 100% certain but I think its only off if you turned it off before you imported them into SS. Have you tried importing any of them?
  13. Why do you think you can't do either on anything other than MD/HiMD? How do you know one "generation" from another?
  14. Nothing to be gained not doing it.
  15. There seems to be a rabid dislike of iPods. Bit like Mac users hating PC's. I don't get it myself I'm happy to use what makes sense to me at the time. (Hugs cassette deck) Each to their own.
  16. In my opinion it because every second thread has some ill informed iHate rant. Its not like the iPods are the only DAPs, or that all iPods sound the same. Yet without fail someone has to post about iPods. Its like Godwin's law. Not even all MD's or HiMD's sound the same. Depends on the bitrate, the headphones, amp, speakers, quality of the source that was ripped etc. Well the specific subject matter is non MD related, as per the topic title. Is it ok? I don't come hear to read negative topics, bashing other formats. Its usually just dull. Perhaps the mods could make a rule that there should be no mention of iPods or anyother DAP except in specific sub forums. Any comments with iPod or other DAPs can be deleted.
  17. Your confusing me now. AFAIK...You can't see the filename on HiMD you can only see the ATRAC tag info. Its sorting based on this tag order usually. Same thing as ID3 tag. I dunno what you mean by standard playback order. On most DAPs thats simply how the music is sorted, or if its in shuffle mode etc. Most DAPs have very fast ways of building playlists. Many have dynamic playists aswell. Some use filetree aswell, or instead. Whats the "generation" of a file? Why does it end up at the end of the playback order? If you are doing a lot of recording while camping that makes sense. Otherwise I prefer to use a keyboard to enter titles or an online database. I like to hear more detail about them as I don't quite understand tbh.
  18. I didn't like like the iPod Mini or the 4g iPod. The 5.5g I thought was ok. But the the 1G iPod Shuffle was probably the best DAP I've heard. The 2G iPod Shuffle I don't like. I like the Sony signature sound. But when I did blind abx testing with my MD/HiMD (NH700) and the various DAPs and Discman I had handy. I only placed the MD and HiMD somewhere in the middle. If I don't ABX test then it think its fine. I started ABX testing when I wasn't happy with my portable CD players. Recent CD Portables just don't sound good. IMO.
  19. Wasn't aware of that as my non HiMD units were older than NetMD. I think I'd prefer to lose the battery life and gain the HiMD features. But for a cheaper player a NetMD is an interesting choice.
  20. Theres no doubt that HiMD/MD is great at a lot of things. Its especially great for home tapers and recorders. I love the gadgetness of the devices too. A lot DAPs are not great gadets. But I wouldn't agree with some of your points. You're confusing tags with filenames. Also a database with filetree. Most DAPs can do more or less the same thing. You can do this on a lot of players. They are called playlists. You can do this on most DAPs aswell. Maybe I misunderstand what you mean though. Fire enough most DAPs cannot do this. (I think some can though) But then you have transfer it back for it to be any good, and delete the misnamed track from the computer. Again this is something that few DAPs can do. I used to do that a bit with SP MD discs. But with HiMD I prefer doing editing on a PC myself. Transfers are a pain on MD/HiMD because its slow. Most other DAPs are a lot quicker at transferring files to and from the unit.
  21. Ah another iHate. Its is just the iPod you hate or all non HiMD DAPs?
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